Congrats! You`re Now a Mom: 11 Facts you should Know

new mom

Hey, did I tell you I have a niece now? I guess I didn’t! Well, last week, my sister gave birth to this cute bundle of joy. The entire family has been pretty excited and is trying to get used to the newest addition to the family  the cries, nights of interrupted sleep and all. I visited them yesterday and we talked a lot about how being a mom feels. It’s her first child by the way and she’s really jittery about what she should and should not do plus what to expect. Being the typical knight in shining armor that I always am, I decided to tell her some facts she should know as a new mum. I’ll share eleven of them with you; just in case you are a new mom or you know someone who is. Forget being jittery and let’s get talking!

Fact 1: It’s as Slow as it Gets

Ever heard the sentence: They grow up so fast? Well, do not be deceived. These babies actually do not grow up fast. In fact, the growth of your bundle of joy is only fast in retrospect. Do not expect to wake up to see your three-week-old child as an adult just like that. Be ready to work through the entire process. More importantly, you must be determined to enjoy the process. It’s always worth it.

Fact 2: Don’t Worry about your Weight just Yet

weightMy sister keeps complaining about her body mass and how she needs to get back in shape. Good as this may sound; weight-fretting is the last thing a new mom needs. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to get to burn off excess flab and get back in shape; later. For now, however, leave the weight-fretting and focus on the new baby and your role as a mum. There will be a lot to bother about ― from changing diapers to feeding. Weight-fretting is one burden you can actually avoid at this time.

Fact 3: It’s Okay to Make Mistakes!

Becoming a mother does not make you an all-knowing and infallible being. Yes, I understand that you want everything to be perfect for your newborn. However, it is necessary for you to remember that the title ‘mom’ doesn’t make you a perfect being. You are still the woman who may forget to close the wardrobe or stack the clothes properly. Don’t overthink issues when you forget to feed the baby at the exact time. Relax and learn through the process. You may have a more experienced woman over for help. Remember, your baby does not set high standards for you so there’s no need to fuss about! Babies are ever forgiving.

Fact 4: Trust your Mother Instincts

Think of your mother instincts as a sort of Spider-Sense that tells you what you should do at certain times with regards to your baby. They are not called mother instincts for nothing. No matter how inexperienced you think you are, there is that little voice which will always tell you what’s best for your baby. Listen to it; go into a dark room and close your eyes if you must; just to hear it clearly. You will be glad you did.

Fact 5: Less Sleep!

Now, this should be pretty obvious. As a new mom, you will have to become a watchwoman too; keeping awake while everyone snores. This is because you will have so much of work on your hands that it will be quite late before you hit the sack. And even when you hit the sack, you can’t afford o sleep deeply. Your senses have to remain hibernated; just in case your baby starts to cry or whimper in the middle of the night. In fact, you will develop superhuman abilities to pick up every change in breathing rhythms or heartbeat while your baby slumbers. In summary, your sleep time and sleep patterns become automatically distorted. However, it’s always worth it at the end.

Fact 6: What Happened to Time?

timeThis is the question that will always be on your mind. All of a sudden, twenty-four hours is not even enough as there is so much to do. You will finally understand the real meaning of ‘being busy’ and appreciate all the free time you had before your bundle of joy arrived. This is the time when you need support from your partner, family, and friends. You could have a friend come over to babysit while you attend to the laundry or you could have your partner do the dishes while you get some sleep.

Fact 7: Staying Healthy

watermelonThere is more reason to be concerned about what you take in as food. In the early months of your baby’s life, it will depend on you for its nutrients. This is because your baby’s almost exclusive meal will be the breast milk you produce. As such, it is necessary that you eat healthy in order to feed your baby with the right nutrients. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, stay away from alcohol and other like substances and try not to skip meals no matter what comes up.

Fact 8: It’s Time to Be More Careful

This is the time when you need to pay extra attention to your environment. You cannot afford to leave hazardous elements lying all over the house. Pins, needles, knives and all those instruments need to be kept far away. Babies are quite inquisitive and do not know what can hurt.

Fact 9: Get Out!

Motherhood is not a prison sentence. You need to take a break sometimes. Even though there is so much to do, there is no reason you should not take out time to spend the afternoon with some friends over a glass of fruit juice. Go out with your baby, hang out and discuss with other new moms as your self, and even more experienced moms. This will help you become more confident about your new status. You can join a new moms’ support group. This will assist a lot.

Fact 10: You`ve got to Plan

You now have a lot to do and the best way to ensure that you manage all your activities effectively is to plan. You cannot afford to commence work when the deadline is already close. You will have to stock the home early enough, plus schedule all your activities a day before, so you will know when you should be feeding the baby or doing the chores. My sister got a really cool daily planning app to help her organize and manage her day to day activities. You could do same.

Fact 11: Everything will Pass Away

Nothing lasts forever. Bit by bit, your little champ will grow into adulthood. You will finally have time to sleep, burn off the excess fat and get better organized. Trust me, when this time comes, you will miss having to wake up in the middle of the night to feed your baby or having to worry about what you should or should not eat. Nursing your baby is a stressful but magical process that is always worth it.

Final Words…

My sister was glad that I came around that day. My suggestions helped to allay her fears about motherhood and now, she can’t wait for another baby to arrive. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and more importantly; nursing a baby into adulthood is both interesting and rewarding. I hope these facts help you too. I’m off to see my niece. Maybe I’ll tell you her name when I return. Bye.