List of Super Healthy Foods for You


Some of the Healthiest Foods in the World

Almost all foods are healthy for you, and simultaneously, as healthy as they are, they are also tasty. Having a compiled list of the healthiest food in the world helps you determine which of these foods you can include in your diet and which one would be your everyday meal, as they would provide you with maximum nutrition. This list of healthiest foods in the world includes fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, and so on.

The following is a list of the topmost healthiest foods in the world.

Berries and Fruits

Due to the fact that fruits and berries require almost no preparation, it makes them easy to be incorporated into diets. Some of these healthiest fruits include;

• Apple

Apples have high fiber contents, coupled with antioxidants and vitamin C. Apples are satisfying and can make you feel full after eating a couple of them while supplying you with its numerous health benefits in return.

• Avocados

Avocados are comprised of healthy fats rather than unnecessarily high amounts of carbs. They are also packed with vitamin c, potassium, and fiber. They are both tasty and creamy and can be used as natural butter for your bread.

• Bananas

One of the world’s top sources of potassium is banana. Just like the other fruits above, bananas also contain high fiber as well as several vitamin B complexes. They are transportable and can be carried around conveniently.

• Blueberries

Berries, especially blueberries, are natural hubs of antioxidants. They are not only very yummy but are also easy to incorporate into diets. They can also be pressed as drinks, and they can be eaten raw, un-pressed.

• Oranges

Oranges are high sources of antioxidants and are popularly known for their vitamin C levels. They also contain fiber and tiny traces as well as healthy amounts of carbohydrates.

• Strawberries

Just like blueberries, strawberries are packed with fiber and vitamin C. Some research has also discovered strawberries to be loaded with manganese, among other minerals. So far, it is considered to be not just among the world’s top nutritious foods but also one of the world’s top delicious foods.

Some other healthy fruits include; olives, reaches, pineapples, pears, raspberries, cherries, grapes, and kiwi.

  • Eggs

Eggs contain healthy amounts of cholesterol. Eggs are healthy sources of minerals, ranging from the albumen to the yolk. Studies are still undergoing as to whether there are any human health benefits that can be associated with the shells of eggs.

  • Meats

Meats also made it to the least of most nutritious foods. Some of the most nutritious meats in the world include;

• Lean Beef

This beef, just like every other beef, provides protein to the body and contains bioavailable iron.

• Chicken Breasts

Chicken breast also supplies proteins that provide energy to the body. It is also packed with almost all the essential minerals the body needs.

• Lamb

Since lambs are fed with grass, most plant-based nutrients that are also beneficial for humans get stored in its body (meat). Their meats contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

Nuts and Seeds

Generally, nuts and seeds are loaded with calories and fat but in healthy amounts. According to research, despite their fat and calorie content, they can help you lose weight. Thus, you might want to include several kinds of nuts and seeds in your weight loss diet.
Just like apples, nuts and seeds are crunchy, and when you eat a couple of them, you begin to feel full.

Also, nuts and seeds contain minerals that, on a normal day, humans generally do not get enough of. However, these nuts and seeds provide these minerals in reasonable amounts. Some of these minerals include vitamin E and magnesium.

Just like fruits, they do not require any special or rigorous form of preparation, as some of them can be eaten raw. Thus, they are quite easy and convenient to incorporate into diets.

• Almonds

Of all nuts and seeds, almond nuts are the most common or popular. They are known for their high antioxidant, fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium contents. Asides from improving metabolism, it also helps shed off some weight.

• Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain significant and reasonable amounts of minerals and essential nutrients. It is actually believed to be one of the most nutritious edible seeds in the world.

• Coconuts

Every part of the coconut is important to humans. The nut itself provides numerous health benefits. Its water is said to not only be tasty but also healthy and nutritious. When coconuts are processed into milk or oil, the health benefits double. The oils enrich the skin when rubbed or used to cook meals, while the milk keeps you healthy if you are lactose intolerant.

• Walnuts

A number of vitamins and minerals have been discovered to have been naturally packed in walnuts. They also contain fiber and are tasty, portable, or easy to carry about, and are as well easy to incorporate into meals.


Numerous vegetables have been provided for us by nature. These vegetables, which are edible, are not just nutritious but can also be healthy and delicious additions to meals. Some can be consumed raw, while others have to be cooked.

• Asparagus

It is one of the best low-calorie and carbs vegetable. If you are in search of vegetables you can add to your weight loss diet, then asparagus is definitely the best for you. Asides from this fact, asparagus is also vitamin K rich.

• Broccoli

Being a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli can be crunchy and can be eaten either cooked or raw. It is packed with fibers, vitamins K and C.

• Cauliflower

Just like broccoli, cauliflower is also in the family of cruciferous vegetables. For them to become edible, they have to be cooked, and when they are cooked, they serve as nutritious and delicious additions to foods.

Other healthy vegetables include onions, carrots, cucumber, garlic, kale, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and mushroom, among others.

Fish and Seafood

For this category, there are a number of seafood that are omega 3 fatty acids rich. According to studies, the health benefits of this seafood have been associated with the ability to lower the risks of certain illnesses like heart diseases, depression, and dementia.

Some of these foods include;

• Salmon
• Sardines
• Shellfish
• Shrimps
• Trout
• Tuna


A picture of sorghumSome kinds of grain have been identified to be healthy and worthy of human consumption, while some others are not. Most grains are high in carbs and may not be a good addition to your low-carb diet. Asides from this, they contain minerals that are essential for humans.

Some of these healthy grains include;

• Brown rice
• Quinoa
• Oats


Legumes are excellent sources of plant-based nutrients. Although, they are known to interfere with digestion due to their antinutrient content. However, over the years, people discovered that soaking these legumes before preparing them will eliminate those antinutrients and make them safe for consumption with easy digestion.

Some of these legumes include;

• Green beans
• Kidney beans
• Lentils
• Peanuts


Some people are lactose tolerant, while some others are not. For people who are lactose tolerant, dairy is a healthy and rich source of essential nutrients needed by the human body.

In fact, studies showed that full-fat dairies are the best kind of dairies because they have the tendency of reducing or lowering the risks of certain health conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity. In addition, when the dairy is gotten from dairy-producing animals that feed only on grass, the nutritional composition tends to double up. Some of the healthy dairy products include;

• Cheese
• Whole milk
• Yogurt

Fats and Oils

Though they were sometimes condemned as fatty and have tendencies to causing obesity, overweight, and high cholesterol levels in the blood. However, some fats and oils have been classified as healthy and nutritious and have been considered fit for consumption without unnecessary side effects (if they are eaten in appropriate amounts). Some of these fats and oils include;

• Butter from the milk of grass-fed goats, cows, and sheep.
• Coconut oil
• Olive oil


Asides from carbohydrates which they are packed with, tubers also contain certain beneficial nutrients to human health. They build the body and provide starch-based glucose for the body. Some of these healthy tubers include;

• Sweet potatoes

eating outIn conclusion, if you want to complement your diet or change it completely, it will not be an unwise decision to pick foods from this list. All these foods are considered the most nutritious because they contain high antioxidant amounts plus vitamins and other essential nutrients.  Some of these foods do not require special preparations. They can be eaten raw. Some are portable and can be carried around conveniently. Generally, they are tasty and delicious and easy to be incorporated into diets.