10 Activities that Make you Age Really Fast

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So aging is a beautiful process; only when it happens at the right time and at the right place. Unfortunately, however, many persons look a whole lot older than they actually are as a result of some everyday activities which they engage in. The worst thing is they hardly know that these activities are the reasons they are aging so fast. As such, they continue to indulge in them without question. Well, not anymore! Here are ten activities that you have to show the red card if you intend to slow down your aging process. Let’s get talking.

Skipping the Sack

awake at nightPersons who sleep less often age a whole lot faster than persons who do not. The hustle and bustle of the everyday life leave you feeling stressed out and put a whole lot of pressure on your body organs; making them work twice as hard to keep up with your activities. After the day’s job, it is necessary you relax, sleep and give the organs time to rest and recuperate as this makes for a healthier you. When you do not sleep often, however, the body organs are denied rest and this causes them to wear out rather fast; making you go grey on a double. Ensure that you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night to slow down the aging.

However, avoid sleeping too long on one side of your face as this can cause wrinkles and sleep lines.

Being a Couch Potato

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Regular exercising is essential for a healthy life. Unfortunately, many persons practice a sedentary lifestyle ― they sit in a place all day; eating, sleeping or just watching television without taking a break to move around for some time. Even at work, some people sit tight all day without taking as little as a 15 minutes stroll outside or within the office. This has far-reaching health implications; coupled with the fact that it makes you age real quick.

Instead of being a couch potato, endeavor to engage in regular exercise; talk a walk, jog with friends or register at the local gym. Regular exercise tones your body muscles and this helps blood flow and allows for the distribution of body nutrients. In addition, it helps to rejuvenate your skin cells; keeping your skin young and fresh and helping you look younger.

Exercising also reduces the risks of having diseases that are related to aging such as diabetes plus other heart-related conditions.

Eating Junk Food

Junk Food
Your diet has an almost immediate effect on the aging process and your health. An easy way to slow down aging is to watch what you eat. Usually, foods that are rich in cholesterols and sugars are unhealthy for your skin as they can cause skin inflammations which may accelerate the aging process. Incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. A protein-rich diet is also advisable as low intake of protein causes wrinkles and cracks in the skin which make you age faster.


a male smokerYou probably know that smoking is dangerous to your health. Apart from this, however, smoking also speeds up the aging process of your skin. Researchers say that cigarette smoke contains unhealthy chemical compounds that can choke your skin by depriving it of the oxygen it needs. This can cause your skin cells to break down; leading to losse and saggy skin. In addition, smoking can cause deep wrinkles around the mouth area.

Persons who do not smoke but spend a lot of time around smokers are still at risk of accelerated skin aging as a result of exposure to secondary cigarette smoke.

Alcohol Consumption

alcoholA glass or two of alcoholic beverage may not hurt. However, excessive consumption of alcohol is not the way to go if you intend to slow down the aging process. Alcohol is a natural diuretic and so, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to rapid dehydration. Dehydration affects your skin and dries up its natural moisture and this makes you look much older than you actually are. Apart from getting you dehydrated, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to rosacea outbreaks and form lines and wrinkles which make you look older. The key to enjoying the benefits of alcohol consumption is moderation.

Not Letting Go

Apparently, the religious books are right on this one. Learning to forgive and letting go of grudges may be the key to looking young and slowing down the process of going grey. Forgiving and letting go may be rather difficult especially when you have been really hurt. However, when you hold grudges against a person, you are hurting your health even more. According to researchers, holding grudges adds more stress to your life and this causes your body to secrete higher quantities of cortisol; a hormone that brings about weight gain plus increased blood sugar levels.

Holding grudges makes you frown a whole lot and this causes the muscles of the forehead to contract; leading to forehead wrinkles and faster aging. Forgive that person today and say hello to youthfulness.

Getting Too Much Sun

As much as staying in the sun may seem like a great idea, this may just be the reason you are aging at geometrical progression.  Long-term exposure to the sun rays weakens your skin cells and the blood vessels of the skin. This makes your skin look like leather. In addition, long-term exposure to the sun can also spoil your skin’s texture and reduce your skin’s elasticity. There is also a higher risk of developing wrinkles plus the sagging of the skin.

Ensure you protect yourself before staying out in the sun for an awfully long time as this will help you remain youthful.

Drinking with a Straw

Now, this is an extremely funny one that may seem unbelievable. However, researchers say that persons who sip their drinks through a straw usually develop wrinkles and lines around the sides of their mouths. When sipping drinks through a straw, you have to purse your lips and this can cause wrinkles around your mouth.  Limit the use of drinking straws and try to drink directly from the glass more often.


stressedStress is the number one old age inducer. Stress can affect your blood pressure and it shortens the length of your cells’ DNA sections known as the Telomeres. This leads to cell death and cell damage which can speed up your aging process. In addition, stress also causes your brain to age faster and this makes you look older.

Limit the number of stressful activities you engage in and try to relax more often; this will help you stay young.

Neglecting your Eyes

You know that your eyes are the windows to your soul but what you probably do not know is that they determine how fast you age. The skin that surrounds your eyes is really thin and they contain few oil glands. Puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes can speed up your aging process. Ensure that you prevent the development of these by stimulating collagen production around the eyes.

Final Words…

Maintaining a youthful look even as you age is no rocket science. You can achieve this without cosmetics and surgery. Limiting lifestyle habits that speed up the aging process can help you retain a youthful look. You don’t have to remain young at heart alone; you can have a youthful appearance too!