We’ve Found the Fruit your Body Needs: Pawpaw!


This is one fruit that back in the day we sang about, cried over, wrote about, and most interestingly, ate. It was everything. It is still special. It’s one fruit I can’t get over. I remember, as a kid, eating so much of it, that no one and nothing could separate it from me. Of course, except a stomach upset. In this article, we’ll take you through the world of pawpaw, helping you discover all you should know about this lovely fruit; permit me to call it my childhood crush.
Pawpaw is a fruit crop with a high rate of nutritional value, you really can’t imagine. It provides calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber in no minute quantities. Pawpaw has got loads of health benefits. It lowers your possibility of having heart disease, constipation, and diabetes. Pawpaw contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, helping to keep your cells from becoming destroyed by harmful substances called free radicals. Vitamin C is also used for forming collagen and healing wounds. Manganese, magnesium and other minerals aren’t left out. There is a huge quantity of these minerals consumed each time you eat a serving of pawpaw fruit. Potassium, also in pawpaw, suppresses the blood pressure increase caused by sodium.
Pawpaw has been used for centuries in folk medicine for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It was known as a major fruit which people consumed in large quantity. In fact, pawpaw skin was used as a face wash. Pawpaw has many medicinal properties. Native inhabitants of South America have for centuries used pawpaw to cure different diseases.
Pawpaw was also applied topically for the healing of cuts, stings, rashes, and burns. The unripe pawpaw fruit has been used to lower blood pressure and even as an aphrodisiac. Pawpaw seeds were used for all ailments of the digestive system. And the green leaves of pawpaw were used in a number of places in Asia to make tea, as they believed it to have protective properties against malaria. The leaves were also steamed and consumed like a vegetable and used as a cure for stomach pain. The roots also appear to have analgesic actions and were sometimes consumed raw in tea.
Did you know that ripe pawpaws only last for two or three days at room temperature? Let’s go quickly to discuss it’s health benefits. I’m eager to do so already. I’m sure you can’t wait to read them too.

Benefits of Pawpaw

Pawpaw Seeds Destroy Bacteria and Cure Loads of Infections

Pawpaw kills bacteria and fights infections such as staphylococcus and salmonella.

Pawpaw Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Pawpaw produces a milky sap which contains acetogenin. Acetogenin prevents cancer cells from growing in the body.

Pawpaw Prevents Aging


Yes, it does, as well as taking care of skin problems. Eating a pawpaw daily will prolong the aging process and may make you look seven years younger than you really are. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants like beta-carotene which prevent your skin from free damage, keeping wrinkles and other signs of aging at bay.
It’s Loaded with Vitamin C
Consuming pawpaw helps the body metabolism. Pawpaw contains antioxidants because it contains vitamin C plays a highly important role in keeping your cells healthy and your immune system strong. It will help your body absorb some essential minerals such as iron and calcium.

Pawpaw Eases Menstrual Pain

Now, this is good news for the females. Pawpaw is great for people suffering from menstrual pain because contains papain. This helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual periods. Isn’t pawpaw just a darling?

Pawpaw Boosts Immunity

immune system

Your immune system gives actions as a shield to various infections that can probably make you really sick. Pawpaw contains more than 200% of daily requirements of vitamin C, making it great for your immunity.

Pawpaw Aids Digestion

It is commonplace to find people, these days, consuming foods which are not favorable for their digestive systems. For instance, excessive intake of oils may not have unfriendly outcomes. Now here’s the good news: Regular consumption of pawpaw can correct these digestive problems because it has a digestive enzyme known as papain along with fiber which helps improve your digestive health. Who wouldn’t love pawpaw, really?

It Promotes Hair Growth


Pawpaw is a super agent for promoting hair growth because it is effective for maintaining healthy hair. It contains vitamin A which is necessary for the production of sebum, a compound that is undeniably useful for keeping the hair smooth, neat, shiny and moisturized. Why not eat pawpaw to get that attractive hair you’ve always desired?

Pawpaw is Great for Weight Control


Have you been looking for that perfect fruit to help you lose weight? Look no further, pawpaws are just perfect for you.

Pawpaw Lowers Cholesterol

Yes, this is another amazing benefit of pawpaw, it does lower cholesterol. Pawpaws are rich in fibre vitamin C and antioxidant which help prevent cholesterol buildup in the arteries. If there’s excess cholesterol in the body, the arteries can be blocked, and that may cause a heart damage. Pawpaw makes the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries impossible.

Great Eye Sight

Pawpaws are rich in vitamin A, keeping the mucous membranes in the eye healthy, preventing any form of damage.

Help Reduce the Effects of Stress

After working all day, settling with a pick a plate of pawpaw would be a great idea because it’s rich in different nutrients such as vitamin C which helps to reduce the effects of stress.

It Protects against Skin Damage

Here’s another one you’d love. Pawpaw can help your skin look attractive and youthful. Vitamin C and lycopene present in the body protect the skin and may lower the signs of aging, not only that, your skin will get that irresistible glow. What else? It eliminates under-eye dark circles because it is a natural bleaching agent, so it helps erase skin discoloration.

Sides Effects on Pawpaw

Pawpaw has got some side effects you really should know. It is at this point you discover if you’re to join our pawpaw squad.
Did you know? Consuming a lot of pawpaws might upset your gastrointestinal system, and it can cause an upset stomach. Specifically, here are stomach issues an excessive consumption of pawpaws can cause.

  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal cramps

Are there More Side Effects?



The presence of fiber from the skin of pawpaw could irritate your stomach, leaving you with some unease.
Pawpaws can cause discoloration of the skin, making it appear like one has jaundice.


Pawpaw may not be favorable to nursing mothers and infants.

Slower Heartbeat

Pawpaw is not a fruit for people suffering from cardiac disorders. The present of papain in pawpaw is known to slow down the rate of heartbeat, worsening cardiovascular conditions.

Final Words…

Now you know; pawpaws are all shades of awesome, as they provide benefits that are probably beyond your expectations. See all the amazing benefits in this one fruit! What are you waiting for? Why not grab yourself a pawpaw right now? Remember to share with someone, yeah? Do remember to share the link to this article too. Everyone has a health advantage to enjoy as they eat this super fruit. We look forward to reading your testimonies.