12 Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Women

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Is Watermelon Safe for Pregnant Women?

There`s everything beautiful about becoming a mother, and nothing can kill the loveliness of this feeling, not even the pains, mood swings, and food cravings. There are a number of healthy foods and fruits that can keep you healthy during pregnancy, and watermelon is one of them. Let`s see how.

12 Benefits of Eating Watermelon During Pregnancy

Eases Heartburns

Watermelon soothes the stomach and windpipe due to its cooling properties. This is particularly necessary, as acidity, which causes heartburn, is common during pregnancy.

Prevents Dehydration

Drinking a lot of water during pregnancy is quite beneficial, as constant dehydration may cause premature contractions and premature birth. And in addition to drinking a lot of water, you should also eat some watermelon which is 90% water, to keep you hydrated.

Prevents Pigmentation

A number of pregnant women suffer pigmented skin, and this can be quite disturbing. Eating watermelon during pregnancy is super beneficial, as it eases digestion and bowel movements, hence improves skin texture. It reduces pigmentation because it cleanses the body. So yes, you can be pregnant and have a glowing look. Just grab some watermelon already.

Treats Constipation

Constipation is common with pregnancy. Watermelon contains fiber which promotes stool formation,  and water which clears the passageway, hence causing pressure for the bowels to treat constipation. Regular consumption of watermelon reduces the occurrence of constipation during pregnancy.

Promotes Healthy Vision

Watermelon contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant which gets converted to vitamin A, hence protects the outer layer of the eye and enhances a healthy optical nerve transmission. This is beneficial for the mother and unborn child(ren).

Alleviates Morning Sickness

25 Benefits of Parsley Essential OilThere`s a soothing and refreshing start watermelon gives when you have it in the morning. Its energizing and nutritional properties prevent morning sickness. You may add a bit of lemon and some rock salt to watermelon juice to make it savory.

Boosts Immunity

A lapse in your health can be detrimental to your baby`s, hence the need to boost your immunity. Regular consumption of watermelon strengthens your immunity, due to its lycopene content ― an antioxidant which boosts immunity.

Reduces Muscle Cramps

As a result of the many changes that women experience during pregnancy, they gain some weight, and this causes some pain in their bones and muscles. Watermelon does excellently at enabling the body to cope with these changes, and it also eases muscle cramps.

Reduces Swelling in Feet and Hands

Light swelling in the hands and feet, also known as edema, is common during pregnancy. Watermelon contains high water content which reduces blockages in the veins and muscles, hence prevents edema.

Soothes Heat Rashes

Pregnancy causes body heat, little wonder pregnant women have heat rashes. This comes with some irritation and itching. Watermelon is quite hydrating and cooling, making it excellent at keeping the skin more comfortable, hence combating heat rashes.

Cures Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Some women experience UTI in their early stage of pregnancy. This infection can be disturbing, however, there isn`t much to worry about, as watermelon can flush out the bacteria that causes this infection, hence relieving the constant pain and frequent urination that the infection causes.

Supports Fetus Bone Formation

Watermelon contains a good amount of calcium and potassium which are required for the bone development of unborn babies. Consuming it regularly during pregnancy is quite advantageous.

7 Benefits of Watermelon Seeds During Pregnancy

Do you discard watermelon seeds? Then you`ve been missing a whole lot of nutritional benefits. Here are some health benefits that watermelon seeds can offer you.

Low-Calorie Content

Watermelon seeds have low calories and contain healthy fats and proteins. A serving of watermelon seeds contains about 60 seeds and supplies only about 20 calories.

Contains Essential Minerals

Watermelon seeds are rich in zinc, copper, selenium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It is rare to find a food source with all of these mineral contents in rich amount. These minerals are required for healthy fetal growth and development. Potassium, in particular, is required for healthy teeth and bones.

Rich in Vitamins

Regular consumption of watermelon seeds is highly beneficial because the seeds are rich in folate and vitamin B which contribute to the healthy development of mother and fetus. They also contain vitamin C which enhances the immunity of the fetus and protects it and the mother from allergies and infections.

Reduces Muscle Cramps

Watermelon seeds are effective at relieving muscle cramps which occur as a result of weight gain.

Blends in Smoothies and Teas

A woman sipping some teaYou can convert dried watermelon seeds to powder form and add them to smoothies and teas to have an excellent detoxifier.

Healthy for Snacking

The urge to snack often is quite natural during pregnancy. You may roast watermelon seeds lightly to make a tasty snack. It is healthier and even more affordable than processed snacks. It contains fewer calories and just satisfies your desire to snack on something.

Healthy Seed Oil

Beyond consuming the seeds, you can extract some oil from it also. Watermelon seed oil is beneficial for hair and skin health. Just like the seeds, it contains vitamins and minerals, and it also has some moisturizing properties, hence its application in baby oils. Also, its fatty acid content eliminates grease and dirt from the skin. So you`re sure of a glowing skin all through your pregnancy period.

How to Use Watermelon Seeds

  • Always wash watermelon seeds thoroughly, rinse them a number of times, then dry in the sun before consuming.
  • You can roast watermelon slightly in a microwave oven at 325°F. This may take about 15 minutes, and during this time, you may roast both sides evenly on a baking sheet. You could also use a hotplate if there`s no microwave oven. The seeds are more tasty and crispy after roasting them.
  • You may use watermelon seeds in beverages, or sprinkle them over salads to enhance the nutritional quality and taste.

Side Effects of Consuming Watermelon While Pregnant

As great as watermelon is for pregnant women, it has its side effects. Let`s see some of them.

  • Excessive consumption of watermelon may result in high levels of blood glucose and eventually cause gestational diabetes.
  • Watermelon possesses diuretic properties, hence flushes out essential nutrients along with toxins.
  • Watermelons have the tendency to go bad quickly, hence causing vomiting, nausea, and gastrointestinal ailments.

Some Watermelon Facts

  • There are “seedless” watermelons which are a hybrid watermelon of 22-chromosome watermelons with 44-chromosome watermelons.
  • Records show that Egyptians cultivated watermelons over 5,000 years ago.
  • Egyptians believe that watermelons nourish the dead, hence they have a culture of burying their dead with it.
  • It takes about 85 to 100 days for a watermelon fruit to mature.
  • Watermelons thrive best in sunny conditions.
  • Lloyd Bright grew the largest watermelon, weighing 268.8 pounds, in 2005, at Arkansas.
  • There are over 300 types of watermelon in the United States, with only about 50 available for sale.
  • America ranks fourth in watermelon production.
  • Top watermelon producing states in the United States are California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Georgia.
  • China grows more watermelon than Africa where it originated.
  • Although the red-fleshed watermelon is most common, it can come in yellow, green, white, or orange flesh.
  • Watermelon is actually a vegetable; it belongs to the cucurbit family, just as squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins.
  • The Japanese devised a means of growing square watermelons by placing square boxes around a growing watermelon fruit for it to take a square shape as it grows.
  • Some people sprinkle some salt on watermelon to enhance its flavor.