Tired of Chemical Pain Killers?

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Natural Herbs for All Kinds Of Body Aches

Pain is the body’s best communication strategy. None of us might be a fan of pain, but the fact still remains that it is our body’s only way of communicating symptoms to us. Pains are sensations that tell us something is not right in our bodies. If we are wired not to feel pain as humans, a lot of damages would have occurred in our body system before we notice. Hence as much as we think pain is not needed, it has its own advantages.

However, whatever kind of pain it is, or whatever the cause may be, it does not change the fact that it is an unpleasant feeling and experience. Having an advantage to human health does not mean it should or can be left alone without being addressed. The severity of pain differs, and the ability to withstand each level of pain depends on the individual involved.

While addressing the pain issue, some people opt for chemical relief medications, while others opt for natural remedies, including massage therapies and herbs. This article focuses on the different levels of severity of pains, the causes of pains, and most importantly, the herbal remedy for all kinds of aches and pains.

Levels Of Severity Of Pains

The levels of severity of pains have been categorized into two, namely;

  • Acute
  • Chronic

Acute pain is a kind of pain that does not last for so long. It occurs when there is an injured tissue or muscle. When tissues like bones, joints, or organs in the body get damaged, acute pain sets in. It lingers for a while and gets milder as the tissues begin to heal.

On the other hand, chronic pain lasts longer. It is known to have resistance against medical treatment. Chronic pain is usually associated with osteoarthritis and other severe joint pains. Chronic pain can result from extremely severe damaged tissue, but it is known to be more nerve damage. This pain lingers for a longer period and resists all forms of medical treatment.

Both acute and chronic pain can be frustrating and debilitating, such that psychological stress like anxiety and depression begin to set in, especially when the pain is recurrent.

How Pain is Categorized

  • Pain is classified by the degree or kind of damage it causes. The three major categories of pain are;
  • Pains are caused by nerve damage like osteoarthritis, diabetes, electric shock whereby cables transmit a painful signal to and from the brain.
  • Pain caused by tissue damage like muscle inflammation or fractured bone
  • Pain caused by psychogenic factors like anxiety

Causes Of Pains And Aches

  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Influenza and cold; inflammation of the sinuses caused by a virus
  • Anemia; lack of functioning red blood cells in the body
  • Calcium and vitamin D deficiency; associated with spasm and weak bones
  • Mononucleosis; characterized by fever and extreme exhaustion
  • Pneumonia; a lung and respiratory problem that causes internal respiratory tract pain
  • Fibromyalgia; achy bones, joints, and muscles
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome; characterized by exhaustion and weakness
  • Arthritis; inflamed joints
  • Lupus; immune system confusion. That is when the immune system fight against body-friendly compounds instead of foreign bodies.
  • Lyme disease; a bacterial infection caused by tick bites
  • Histoplasmosis; a fungal infection

Herbal Remedy for Pain Treatment

Willow Bark

Willow bark is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been the treatment of most aches and pains since time immemorial across different cultures and continents. The willow bark contains a property known as salicin, which is also an ingredient of the popular over the counter pain killer-aspirin. Willow bark is usually dried and boiled to produce tea. Also, in a bid to get the best results from the herb, some people chew the bark raw. Willow bark can be used for the treatment of headaches, lower back pain, and osteoarthritis.

14 Home Remedies to Ease Sour StomachHowever, on the other hand, willow bark has shown some mild side effects in people who consume it regularly. It has been discovered that the willow herb causes mild stomach upset, prolongs bleeding time, and slows down kidney processes; also willow herb could be poisonous to children.


Turmeric is not just a cooking spice; it also has some health benefits attached to it. It contains some curcumin compounds, which is an antioxidant that protects the body from infections that can damage tissues and cells. Turmeric can be used for the treatment of indigestion, ulcers, stomach ache, and symptoms of cancer. It is one of the best natural pain relievers because it helps relieve swellings and inflammation.


Asides from spicing up meats and meals, cloves are awesome natural pain relievers. They can be found in powdered oils and capsules forms. Just like other natural pain relievers, it eases cold and nausea. It is also known to relieve pains associated with headaches, arthritic inflammation, and toothaches. The research found that cloves and pain rubs have one property in common-eugenol, which is a natural pain reliever. Rubbing tiny amounts of clove oil on your gum can help relieve toothache pending the time you get to a dentist. But too much clove oil could damage your gum. Also, people who are suffering from bleeding disorders or currently under blood-thinning medications should totally stay away from cloves.


Lavender is popularly known for its essential oil and its numerous health benefits. People who use lavender oil have testified to its amazing relief abilities. Lavender oil eases anxiety, relieves pain and migraine symptoms, and improves sleep. Lavender contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that make all its health benefits possible. Despite all the benefits of lavender oil, it should not in any way be ingested, as it can be extremely toxic to the health. It is majorly used during massage therapies. This means it is meant to be applied externally on the skin.


Despite its burning and tingling sensation on the skin when applied externally, capsaicin, which is present in chili pepper, is an awesome natural pain reliever.


gingerIngesting 2g of ginger daily reduces muscle pain and inflammation. Ginger drinks are the best beverage to take after exercises as it treats muscles soreness associated with exercises. Ginger also speeds up recovery and can be easily included in diets. The powdered form of ginger can be added to teas and smoothies, and the raw ginger root can be included in the ingredients used to prepare various kinds of dishes.


Feverfew is also known as the bachelor’s button. The feverfew is a medicinal plant used for treating fever, migraine headaches, toothaches. Rheumatoid arthritis, and stomach ache. It is also a perfect herb for increasing breast milk production in lactating mothers. Feverfew contains active properties like sesquiterpene, lactones, and flavonoids. However, feverfew has side effects such as abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and increased risk of bleeding.

Devil’s claw

Devil’s claw is majorly found in South Africa. It is often used in the treatment of rheumatic aches, headaches, backache, muscle, and joint pain. About 60% of patients who used devil’s claw as pain relief reported positive changes. It also improves the condition of people with lower back pain.


It is mostly referred to as ‘mountain daisy.’ It is a bright yellow colored flower that has a long-standing history of easing pains and aches. It is known to reduce muscle and joint pain, as well as the appearance of bruises. It contains anti-inflammatory properties to this effect.

Bottom Line

The following natural pain relievers can be effective in the treatment of specific causes of pain. Each has its own specific area and mode of treatment of pain, depending on the cause of the pain. These herbs might not totally eradicate the root cause of the pains and aches you feel. However, they are effective enough to relieve you of the pain pending the time you get proper medical attention. Though natural and seemingly harmless, over usage and prolonged usage of these herbs can cause side effects.

Remember that pain is the body’s mode of communicating to you that something is not right somewhere in your body. Some pains can be mild and disappear on their own after some time, while others can be severe and require urgent professional medical attention.

It is advisable to consult medical practitioners before opting for an herbal remedy in order to properly understand the composition of these herbs as well as the effects of drug interactions with these herbs.