Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Casein Protein?


If you think you don’t need to do so much to be healthy, listen up: you’re not the only one. Notwithstanding, we should all strive to make the needed lifestyle changes. And just because you can’t be perfect about keeping to healthy habits—who among us can?—doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

Talking about trials, casein is one protein that is worth a try. Sure, it doesn’t get enough mentions like the others. But it’s easy to see why when there are so many varieties of protein. However, we’re here to inform you that casein protein powder blah rep is far from reality. Of course, not all proteins are created equal but when compared to others, the quality of protein in casein is way higher.




So what exactly is this stuff? Casein is a type of protein contained in majority cow’s milk and other dairy products. Sounds delightful, right? Well, below, we compiled 4 excellent benefits that will keep you enjoying this protein —without doubling up calories or adding extra fat. Besides, as stated earlier, it can give good results—if not better.


It improves colon health

This is a big one, people. Did you know that dairy proteins—anyone—can drastically improve colon health better than meat and soy? When you hear about detoxifying your colon, what it simply means is cleansing the colon of both natural and man-made that can cause harm.

While ridding your colon of nasty toxins, if you must add anything to your diet today, make it casein protein. Do yourself a favor and strongly consider a protein that is worthy of your appetite—and colon health.



It supports fat loss

The year 2018 is relatively still new, and that means many of us have made resolutions we’re not sure we can adhere to. Most people are looking to strike off the ‘drop a few pounds’ item on their list at the end of the year.  And, yes, we know: The common “trick” to losing fat that really works is sticking to an exercise routine and a realistic diet plan.

If the plan is to spend a little time and money to tweak your diet, then, fine—but wait, it’s not by cutting down on dairy products. For starters, the opposite is the truth. In fact, to make it easier to lose fat, casein has proven to be one protein with very high calcium content. However, you do not need to binge on proteins to shed extra fat. Simply find a balance between calcium and its intake. This would make a huge difference in your fat loss journey.

To further buttress this, a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity found out that those who combined a high calcium intake over a twenty four hour period with a normal protein intake showed increased fecal fat and energy excretion for that day of approximately 350 kJ greater than those who either took in a low calcium, normal protein intake or those who consumed a high protein, high calcium intake.(1)


Helps to achieve lean muscle mass

By now you already know that sugar-rich food contain no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats, and no enzymes, making it empty calories that have negative effects on our muscles and overall health. Instead of continuously spending money on things so disastrous, go for a low-calorie diet like casein—you’d be retaining a lean muscle mass.

If you aren’t taking enough protein in your diet, it won’t make a difference what form you’re using, you will still lose muscle tissue.




Provides the body with the highest quality of protein

You know what they say: Never compromise on quality. That doesn’t mean all other forms of proteins aren’t good—but casein contains one of the best qualities of protein you can have.

On the same note, results from a study carried out by the Journal of Nutrition researchers suggested that compared to soy, casein is contains a higher quality of protein. Plus, it’s key to remember that tightening your defenses with the best that there is will always pay off on your health in the long run.




Possible side effects

We admit it: We’d love to be able to eat anything we want without having to worry about their side effects. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, right? Some studies have shown that casein may have some serious side effects that could result in the following:


According to a study by Dr. T Colin Campbell, there is a noticeable link between cancer and animal protein.  And of course, we all know that casein makes up about 85 percent of the protein contained in dairy products.

This suggests something: The incidences of cancer could drastically reduce if only we can avoid animal proteins such as casein.


Allergies and respiratory illnesses

Because casein is mucus-like in texture, it sometimes clogs and irritates the respiratory system. This in itself can make the body vulnerable to allergies, fevers, colds, asthma, and several other infections.


Bottom line

It is no news that protein is essential for a well-toned body, beautiful skin lean muscle mass, colon health, and fat loss. Casein is actually very high in quality protein, making it your best option for a healthy protein.

So before your next visit to a grocery or drug store, casein should be on your shopping list. Ideally, because of its slow digestion rate, taking this protein may not the best decision after a workout session, but casein remains a very good source of protein not to miss.

Guess what? This article may have come in handy, but it’s still not a prescription note, and therefore cannot accurately proffer solutions to your health challenge. Before opting for casein, it’s best to do yourself a huge favor and consult a qualified nutritionist or health expert, especially if you suffer from any chronic illness.



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