12 Health Benefits of Sage


See the Uses and Benefits of Sage

Sage is an herb in cuisines around the world. It is a staple herb that has been in use since ancient times. There are various types of sage herbs, and they include common sage, Salvia officinalis, and garden sage. Sage belongs to the family of mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and basil. Sage provides a concentrated and nice aroma, and when converted into herbal tea, it gives an earthy flavor. This is why sage is usually used in tiny amounts.

Sage is packed with various nutrients that supply the body with numerous health benefits. It contains essential herbal compounds that make it potent and gives it the ability to treat varieties of illnesses, relieve numerous symptoms, and help in the management of certain illnesses.

In addition to its diverse health benefits and essential herbs compounds and nutrients, sage can also be used as a home cleaning agent, as well as an insecticide.

Different forms of sage are medicinal. If you do not like it green and fresh, you can dry it out or grind it into a paste and extract its water. Whichever form you choose will perform as effectively as it should.

Health Benefits of Sage

The following are the 12 health benefits of sage;

Contains High Amounts of Certain Nutrients

For the body to function well, there is a need to supply it with sufficient vitamins and minerals. These properties assist organs in the body to function properly. They also encourage healthy metabolic processes and healthy immune system responses. Sage contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and according to research, only one teaspoon of sage extract contains the following nutrients;

  • Vitamin K; 9% of the required daily intake value
  • Calories; it contains 2 grams of calories
  • Fat; it contains 0.1 gram of fat
  • Carbs; contains 0.4 grams of carbs
  • Iron; 1% of the required daily intake value
  • Manganese; 1% of the required daily intake value
  • Calcium; 1% of the required daily intake value
  • Protein; contains 0.1 gram of protein
  • Vitamin B6; 1% of the daily required intake value

As seen from the above analysis, it is obvious that just a tiny amount of sage extract or tea contains a high amount of nutrients. Now imagine when you take it in moderate doses. Sage has an impressive nutritional profile and automatically provides numerous health benefits.

In addition to this, sage has also been discovered to be composed of other minerals like copper, zinc, vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

It also harbors caffeic acid, ellagic acid, rosmarinic acid, rutin, and chlorogenic acid, all of which are major components that give sage its ability to provide for humans these numerous health benefits. Since only little doses are advised, its calorie and carbs content will have little or nothing to do with making you add unnecessary weight.

Contains Antioxidants

Sage is loaded and packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful compounds that are contained in foods and herbs. They help in the prevention, management, and control of certain illnesses by protecting major organs in the body like the heart. They ensure the fortification of the immune system, which is also known as your body’s defense system. Antioxidants help in the elimination of harmful toxins and free radicals that can make you vulnerable to chronic illnesses.

According to research, sage is loaded with more than 160 different polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that are plant-based and function as antioxidants in the body.

Compounds like caffeine acids, rutin, ellagic acid, rosmarinic acid, and chlorogenic acid are present in the sage herb, and they are all associated with the amazing health benefits sage provides. Some of these benefits include; prevention and management of cancer, improved and enhanced brain functions, and enhancement of memory.

Studies found that drinking at least 1 cup of sage tea regularly can help strengthen your body defenses. It is also associated with the lowering of bad cholesterol and increment of good and healthy cholesterol.

Protects Oral Health

Sage has been discovered to help in the elimination of microbes that cause plagues in the mouth, thereby protecting oral health prom defects and severe damages. Sage over time has been used as a major ingredient in certain mouthwashes, and studies carried out on people who use sage-based mouth washed experienced the following;

The complete and absolute elimination of the streptococcus mutants bacteria, which is one of the leading causes of cavities (tooth decay).

In addition, essential oils that are composed of sage extracts have proven to be effective in killing and control 0of the spread of candida Albicans, another microorganism, this time a fungus that can also lead to tooth decay.

Further research showed that sage has the tendency to treat throat infections, infected gums, dental abscesses, and mouth ulcers.

Reliefs Menopausal Symptoms

mood swingsWomen who are at their menopausal age tend to experience various changes in their bodies. This is as a result of the decline in their reproductive hormone levels. This decline comes in handy with varieties of unpleasant symptoms, ranging from anxiety to night sweats, hot flashes, aggression, irritability, vaginal dryness, among others. However, sage has been discovered to help with these symptoms, improving them as well as improving the quality of life of these older women adults.

Recent research found that sage contains properties that are similar to estrogen. These estrogen-like compounds have friendly relationships with the receptors in your brain, thus improving your memory and treating other menopausal symptoms like excessive night sweats and hot flashes.

Studies carried out on women who are at their menopausal ages and who took sage teas every day for two weeks experienced reduced episodes of hot flashes and excessive night sweats.

Reduces Excessive Blood Sugar Levels

One of the most effective conventional remedies for diabetes is sage. Sage has been used since ancient times to treat and manage diabetes. Human researches showed that sage can lower to a healthy level of high blood sugar and also improve insulin sensitivity by activating certain receptors in your body. The activation of these receptors then begins to eliminate the excess fatty acid contents in the blood.

Drugs like metformin which are prescribed for people who have high levels of blood sugar have similar properties as sage. In fact, sage has shown similar results as rosiglitazone and other drugs that are used in the treatment and management of diabetes.

Enhances Brain Functions and Memory

The research found that sage contains properties that may support and improve the brain and memory processes. One proof is its high antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties break down acetylcholine, a chemical messenger which plays an important role in supporting memory. People with Alzheimer’s disease appear to have low levels of this chemical messenger.

In one study, people with mild Alzheimer’s disease symptoms who consumed 2 ml of sage extract daily for up to 4 months experienced Improved memory. Improved reasoning and cognitive abilities were also recorded.

Tiny doses of sage improve memory, while higher or moderate doses improve moods, contentedness, alertness, and calmness.

Sage improves brain and memory functions in both older and younger adults.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

One of the leading negative effects of high levels of bad cholesterol in the body is several kinds of heart diseases. Heart disease is a major resultant effect of high bad cholesterol levels in the blood. According to research, at least one out of 3 people who have heart diseases had high unhealthy cholesterol levels.

However, sage can help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, protect your arteries and prevent the accumulation of toxins that can cause severe damages to your heart.

Drinking teas made from sage at least once daily for 2 weeks can ensure the drastic reduction of unhealthy cholesterol levels in your blood. In addition, it increases the level of good and healthy cholesterol in your body.

May Prevent and Manage Cancer

cancer awarenessCancer is one of the preeminent originators of death in the world. It is usually as a result of the growth of deadly cells in different parts within the body. Sage has shown promising results in the prevention and management of certain cancers like cervical, colon, liver, skin, breasts, mouth, and kidney cancers.

In conclusion, sage is an herb that has several promising health benefits. It has high antioxidant contents that help in the prevention, treatment, and management of certain illnesses, as well as the protection of vital organs in the body. It improves brain and memory functions it lowers high levels of bad cholesterol in the body and also regulates blood sugar.