9 Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

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What is Oregano oil?

The oregano plant is a flowering plant that is often used in the preparation of foods to enhance its flavor, and it also functions as an herb and provides numerous health benefits for humans. It is mostly found in Europe and in tiny amounts in other parts of the world.

It has been employed for medicinal purposes in ancient Greek and Roman societies. In fact, its name is of Greek origin. In addition to this, oregano is also used for culinary purposes.

Oregano oil is made from the shoots and leaves of the oregano plant. They extract oil from dried shoots and leaves of the oregano plant and then are concentrated by steam distillation. This oil can be mixed with other oils and applied on the skin but cannot and should not be ingested orally.

Several extraction compounds are used in producing the oregano oil. These compounds include carbon dioxide or alcohol. It also contains properties known as terpenoids, terpenes, and phenols. These compounds are strong antioxidants and contain additional antioxidant properties that are also responsible for their nice fragrance.

Some other groups of compounds found in oregano include;

  • Carvacrol; is the most dominant phenol in oregano. According to research, it inhibits the growth of certain types of bacterium.
  • Thymol; thymol is an antifungal that supports the immune system and gives it optimal protection against harmful toxins.
  • Rosmarinic acid; protects the body from illnesses that are caused by free radicals.

These compounds are the ones responsible for the numerous health benefits of oregano.

Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

About nine health benefits have been identified, all of which are provided by oregano and its extract. Also elaborated in the article are the uses of oregano oil and how it can be applied.

Natural Antibiotic

The carvacrol compound in oregano is responsible for its ability to fight bacteria. One of the most common bacteria that causes the most common infections is the staphylococcus aureus bacterium. This bacterium causes various illnesses, including skin infections and food poisoning.

Studies carried out on people who had infections showed quicker recovery after oregano oil was administered to them.

Research also found that antibiotic-resistant bacterium can be eliminated with oregano oil.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels

The research was carried out on people with high levels of cholesterol in their bodies. When given lifestyle and dietary changes, they recovered. However, about 40% of them added oregano oil to their management process, and they showed higher and faster recovery speed. After some months, those who used oregano oil showed no symptoms of high cholesterol levels in their body. In fact, there was an effective regulation of cholesterol levels in the body of those who used oregano oil. This cholesterol regulation ability oregano oil has is a result of its carvacrol, thymol, and phenols contents.

Powerful Antioxidant

Antioxidants are properties contained in foods and herbs that help combat free radicals from affecting the body while preventing illnesses in the process. Damages caused by free radicals play important roles in premature aging and the introduction of certain diseases like heart diseases and cancer.

Free radicals are products of metabolism, a natural process of the body. In other words, free radicals are everywhere in the body. Accumulation of free radicals can lead to the development of certain health issues, and some of the factors that lead to its build-up in the body are cigarette smoking and the inhalation of air pollutants.

Studies carried out on 39 other herbs showed that oregano has more antioxidant properties compared to the other 39 herbs. It showed that oregano has between 10 and 30 times the antioxidant contents in other herbs, including St John’s wort, thyme, and marjoram.

When compared with apples, oregano showed 40 times higher antioxidant properties and 4 times higher antioxidant contents when compared with blueberries. According to research, this is as a result of its rosmarinic acid content.

Can Treat Yeast Infection

Fungi can be harmless in some cases. However, its overgrowth and accumulation can lead to health challenges, some of which include thrust, a gut infection.

Candida is one of the most commonly known types of yeast and is one of the leading causes of yeast infection in the whole world.

painful menstrual cycleResearch showed that oregano oil could eliminate at least 5 strains or types of candida, especially the ones that cause mouth and vaginal infections. So far, in the treatment of yeast infection, oregano oil has proven to be the most effective of all other essential oils. Carvacrol, which is a compound found in oregano, has also been found to be effective in the treatment of oral candida.

When a yeast infection is left untreated over a long period of time, it puts you at risk of developing certain health conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Further research showed that oregano oil is effective in the treatment of different infections caused by 16 different types of candida.

Improves Gut Health

Illnesses in the gut come with so much discomfort, and oregano oil has been found to benefit and protect the gut’s health in many ways.  Diarrhea, bloating, and pain in the gut are sometimes caused by parasites in the gut.

Studies carried out on people who were showing gut illnesses symptoms caused by parasites experienced a reduction in the in parasites by a whopping 70% when they were treated daily for 6 weeks with oregano. They also experienced an improvement in the symptoms of tiredness that comes with gut illnesses.

Oregano oil can also help in the prevention and treatment of gut diseases like leaky gut, a sickness that damages the gut, causing it to leak out toxins into the bloodstream.

Has High Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is a pointer to many severe health conditions like heart diseases. Oregano has proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of inflammation, thus preventing it from migrating into serious health challenges. One of the key compounds that make oregano oil an anti-inflammatory oil is the carvacrol compound.

Pain Reliever

Oregano is known for its effectiveness in the relief of various kinds of pains. Research also found that the pain relief property in oregano is similar to the ones used in the production of pain killers like morphine and fenoprofen. The pain relief effect, according to some researchers, maybe as a result of its carvacrol content.

Fights Cancer

Carvacrol, according to studies, is a property that has the tendency to fighting and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. It showed positive results in the management and treatment of breast, lung, and liver cancers.

Induces Weight Loss

See the Goodness of BaobabThe carvacrol compound in oregano is responsible for oregano’s ability to reduce unnecessary weight. Further research on this amazing compound showed that it reverses the chain of events that lead to the fat formation in the body.

How to Use

Oregano can come in various forms, which include capsule and tablet forms, and is available in pharmacies and stores. Due to its strength, it is best to read the label of any brand of oregano supplement you buy for instructions and directions on how to use it.

Natural oregano oil can be diluted with other essential oils. However, it is important to note that no essential oil should be consumed orally or ingested.

So far, no standard dosage has been mapped out for the use of oregano oil. However, one teaspoon of oregano oil mixed with one teaspoon of any other essential oil is enough to provide you with numerous health benefits. Note also that they are to be applied to the skin directly and not ingested.

If you are on any medication and you intend to use oregano oil, please speak with your medical health provider first. In addition to this, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should totally stay away from oregano oil.

In conclusion, oregano is both an herbal plant and a cooking spice that provides various health benefits. Its oil extract has also proven to be effective in the treatment and remedying of many health issues. The oil is available in stores and pharmacies and at affordable prices.

Oregano oil has been found to contain higher beneficial properties like antioxidants than certain vegetables and fruits and contains high phenols and carvacrol contents.

It has shown a promising future in the treatment and prevention of many illnesses and triggers of severe illnesses like heart diseases.