Oh, the Wonders of Blue Vervain!

Blue Vervain

Prior to the premiere and release of The Vampire Diaries on the CW network, I had never heard about Blue Vervain. In the series, it was described as a plant that humans could use to protect themselves from blood-sucking vampires, and that was so cool. Being a fan of fiction and fantasy, I developed a brief habit of digging up every research relating to the plant and my discovery was worth the time. Positively, my findings were so informative and insightful that I deemed it a must to tell. Hence, I will be sharing with you my research on blue vervain and that is something you don’t get to read every day. But, first, let’s get to know about the plant.

What Exactly is Blue Vervain?

A glance at the plant would give away a clue on why there is an adjective ‘blue’ in the name. The plant has its flowers blooming in purple during summertime and this is most probably why it has been termed Blue Vervain. Originally, the herb is a variety of Vervain belonging to the Verbenaceae plant family. Found in North America where it is scientifically known as Verbena hastata, some choose to call it “Swamp Verbena”, “American Vervain”, “Simpler’s Joy” and some other amusing names. Regardless, the common tongue remains Blue Vervain. However, the term “Blue Vervain” is not exclusive to Verbena hastata. It shares the name with another plant of the Verbenaceae family botanically referred to as Verbena officinalis and native to the Mediterranean region of Europe. But the latter is mostly addressed as “the Vervain” in order to avoid ambiguity and obscurity. Henceforward, our talk will be on Verbena hastata.

What’s More?

Blue Vervain is a mysterious herb that is capable of enduring drought and boasts a long history of medicinal service across various civilizations that date back to the ancient Romans, Greeks and the generation of the various Native American tribes. The herb can be consumed in a variety of forms as tea, tincture, powder, and capsule. There are quite a number of uses traditionally proven to be successful, still let’s take a look at scientific insights accentuating its efficiency.

An Anti-inflammatory Herb

The basis of most diseases, conditions or ailments is traceable to inflammation. A drop off in inflammation guarantees that some major health concerns can be avoided and Blue Vervain is adequately blessed with anti-inflammatory properties that can bolster healthiness. The application of the herb, therefore, aids as a pain reliever and ensures a decrease in gastrointestinal damage among other health-related ailments.

Sidelining Skin Infections

ImpetigoThe anti-inflammatory substance in the herb enables it to be effective in curing infections of wounds, insect bites and natural skin contaminations. This provides the reason why it is an essential ingredient in some skin products in the form of powder and ointment.

Body Purifications

The herb acts as a cleaning agent, ensuring the elimination of harmful toxins and excess properties from the body.  It does this by producing sweat or stimulating urine to pass out water, salts, fats and other properties that are more than enough in the system. This is why Blue Vervain is considered valuable to the kidney because it can boot out substances accumulating in the organ and thereby eradicate bladder infections, kidney stones and other conditions their presence may cause. Besides, the herb can impact on the liver, as benefits attributed to its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic contents have been identified to be germane in the treatment of jaundice. [1]

Relieves Menstrual Flow

So I have good news for the ladies, most importantly for those who experience unbearable abdominal discomfort during their period. The herb can help to ease you from painful menstruation and cramps. Furthermore, it has a positive effect on mood and depression during this period, so no mood swings. Also, it keeps you steady and functional by keeping tabs with your hormones at consistent interludes. For some women, they consider it primary in forcing through their menstrual cycle when their periods are overdue. Hmm! sounds powerful right? Let’s proceed, there is still a lot to catch on.

During and After Pregnancy Delivery

I’m trying to avoid accusing this plant as feminist, but it just seems to care for women in hard times. It can help to stimulate labor by sparking off contractions in the uterus. That’s not all. After childbirth, and producing enough milk to breastfeed your baby seems to be another problem, Blue Vervain can make it possible that your lactation level is upgraded and your baby gets adequate access to your milk and its healthy nutrients. Evidently, it is mother and baby friendly.

Soothes the Nervous System

Drinking a cup of Blue Vervain tea can help to calm your nerves, stabilize hormones and provide for good rest. An auxiliary advantage is its effectiveness in treating a number of infirmities, including stress, chronic anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, post-traumatic stress, and insomnia. Generally, the power of the herb in achieving the stated results has been widely acknowledged and irrefutable. Consequently, Blue Vervain can enhance your mood and encourage positive thinking via the discharge of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. As such, wouldn’t you want to bargain stress and other affiliated ailments for a cup of Blue Vervain tea?

Abets Oral Health

bad breathThe oral cavity also has a share of the benefits when it comes in contact with this herb. By chewing on the leaves regularly, you can treat bleeding gums and ease the pain and soreness experienced in mouth ulcers. This is a traditional way of improving your oral health. If chewing doesn’t suit you, you can as well make a tea out of the herb. The plant is able to achieve this due to the company of “tannis”, a reliable antioxidant that upholds healing and foils tissue deterioration in the mouth. Also, it may interest you to know that the early Celts applied it in concocting a mouthwash (although I cannot say on how valid this is). But most recently, a published trial on the effects of a vervain mouthwash proved that the results were remarkable as patients had an improved gum health with no side effects. [2]

Improves on Intestinal Health

Also, when consumed in form of a tea, the herb can be used to alleviate digestive disorders and ensure the health of the gut. It has been used to expel worms and toxins in the stomach. Common problems relating to the stomach including bloating and cramps can be kept in check.


As much as Blue Vervain flaunts a swarm of health benefits, we still have to sound the alarm on the dose of intake. Large doses can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and even disrupt blood pressure and hormonal treatment. Hence, it is best you stick to a rational measure. Also, as part of contraindications on blue vervain, pregnant women at the initial stage must not consume the herb since it induces labor. If you have, I strongly suggest you go for a checkup and speak with a doctor.

Final Words…                                                   

The herb has a long history of medicinal treatments and is quite versatile in granting a lot of healthy opportunities to the human body. And as beneficiaries, it isn’t too much to lobby for such prospects, is it? Thus, you should get some Blue Vervain from stores or buy some online and most importantly consult with a doctor before inducing it into your regimen.  This is the part where I leave you to maximally exhaust my research, and remember to moderate your dose in consumption.


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