The Fabulousness of Valerian Essential Oil

Let’s talk about valerian essential oil: The ‘heal all’ oil that helps to prevent depression, anxiety, insomnia and a number of other conditions that affect general well-being. This oil has been used for hundreds of years by old folks as a fragrance, amongst other things. Funnily, valerian essential oil does not have the best of scents, so I wonder how it ever passed as a fragrance for our ancient folks.

Anyway, we may not be using valerian oil as a fragrance today, however, we sure enjoy a multitude of health benefits from this ointment. I’ll tell you some of them. Let’s meet valerian essential oil!

What is Valerian Essential Oil?

Valerian essential oil is the oil extract of the valerian plant. It has a strong aroma and has been used as a fragrance for hundreds of years by ancient folks. The valerian plant is a popular herb which is originally cultivated in some parts of Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Valerian is a perennial plant.

Botanically known as Valeriana officialis, Valeria is known for its many medicinal properties. There are about 250 varieties of this plant and each of these varieties contains essential elements that are beneficial to health. Valerian essential oil is rich in a number of flavonoids, alkaloids, acids, and terpenes. This makes it one of the healthiest supplements available, globally.

Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

Here are seven reasons valerian essential oil should be your new best friend. Let’s get talking.

Say Goodbye to Insomnia


Sleep disorders can be a real pain in the neck. Imagine having to spend the hours wide awake while everyone else gets a good and peaceful night rest. This could be extremely devastating and worrisome; especially if you have to rise early the next day. Fortunately, with valerian essential oil, you are sure to defeat insomnia and improve your quality of sleep.

Experts say that valerian essential oil is rich in a number of active components. These components help your body to optimize hormonal secretions. They also regulate your body’s cycles so that you can have a restful and peaceful sleep. In addition, valerian essential oil helps to produce a sedating effect on the individual by slowing down the hyperactivity of the body’s nervous system. This ultimately creates a calming sensation in your body, making it easy for you to sleep without any trouble.

Of course, you know that better sleep means optimum brain functioning, the sharpness of the mind, optimum cognitive activity and better concentration levels.

Kicking Out Depression


Using valerian oil regularly will improve all aspects of your mental health. Experts suggest that valerian essential oil contains useful elements which help to reduce mental stress and help you deal with mental stress-inducing factors like depression and lethargy. Valerian oil is an antidepressant agent that helps to limit the symptoms of mental stress and fortifies your body’s overall mental balance.

Valerian essential oil helps to induce peace and calm in your body, which ultimately reduces anxiety and limits your chances of suffering mental disorders. It boosts the secretion of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid; an acid that helps to reduce tension because it has a calming effect on the brain.

A Healthy Skin


When it comes to maintaining a healthy skin, valerian oil is all the help you need. This is because valerian essential oil contains a number of enriching oils which help to protect the skin from damaging skin conditions. These protective oils also function as antiviral barriers that keep the skin healthy.

Valerian essential oil is enriched with a number of antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties help to clear spots from the skin and are useful in skin toning and skin maintenance. Also, applying valerian oil on your skin, directly, can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. It further speeds up the rate of regeneration of dead skin cells, and this aids the healing of the skin from skin cuts, wounds, and burns.

Valerian oil is also useful in the treatment of skin conditions like dermatitis. It prevents the dryness of the skin and the outbreak of rashes on the skin. It also inhibits the destructive activities of bad bacteria on the skin.

What`s more? It helps to moisturize the skin; keeping it well-hydrated and preventing the outbreak of open sores on the skin. A regular dose of valerian essential oil is all you need to keep your skin glowing and shiny.

Something with the Digestive System

According to experts, a regular use of valerian essential oil will improve your stomach’s health and boost digestive functions. Valerian oil contains active elements which are used in the treatment of a number of gastrointestinal issues. It helps to improve and regularize your bowel movements.

When children suffer stomach upsets, it is advised that some valerian essential oil should be administered. This is because valerian essential oil contains antioxidants that can quickly bring stomach upsets to an end.

It is a useful detoxifying element and helps to improve the rate of absorption of nutrients into your body system.

Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Here is another reason to not let go of valerian essential oil. With all the stress around, it appears uneasy to avoid higher blood pressure levels. However, you can beat the blood pressure with the regular use of our ‘heal-all’ oil. Experts say that valerian essential oil helps to regulate blood pressure levels.

High blood pressure levels can affect your heart’s functions and increase your chances of suffering a stroke and other cardiovascular conditions. Valerian essential oil is also rich in anxiolytic elements which help to prevent hypertension.

Need a Super Brain?

Enjoy heightened brain power with valerian essential oil! There are strong indications that valerian oil improves one’s cognitive abilities. Using valerian oil regularly will help to stimulate your brain’s pathways, keeping them active.

Children who use valerian oil regularly will enjoy a better academic performance and a more retentive memory. Valerian oil further reduces your chances of suffering cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Say Goodbye to Menstrual Cramps

Here is one for the women. As a result of the relaxing properties of valerian essential oil, it is very useful in soothing menstrual cramps. It also reduces the pain and discomfort women usually suffer during pregnancy.

Are There any Side Effects?

Like every other thing, there are some side effects which are associated with the use of valerian essential oil. Experts advise that children should only make use of valerian essential oil under adult supervision. Valerian oil should not come in contact with the eyes too. In addition, valerian essential oil should be used in minute quantities as excessive use of the ointment can lead to dizziness and cramps.

Now, this is extremely important. Ignorantly, some persons attempt to ingest valerian essential oil, and this leads to a lot of health problems. Please note that valerian essential oil should not be ingested. Instead, it is to be used topically.

Finally, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their physicians before making use of the oil.

Final Words…

Now you see why the old folks were so big on valerian essential oil. It seems to be the remedy for almost every health condition. I’ll be sure to pick up a bottle or more of this ‘heal-all’ oil the next time I visit the supermart. Who knows? I may even make my own valerian essential oil someday so I never run out of this great ointment. Be sure to do the same. I’ll be waiting to read your valerian oil testimonies!