Oat Straw: 13 Impressive Health Benefits

oat straw

Oats are excellent for lowering cholesterol but not many know of the other health benefits of oat straw. Did you know that the milky seeds, flowers, and stems of the oat plant are commonly known as oat straw?

And interestingly, an infusion or tea prepared with oat straw is effective for treating a range of ailments. An infusion of oat straw is an herbal remedy that can nourish the body at the deepest level. Oats are rich in calcium and other minerals that heal broken bones, strengthen blood vessels, relieve muscle cramps, as well as boost dental and nerve health.



The Health Benefits of Oat Straw

Take a look at some amazing health benefits of oat straw.

Boosts Memory

According to some studies, oat straw boosts memory; improves focus, and enhances concentration.


Possesses Diuretic Properties

One of the health benefits of oat straw is that it acts as a diuretic. It increases the flow of urine, and so, can reduce swelling in hands and feet. It is also effective for treating fluid retention, obesity, skin eruptions, urinary tract infections, lymphatic swelling, kidney stones, nerve inflammation, and kidney stones. As it stimulates the flow of less fluid through the veins, less pressure is put on the artery walls, thus lowering blood pressure.

Oat straw helps to cleanse the bladder by increasing urination. In addition, it heals some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections and eases the pain of kidney stones. A regular consumption of oat straw tea increases sodium by easing the absorption of the water in the body.


Boosts Nail, Bone, Hair and Skin Health

Oat straw is rich in protein, calcium, and other minerals. Oat straw also has high silica content, and is largely responsible for healthy nails, skin, hair, and bones. It helps relieves muscle cramps, boosts teeth and nerve sheaths. In fact, tea made from oat straw can be effective in healing broken bones. Oat straw is also rich in silica, zinc, vitamin B-12, iron, magnesium, which are essential for healthy bones, hair, and nails.

Since oat straw is rich source of silica, which means that oat straw supplements and herbal tea, as well as oatmeal may help to strengthen nails that are already cracking or splitting. In fact, silica is an important ingredient in nails.



Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Oat straw also provides relief from stress and nourishes the brain. In addition, it may be effective for treating nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. In fact, oat straw can soothe a stressed nervous system and make a person relax.

Oat straw tea is also rich in vitamin A and B complex as well as calcium and other beneficial minerals. Therefore, the regular consumption of oat straw tea helps to soothe and calm the body away from fatigue, stress, and anxiety.


Has an Aphrodisiac Effect

According to some studies, oat straw tea is effective as an aphrodisiac and has been found to increase sexual desire and promote blood circulation.


Treats Infections

As tea, oat straw is effective as a tonic to combat depression. Oat straw tea is also used as a traditional and herbal remedy to boost nutrition and the central nervous system. In addition, it is used to treat arthritis and liver infections.



Improves Skin Health

When used externally, oat straw can be used to treat dry, itchy, irritated skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, shingles, and rashes.


Builds Tooth Enamel

Oat straw is high in calcium, making it excellent for strong, healthy and shining teeth. It also helps in building teeth enamel.


Boosts Appetite

Oat straw tea helps to treat loss of appetite resulting from thyroid conditions or a lack of estrogen. However, it is important to note that a regular consumption of oat straw can help provide the desired effect.



Help Smokers Quit

Some studies show that oat straw liquid extract might help smokers kick the habit by stimulating withdrawal from nicotine. Oat straw can also be used to treat an addiction to opium.


Alleviates Menstrual Symptoms

Oat straw tea can provide relief for menstrual symptoms such as cramps and bloating. This herb is also a natural diuretic that is commonly used as a mild tool for reducing swelling. Diuretics are also effective in supporting the kidneys and urinary tract and also helping with the cleansing process.


Provides Energy

One of the first evidence of drinking oat straw tea is that after a few days, it significantly boosts provides energy. In fact, drinking oat straw tea provides a person more energy during the day without the body fainting. It is a good way to feel more alert, as well as boost the flow of blood and brain fluids without the need for sugar and energy drinks.

In fact, there are reports that oats contain a b-sitosterol known as an anti-tumor component, which can lower the risk of certain cancers. Some studies also suggest that oat straw tea can help regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol.



Reduces Cholesterol Level

Oat straw is high in fibres and so can help in flushing too much cholesterol from the body. It helps in maintaining a heart healthy and lowering high blood pressure.


Side Effects and Precautions

Although oat straw is considered safe for consumption, it is recommended not to drink more than three glasses daily. This because if you do, it may become harmful to your health. It is important to note that when consumed in excess, oat straw tea can bring about side effects such as insomnia, headache, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, and diarrhea. However, if you experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable that you immediately reduce the quantity of tea you drink.

People who are allergic to oat flour should also steer clear of oat straw tea as it can result in an allergic reaction. Some of the symptoms that may occur are itching, difficulty breathing, rash, or swelling in the throat or mouth.

For those who suffer from celiac disease, oat straw tea should be avoided as oats contain gluten and may become harmful.