Are there Healthy Drinks asides Water?


For a number of us, the refreshing taste of fizzy, sugary drinks has no equal. In fact, many of us have grown tired of the same old, plain water. However, a recent report now claims that sugary drinks are responsible for about 8,000 new cases of diabetes every year. “What then do I do?”, you may wonder. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! *winks*

Water is by far the healthiest beverage for your everyday nourishment. However, drinking water only can become monotonous and tiring as you become used to just water and water alone. Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and here are a few other drinks you could rely on to spice up your beverage life. Let’s go!

Green Tea

teaThis wonderful beverage is prepared by infusing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea contains flavonoids, which are a group of compounds that may help you prevent diseases when they are consumed. What’s more, according to the Linus Pauling Institute, taking about three cups of tea a day can also help you reduce the risk of heart diseases, help you prevent cancer and help you fight teeth problems such as osteoporosis and dental caries.

Asides curing diseases, green tea also comes in handy if you’re trying to lose weight. Are you tired of drinking water all the time? Take green tea today!



This is one drink that needs no much introduction. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium—a serving can provide you with up to one-third of your recommended daily intake of calcium.

Now, you may wonder: Is calcium all there is to milk? Certainly not. Milk is also fortified with retinol (vitamin A), which helps you improve your vision; vitamin D, which helps you strengthen your bone and teeth, and other nutrients.

Low-fat milk also contains low calories, which can come in handy for dieters. Researchers have even discovered that full-cream milk helps in weight loss.

Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate juiceHere’s another healthy drink that you can always trust to keep you nourished. Pomegranate juice has continuously appeared on the list of healthy drinks because it contains a lot of antioxidants. This red juice can help to prevent cancer and heart problems as a result of these antioxidants. Research has shown that the juice can help you reduce inflammation.

However, you should be careful enough to check the bottle of your pomegranate drink so as to be double sure of its source. This is because some pomegranate drinks out there can be diluted with added sugars and some other sweeteners. Do you want fresh pomegranate juice? Go check it out at a fruit store!

Coconut Water

coconut waterScientifically, coconut water has been proven to help stabilize blood pressure. It is also a good agent for preventing diseases relating to high and low blood pressures. If you don’t feel the need to take water or tea, then coconut water is just fine for you. Coconut water is another healthy drink that complements the nourishment that coconut offers. This nutritious drink has been employed for various cultural activities, just like the tropical fruit it is obtained from.

Fruit Juices

fruit juiceWhen fruit juices are made totally from fruits with no additives such as sweeteners, they are healthy if consumed with moderation. Whole foods are always better sources of nourishment, no doubt, but two to three servings of fruit juices can serve as an excellent source of the fruits your body needs for its functioning.

Fruit juices are healthy, but they come with a proviso: be sure to check the list of ingredients of that juice you’re buying to ensure it is 100% fruity, not some sugar-loaded stuff. Moderation is also advised because fruit juices are high in calories.

Red Wine

red wineAre you a lover of red wine? We’ve got good news for you! A glass of red wine a day can help you keep the cardiologist away! Red wine can help you keep your heart healthy by increasing the level of high-density Lipoprotein (HDL) present in the blood.

Apart from increasing the level of HDL, red wine contains antioxidants such as flavonoids, as well as a compound called resveratrol, which also contribute positively to this protective effect.

However, as much as the benefits of red wine abound, drinking more than one to three glasses a day is dangerous, as the negative effects of excess alcohol present in red wine can easily overshadow the gains of drinking red wine.

Hot Cocoa

cocoaThis is good news, especially for lovers of chocolate. Hot cocoa is extremely beneficial to your health. Remember the flavonoids we’ve talked about all along? Steamy chocolate (or cocoa products) contains about two times more flavonoids than red wine and about three times more than green tea.

Studies have shown that hot cocoa can be beneficial to women, especially those in their periods, as most hot drinks do well to ease the pain. Cocoanuts have also been proven to be high in magnesium which is also beneficial to women’s health in general.

Follow these easy steps to prepare this nutritious drink:

  • Mix some raw cocoa powder with hot water.
  • To sweeten your drink, add some honey or almond milk.

It is highly important, though, to remember that taking this drink with sugar or whole fat dairy creamer can turn it from a healthy elixir to an unhealthy poison. Hot cocoa is a sure way to get a daily dose of chocolate without having to deal with the saturated fat you have to deal with when you take chocolate bars, provided you take just one cup per day.

Kale Juice

kale juiceA lot of people love kale. Why? Kale is packed with nutrients such as minerals and essential vitamins that can aid you in strengthening your bones, help in digestion as well as in toughening your bowels.

A glass of kale juice a day is also helpful in slowing down the process of aging while enhancing your skin health. However, it is important that you shun bottled products, as they can be high in sodium. Instead, go for the homemade juice and enjoy it!

Ginger Water

ginger waterHere’s another healthy drink you can opt for. In Asia, ginger water has been applied for a long time in curing various diseases. Ginger is a suitable remedy for stomach troubles. Ginger water is also instrumental in preventing pregnancy-related nausea; aids digestion and helps to cure motion sickness.

Preventing common illnesses and diseases can be quite easy, especially with ginger in your kitchen!

To prepare this nutritious drink, follow these easy steps:

  • Brew some slices of ginger root
  • Put some into a cup of boiling water
  • Add any sweetener of your choice

Your ginger water is ready!

Cranberry Juice

cranberry juiceHomemade cranberry juice is best for you, as bottled products may contain excess sugar and unhealthy sodium content. However, if cranberry juice is momentarily beyond your reach, you can opt for cranberry juice cocktail. Cranberry juice is an essentially healthy drink that is especially helpful for people with Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

Final Words…

Drinks are an essential part of your nutritional health, and consuming the right drinks will definitely add some nutritional value to your life! So you have more than water to stay healthy. Enjoy!