Ancho Pepper Powder: The Spice with Amazing Health Benefits

We already know how peppers can add amazing taste to meals. But that’s not even all they do—these spices contain healing agents that can significantly promote your health. And one of such peppers is the ancho pepper powder which is gotten from ground ancho chilies.

In fact, it is the dried form of poblano peppers which are preserved and used to flavor various foods including chocolate drinks. Yes, ancho pepper powder is made from poblano peppers that are left to ripen before being dried. Only after ripening and drying, is it considered ancho powder.

Ancho pepper powder has a flavor that can be described as mildly fruity. As a matter of fact, it is believed to be the sweetest of all the dried peppers. Apart from being sweet, its flavor also has smoky notes to it. Ancho pepper powder is mildly hot, is family-friendly, and can be used in combination with cilantro, cinnamon, and cumin.

It is used to thicken sauces as well as add flavor to dishes. The powder can also be used to marinate meat or added to beans.



Let’s take a closer look at the various health benefits of ancho pepper powder.


Relieves Pain

The capsaicin found in ancho pepper powder stimulates the release of endorphins that help to prevent pain. The pepper powder is effective for relieving pain caused by arthritis as well as pain resulting from skin problems like psoriasis.


Aids in Weight Loss

In addition to the nutrients present in ancho pepper powder, it has no cholesterol and is low in carbohydrates. This makes the pepper an incredibly low-calorie alternative for people trying to shed some weight.


Suppresses Appetite

The capsaicin present in ancho pepper powder can suppress appetite. This also means that the capsaicin in the pepper can help with weight loss as well.



Treats Intestinal Conditions

Ancho pepper powder contains insoluble fiber that can help in protecting intestinal health by curbing conditions such as diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.


Combats Prostate Cancer

According to studies, the capsaicin in ancho pepper destroys prostate cancer cells. In addition to this, there are reports that men who consume a lot of hot peppers on a regular basis are less prone to developing prostate cancer. Although there are no indications that capsaicin can cure prostate cancer, it may be effective for preventing the disease.


Fights off Heart Diseases

Like it was stated earlier, ancho pepper powder contains capsaicin and soluble fiber, both of which are very helpful for protecting the heart against various heart diseases.



Contains Capsaicin

Actually, capsaicin is a compound that is responsible for the heat in hot peppers. It has numerous health benefits, including the ability to combat cancer cells. While ancho pepper powder contains significantly less capsaicin than hotter peppers such as the habanero, it does have more of it than some other peppers.

In addition to the health benefits that come just from capsaicin, ancho powder is evidently a good source of certain essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamin A & C, and dietary fiber.


Good source of Minerals

Ancho pepper powder can provide the body with potassium which is one mineral that regulates blood pressure and promotes the transmission of nerve impulses for the proper functioning of muscles. Ancho pepper powder is also an excellent source of iron, which is used in producing hemoglobin. In case you didn’t know, hemoglobin helps in transporting oxygen all over the body.  It also accounts for about two-thirds of the iron found in your body. Ancho pepper powder also contains certain other minerals in smaller quantities, including calcium and magnesium. Both calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for healthy bones.


High in Vitamins

Ancho pepper powder is a powerful antioxidant and rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is also a vital antioxidant that is effective in protecting both bone and vision health. In fact, ancho pepper powder contains more vitamin A and vitamin C than most people think. The body also needs vitamin C for keeping the bones and teeth healthy and to synthesize collagen.



Rich in Dietary Fiber

Ancho pepper powder is actually a good source of fiber. We already know important fiber is for promoting health by making waste removal much easier, which can help to keep the bowel healthy. Apart from the insoluble fiber that provides these amazing benefits, ancho powder contains soluble fiber. What “soluble” means is that this type of fiber dissolves in water. Soluble fiber has the ability to lower blood cholesterol and regulate blood sugar level.



Generally, consuming hot peppers in excess can irritate the intestinal tract, so it is best to observe some caution when eating ancho pepper as well. It is advisable to also handle the peppers carefully because the heat can transfer from your fingers to your skin, eyes, and nose, resulting in some discomfort.