10 Beauty Tips for your Neck

How to Care for the Neck

Many of us appreciate good looking and well-groomed people; this naturally makes us to also make it a priority to look as appealing as we can be to anyone we come into contact with. Our physical appearance also brings that extra level of confidence we need when relating to others.

With or without putting effort into how you look, you will surely be confronted with age. This is that moment, maybe before hitting middle age, when you begin to see some marks or lines surfacing on your skin. Very noticeable is the darkening of your neck region and the folds emerging there. While some of us age fast, others age relatively slower. Exposure to the UV rays of the sun, repeated twisting and turning, or even your genes can lead to the development of wrinkles on your neck. Sometimes, looking older may be largely attributed to your neck getting darker and having more lines as a result of more skincare focus on your face. It is a common omission made by many of us who spend most of our beauty time on our hair, hands, face, and feet. If you have been neglecting your neck all this while or you are looking for better ways to care for your neck, then you are looking in the right direction. Here, we`ll be discussing some trusted ways to care for the skin around your neck.

The following nuggets include some tips and solutions which are super helpful in keeping clean skin and a neck free from wrinkles. These techniques will gradually reduce the darkening of the skin around your neck and help bring out the natural glow of your skin.

10 Beauty Tips for your Neck

Packs and Masks

Masks are popular for skin care, as well as packs. Masks are mostly used in caring for the face, however, you can also use them to maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin surrounding your neck. These masks may be made from fruits if you want a more natural and safer treatment for your skin. So, you can just have moderately sliced pieces of fruits or some fruit pulp made out to cover and coat your skin for some time. You can make a mask for your neck, just like for your face, using fruits like banana, plums, apple, cucumber, and avocado.

The skincare packs can be made from fruits too; mashed plums or mashed bananas will do. These mashed fruits can be mixed with essential oils like olive oil also. Use this pack and leave it to act on your skin for about f15 minutes before you rinse it off. You may use both masks and packs once a week. You can also make a pack from mashed pumpkin. Use these beauty packs on your skin about four times every week to get the result you desire around your neck.

You can make masks from substances other than fruits. A mask that isn’t fruit-based can be a mixture of honey and egg white, and you can use it to coat your neck, just as you do with regular fruit masks. These masks and packs will improve the quality of the skin around your neck region and reduce the emergence of wrinkles.

Essential Skincare Oils

essential oilThe first beauty tip for the restoration of the skin around your neck is the use of natural oils that help with skin cleansing and maintenance. There are many oils that are of great benefit to our skin, and most of them are used for cosmetic purposes. You can use some of these oils to care for your skin and remedy skin conditions or aging symptoms. Such oils are referred to as essential oils, they can be very effective in managing the skin around your neck when you apply them in their pure form. They include eucalyptus oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, rose oil, and chamomile oil. Some of these oils may react differently or harshly to some skin types, so make sure you do a patch test before using a particular oil.


Your neck needs some physical attention, just as other parts of your body do. Whenever you go for a body massage, don’t ignore your neck. If you usually don’t have a body massage, it might be time to consider it. Massaging your neck can be crucial in retaining good skin health around your neck. Because the skin around your neck is delicate and soft, the massage has to be tender. The movements of a neck massage should be consistent and in the right direction. In other words, if you massage your neck the wrong way, the skin around your neck will be badly affected. Do not massage from the top or massage in circles. The massaging palms should be moved from the lower region of your neck to the top vertically. Keep this massage simple and short so that you don’t make the skin of your neck sore. This massage can be as long as a 10-minute neck massage, not any longer.

Keep your Neck Moist

As you become conscious of caring for the skin around your neck, you can do well to keep your neck from getting dry. Whenever you apply creams, mixtures, and packs, make sure to leave them on your neck as long as they are moist. Don`t leave them to dry up on your neck.

Ice Cube Rubs

Occasionally, if you can, you may give your neck a mild massage by rubbing ice cubes on it. Rubbing some ice on your neck helps to reduce pores on the skin of your neck. When you notice a serious increase in the number of pores on your skin, you may rub your neck with ice cubes for some 15 minutes at a time. If you cannot handle the cold, you might want to stay away from this technique.

Toners and Sunscreens

Of course, you are familiar with sunscreens and maybe using one. But do you apply it to your neck as you do your face? Toners and sunscreens are a great help to our skin. You can only be generous enough to your neck to use the toner you use for your face on it also. After applying the toner, you should equally use a sunscreen on your neck too — always try to get a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. When using the toner and sunscreen, apply them with some upward massage movements.

Spa Treatment

massageSpa treatment for your neck, why not? You should get out often to treat yourself at a spa, and when you do, pay more attention to your neck. At the spa, you will get professional massage services and skin treatment services for your neck. This helps a lot. If you don’t have enough time to use homemade practices to remove lines and darkening around your neck, then a regular visit to the spa will do you some good.

Wash and Treat your Neck Mildly

While you want to cleanse the skin of your neck and keep it from getting wrinkled, you also don`t want your neck to undergo harsh treatment. Some soaps and washes may be too tough on your neck because of its delicate skin. So, you may opt for a face wash instead of a harsher soap. Apply face wash or shower gel on the neck while taking a bath.

Better Use of Makeup

For most women who use makeup frequently, you may want to be careful with the use of makeup on your neck. Whenever you get home, remove your makeup and let your skin breathe. Sometimes, we even forget to remove the makeup left on our neck, focusing only on the face. You should treat the skin of your neck like that of your face. Prolonged use of makeup and refusal to remove it when due will eventually lead to dull skin, so this can also encourage the development of wrinkles. If you can, minimize your use of makeup altogether.


Our final tip is exfoliation of your skin. Like the other skincare techniques, we often pay more attention to exfoliating the skin of our face and sometimes forget that we could do the same for our neck. Take some time to exfoliate the skin on your neck or give it a mild scrub, this is important. Just as you massage your neck with essential oils, rub your neck in an upward direction using a scrub of milk and ground almonds. This should last about five minutes before you rinse the scrub off.