The Dangers of Having Multiple Sexual Partners

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Sex is probably one of the oldest activities that we humans have taken part in over time. It is as old as humans, and for generations, people have had sex for various purposes — some to their benefits, others to their undoing. You can call it evergreen, productive, enjoyable, and all what not, but as much as the mutual pleasure derived from it has its kilograms of benefits, with it are tons of disadvantages — if not properly engaged in. You’ve been having casual sex for a while now? Then fasten your seatbelt and read with rapt attention, because this is for you!

What Does Having Multiple Sexual Partners Really Mean?

Multiple sexual partners, also known as polyamorism, is the practice of having more than one romantic relationship, especially with the involvement of sexual activities in such relationships.

And Why Do People Have Many Sexual Partners?

Well, to answer this question, we’ll say that people’s reasons differ, just as our individualities differ. Most thrill-seeking behaviors are done primarily to derive pleasure; which in latter stages could lead to addiction. But in this case, different reasons can spring up as being responsible for promiscuity, and we shall treat them one after the other.

First (and most primarily), people have casual sex for the sole sake of deriving pleasure from the act. Sex is pleasurable, no doubt. And this is why a lot of people engage in it. In fact, in a recent survey carried out by People Magazine, of the 1,000 teens asked about their sexuality, about 68% reported to have sex simply because of the pleasure they derive from it. So if you have sex for its pleasure, you’re certainly not alone!

In addition, some people have sex casually because of their past. If you have been abused, molested or even raped from a tender age, psychologists say that there’s a high chance that you will either come to like sex extremely or come to hate it with burning passion. And so, perhaps you have a problem with the former and you visit your therapist and you’re asked about your past, do well to share, because that could be the turning point for you!

You might have come across someone who tells you that they have sex to be popular, isn’t it? As much as the popularity thing isn’t a major one, people have casual sex just to remain relevant in a particular setting or society. In the aforementioned survey, about 18% of the respondents alluded to the fact that they have sex because they think it will make them popular and feel good. Well, among other reasons, these three are mainly why people keep multiple sexual partners and in subsequent paragraphs, we`ll discuss the dangers of having multiple partners. Read on!

I Have Multiple Sexual Partners, so what?

The effects of having multiple partners vary from person to person. However, there’s no standard with which you can measure if sleeping with many people of the opposite sex could harm you or not. Well, here are few dangers you could avoid if you are faithful to one partner:

Increased Risks of Contracting an STI

STIThis needs no introduction as far as sex and sexuality is concerned. STI is short for Sexually Transmitted Infections. As the name implies, they are diseases that anyone could contract by having oral, anal or vaginal sex. Now, what’s the problem with STIs? I’ll tell you. When you sleep with a partner for a thousand times, you are less likely to contract an STI than someone who sleeps with one thousand partners, once each. Simply put, the more your partners, the greater your chances of contracting an STI.

Another is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, which is widely regarded as the deadliest. When the virus gets into its latter stages, it becomes AIDS (an incurable ailment) and when HIV transcends to AIDS, the sufferer can only count the days left and wait till death knocks at the door.

Coming close in second is the Human Papilloma Virus, HPV. It is responsible for various forms of cancer, most notably cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers. It is also responsible for genital warts, which can be embarrassing, especially among ladies. However, the unfortunate thing about HPV is that there are no signs or symptoms in some cases of infection. So there’s a high chance you will have unprotected sex with someone who’s got HPV and you won’t discover, which makes it all the more dangerous!

The long list of STIs that you’re at risk of contracting when you have multiple sexual partners include syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Staphylococcus aureus, on and on and on. So, dear friend, before you delve into casual sex, think about the diseases that could ruin your plans for a bright future.

The Tendency to Get Addicted

addicctionSex, just like smoking and heavy drinking, can have addictive effects if you immerse the whole of yourself into it. This is simply because the signal generated in the nervous system during orgasm beats the blood-brain barrier and finds its way into the brain. And when this happens, the brain craves more of such action which may ultimately lead to addiction. Addiction to sex can cause great damage to your reputation, your burgeoning career, your family and everything around you.

Loss of Reputation

shameIn the future, you probably might want to become somebody great and highly influential in society. However, here’s a spoiler: promiscuity can shatter those dreams. Consider the scenario where you’re a well-respected member of society who’s contesting an election, and all of a sudden, sex tapes and lewd videos and all what not emerge with you in them. Trust me, not only have you lost your reputation, there’s an extremely high chance that you could lose such election.

On the other bank of the river, you may not be influential, so to speak. However, society now tends to attach labels to promiscuous members. You may lose a grant or something because the offeror sees you as good-for-nothing, simply because of promiscuity.

Loss of Career and Marriage

Here’s the simple way it works: you get too immersed in sexual activities with different partners, you stand a high chance to lose concentration at work. All that you think of is the next person you will probably sleep with. Sex, sex, sex, even in the office. Sooner than later, you begin to receive queries from your boss, but because sex is too important to you, you ignore the warning signs. Eventually, your performance levels drop miserably and you’re fired. You lose your source of livelihood and, funnily enough, your partners may abandon you because you are now financially incapacitated to meet their demands (if any). Lose-lose situation, right? I bet you know.

Other Sundry Medical Conditions

You know the thing about thrill-seeking activities like sex? You often tend to go overboard with it and lose your sense of self-control. Sometimes, people who have multiple sexual partners tend to have sex unprotected, which may lead to unwanted pregnancies. But that’s not the problem. This pregnancy, when not well aborted, could lead to womb damage and infertility, and in rare cases, ovarian cancer. So, if you’re a lady who’s in the habit of sleeping with many men, you should consider putting it off.

What if I must Have Sexual Partners?

condomsIf you must have numerous sexual partners (which we do not advise), it is better you use contraceptives if your primary goal is to avoid pregnancy. Spermicides, condoms and birth control pills are contraceptives which could serve you well in your quest to prevent pregnancy. However, it is recommended that you see your physician for proper medical advice.

However, if you also wish to reduce the risk of contracting an STI to the barest minimum, then you should use condoms, and use them rightly. Condoms only reduce the risk, it is not a guarantee that the STIs will not come. The best means with which you can eliminate the dangers of multiple sexual partners is by staying faithful to one partner. It’s better that way, isn’t it?

Final Words…

You remain the sole proprietor of your sexuality. The decision to have sex (or not) lies solely with you. We’re only saying: You make good choices, you lead a good life. Play safe, your future will thank you for it!