Now that you`re Pregnant…


You have for a while expected this, and observed some changes in your body; folks have also commented on changes they have observed. You have seen your doctor, and they have confirmed that you are pregnant, congratulations! I will be sharing some bits of information you should know in this phase of your life, especially if you`re expecting your first bundle of joy.

Keep reading, and have your partner join you if he doesn`t mind.

Pregnancy is one state that brings about loads of changes to the carrier; it is even really worth talking about if it’s the first pregnancy. There are a number of things you should know, now that you expect a baby. Let’s discuss them.

Signs that Confirm you Are Pregnant

It may feel like a no-brainer, hence not worth discussing, considering that everyone should know when they are pregnant. Well, you just may be right, except that you probably are not aware of how it feels to be expectant. The expectation to conceive leads to false interpretations of signs sometimes. It is better to look out for the solid signs that prove you are pregnant. The test, a home-based urine test can be done. This is much better than trying to interpret some vague signs. Signs that come with pregnancy usually, are mood swings, swollen breasts, back pain, cravings for some foods, and of course your missed periods. Note, however, that visiting the doctor is always the best choice.

Prenatal Care

You saw the signs, you doubted, you visited the doctor, and now it`s confirmed you are pregnant. Note that the doctor’s is a place to keep visiting regularly. Your health and your baby’s (or babies`) are delicate at this time and should be given topmost attention. Prenatal care cannot be done without.

Your Family’s Medical History?

Immediately after conception or even before, it is wise to know about your mother`s and even your grandmother’s pregnancy experiences to be informed of birth abnormalities, genetic disorders, and their general childbirth experiences. This is important, so as to prepare you for possible challenges. You are even more certain to be safe if you discuss your findings with your doctor. Just ensure you remain calm as you make discoveries.

What about Vaccinations?

Your state of health to a large extent determines that of the fetus. Some illnesses you have may negatively affect the fetus mentally and/or physically. A number of vaccines may be required depending on your state of health, your clime, and other conditions.

Let`s Talk about your Gestational Age

Pregnancy has three stages, that is, three trimesters, each consisting three months. Each stage comes with its physiological changes ranging from metabolism to blood pressure volatility, different breathing, and some others. Gestation is the period of time between conception and birth. It is measured in weeks, from the first day of your menstrual cycle.

Shocked about Bleeding?

Even though missing your period when you`re pregnant is one of its first signs, you just may bleed in the initial stage of the pregnancy. Don’t mistake it for your menstrual period.

What causes this kind of bleeding anyway? It occurs when the egg travels down the fallopian tube into the uterus where it implants into the uterine lining. Now you may be wondering how to differentiate this bleeding from that of your menstrual period. Not to worry, I`ll tell you. The difference is in its color. The blood you see when you are pregnant is often brown or pink, unlike the usual red color of the menstrual blood. This sign is harmless and should cause no worry, however, you may consult your doctor.

What about Food?

foodHaving nutritious, wholesome and balanced meals is highly important at this time of your life. Your doctor will give you a diet chart for your requirements. Alcohol and caffeine are a no-no for you at this time because they increase the risk of delivery challenges and disabilities in children.

Weight Gain?

This usually is a reason to worry for many pregnant women, especially when it is the first pregnancy. Your weight gain during pregnancy to a large extent depends on your body mass index before pregnancy. Being overweight when you conceive may mean more reasons to worry as your pregnancy progresses. Following your doctor`s diet chart will be more than helpful in guiding you to eat healthy meals. Resist the temptation to follow your own agenda.

What about Physical Activities?

pregnant women exercising

You need to remember that childbirth is a laborious process that demands a lot of energy, and you need to be healthy for you to withstand the various stages of labor. Your everyday exercise is a must because it ensures a smooth functioning of your body system. Exercises will strengthen your muscles to reduce pregnancy pains. Research has shown that the right workout routine of a pregnant woman supports the development of the baby’s entire system.

Talking about exercising, note that there are exercises you should avoid when you are pregnant; let’s discuss some of them!

Amusement Rides

fun rides

Hey, now that you’re pregnant, amusement park rides are a no-no for you. You should also avoid anything that goes in a circular of vertical motion in the air, so, avoid rollercoasters and rides that require a forceful takeoff and landing, as these can harm the baby (or babies) you expect.

Horseback Riding

This is dangerous for you to do this when you are pregnant. Remember that you could fall and you really don`t know how wild a horse may be sometimes.

Heavy Weight-lifting

Lifting heavy weights constrain your back and pelvis, and this may also increase the chances of prolapse, that is, the uterus slipping into the vagina. You don`t want to experience this. If you unavoidably need to lift anything heavy, bend your knees slowly, try to hold the heavy object close to your body, and do not involve the back or twist while lifting. But really, you need to refrain from weightlifting, especially if you had a miscarriage in the past.

Now Let’s Talk about Choosing your Place of Birthing

This is highly important. The place you choose, that is, the hospital, should be determined by the expertise of the doctors and nurses, their credibility, the hygiene level of the environment and general trust. Also, you need to consider the distance from your home. Choose a place that best suits the needs of your family.

There are some amazing facts about this state you are in. Let`s discuss two of them!

Amazing Facts!

Your Heart

Your heart actually works harder and beats at a more rapid pace when you`re pregnant due to the increased volume of blood in your body. What else? Your blood volume increases by 40 to 50% when you are pregnant.

What about your Sense of Smell?

bad odorYour sense of smell gets so sensitive when you are pregnant. Your heightened sense of smell is due to the high levels of estrogen and human chronic gonadotropin. So you may just pick certain odors faster and sharper than a number of people around.

Final Words…

I believe you are more relaxed now, and you have realized that some experiences you have had are not strange. It would be good for you to speak with other pregnant women, especially those who are pregnant for the second time or more; they would be willing to share their experiences with you, and this would help you in finding your way through this phase of life. I look forward to reading that this article is helpful, and more importantly, the announcement of the arrival of that/those really cute baby/babies.