Determine The Sex of Your Unborn Child

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How to Select the Sex of Your Baby

You probably have been expecting baby sex of your choice and had spent a lot towards achieving it. I must commend your past effort while I hope you would give my little but valuable advice a try.

There are many reasons couples may prefer to have baby sex over the other, some are medical-linked. Several studies have proved that one can successfully choose the sex of a baby, even prior sexual intercourse. All that is necessary for you to do is understand the physiological conditions behind having either a male or a female baby. You also need to confide in your partner and be conversant with your oestrus/ovulation signs and implications.

Although several methods are known to address this situation, testimonies around the “Shettles method” are significantly higher. The technique entails when (timing) and how (sexual position) to have sexual intercourse to conceive either a girl or boy.

Are you ready to be happy? Find out how the method works below;

About the Shettles Method

The Shettles method was discovered by a United States-based physician named Landrum B. Shettles in the 1960s. He studied sperm, the timing of sexual intercourse, and other factors, like pH of genital fluid, and sexual position to determine how fertilization of eggs into either male or female might be affected by the first and lucky sperm cell. Since the sperm that fertilizes an egg is ultimately the determinant of the sex of the baby.

From the research, Shettles came up with a method that considers all these factors.

What Determines Sex During Conception

The sex of a baby is, most of the time, determined in a rudimentary way at the moment the egg comes in contact with the sperm. A woman’s egg is genetically coded with the X chromosome (representing female). Men, on the other hand, can produce millions of sperm during ejaculation. About half of these sperm may be coded with the X chromosome, while the remaining half is coded with the Y chromosome.

If the “faster sperm” (the Y-carrying chromosome sperm) fertilizes the egg, the baby, in turn, may likely inherit the XY chromosome, typifying the baby to be a boy. On the other hand, if the “slower sperm” (the X-carrying chromosome sperm) fertilizes the egg, the baby, in turn, may likely inherit the XX, typifying a baby girl child.

Of course, this depends on the general understanding of what sex is and how it is defined.

Which Sperm Cell Moves Faster Than the Other, X Or Y

Shettles studied further to observe the differences between X and Y sperm cells.

His inference based on his observations was that;

  • Y-chromosome sperms (yielding male sperm) have round heads, lighter in weight, and smaller. The lightness thus aids the fast movement of the boy-yielding sperms.
  • And that X-chromosomes sperms (female yielding sperms) are larger, heavier, and have oval-shaped heads. The slower motility of these girl-yielding sperms (X sperms) is as a result of their bulkiness.

Favorable pH Conditions for X and Y Sperms

boyIn addition to physical differences, it was discovered that male sperm tend to survive more in alkaline environments (like in the uterus and cervix). And female sperm tend to survive longer in the acidic conditions, typical of the vaginal canal.

As a result, the actual way for conceiving either a girl or boy through this method is based on timing and favorable genital conditions (e.g., pH) to either the male (Y) or female sperm (X).

How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Ovulation Timing

According to Shettles, targeting sexual intercourse close to or even immediately after ovulation is the key to conceive a baby boy. Therefore, couples trying for a boy should do away with sex in the time between menstrual periods and days before ovulation. Instead, you should aim to have sex on the exact day of ovulation and 2 to 3 days later. Do not forget that we established the fact that boy yielding sperm (Y) is lighter and moves faster than that of females. The implication of having sex before ovulation is that the male sperm must have died before ovulation (male sperm have a lifespan of about 24 hours). And again, the slow sperm (Female-X) would reduce the chances of having a boy if it meets the male sperm.

Position for Intercourse

The method proves that the ideal position for conceiving a baby boy is one that allows sperm to be dropped very close to the cervix as possible (avoiding the harsh acidic condition of the vagina). The position suggested that the woman should be entered from behind to allow for the deepest penetration.

Vagina Alkalinity

Since the theory states that male sperm like a more alkaline environment, douching the vagina with two (2) tablespoons of baking soda dissolved with 1.1liters of water would be effective in neutralizing the vagina acidity. However, douching needs to be done before each timed sexual intercourse.

Orgasm Timing

The timing of orgasm is also a consideration. Husbands and wives are encouraged to have the woman orgasm first, which would raise alkalinity to favor of X sperms.

Sperm are naturally significantly more alkaline than the vagina acidic environment. So, when a woman orgasms first, the concept is that her secretions are alkaline and would aid the alkaline male sperm swim along to the egg.

Noticing the Discharge Type

Women’s discharge becomes more slippery, sticky, clear, and wet at ovulation.

How to Conceive a Baby Girl

girlDo you need a girl child? The information is the opposite of a male child.

Avoiding the Ovulation Period

The trick is to have sex earlier in the menstrual cycle and seize in few days before and after ovulation to try for a girl child. This means that you can you should have sex with your partner couples starting in the days just after menstruation and then seizing at least three (3) days before ovulation takes place. Note that a female sperm (X) has a lifespan of over 72 hours (3 days). The concept of this early/pre-ovulation sex is that; the short-lifespan male sperm dies off while the female keeps waiting to fertilize the egg.

Position for Intercourse

The best position for conceiving a baby girl is one that allows for just shallow penetration. This implies “missionary” or face-to-face sex, which will make the acidic loving female sperm (X) have to travel farther in the acidic vagina environment, thus favoring the female sperm. The survival chance of the male sperm here is reduced.

Vagina Acidity

In addition to points on acidity, more acidity could the initiated to favor the female sperm (X), preparation of a douche made from two (2) tablespoons of white vinegar, and about 1.1 liters of water can be used. Also, the douche should be used each time you have sex with your partner to be the most effective. And again, talk to your doctor before trying this specific douche.

Orgasm Timing

Who orgasm first? To avoid reducing the more acidity of the vagina, women are advised to refrain from orgasm until after their partner (male) has ejaculated.

Noticing the Discharge Type

Women’s discharge should be vague/cloudy, pasty, and not stretchy.

Important Note

  • No baby sex is irrelevant; appreciate your baby girl with love even though you expected a boy and vice versa. It is appalling the things we see in society because of a child’s sex.
  • It is advisable to engage in some fertility tests and seek medical counseling.