The Impressive Health Benefits of Camu Camu

camu camu

There are a variety of amazing foods in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil and Peru that have become staples in meals across the world. One of such interesting foods is camu camu, an antioxidant superstar with numerous benefits.

Camu camu, also known as Myrciaria dubia, usually grows in swampy environments, and the berries of the tree look like cherries.

The health benefits of camu camu include its ability to boost immunity, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and protect the liver against injuries and diseases. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C which is effective in detoxifying the body and curbing infections. In addition, camu camu helps to promote eye health, alleviate mood swings, prevent cognitive disorders, and improve sexual health.

Camu camu is commonly used in sweet and ice creams. Its dried powder is also been sold as a dietary supplement, as it is very rich in nutrients, including certain antioxidants and essential amino acids such as valine.



The Health Benefits of Camu Camu

Let’s discuss some of the health benefits of this amazing fruit.

Vitamin C 

Camu camu contains a large amount of vitamin C is one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C of any food source. It is impossible for the body to naturally create and so having a rich source like camu camu is a big advantage. As a matter of fact, camu camu contains 200 times more vitamin C than is found in a banana when measured in ounces.


Alleviates Mood Swings

According to some studies, camu camu has a soothing effect on the body, functioning almost like a sedative, which can actually help to regulate mood swings and alleviate anxiety. While how it does this isn’t exactly clear, the high content of magnesium and other vitamins that lower inflammation and relaxes the body tend to be the reason behind this essential health benefit, especially for people who suffer from menopausal mood swings or depression.


Aids in Weight Loss

Research indicates that, in addition to its numerous health benefits, camu camu can be effective in weight loss. It has the ability to help the body maintain healthy gut bacteria, which plays a huge role in metabolism. Furthermore, incorporating camu camu into your diet helps you to shed extra kilos and lowers the risk of chronic diseases that are associated with obesity.



Optimizes Digestion

Although not as remarkable as its vitamin C content, camu camu contains significant amounts of dietary fiber that can help in boosting overall health by optimizing the digestive processes. It is also effective in protecting the heart from the harm caused by unbalanced cholesterol levels. Fiber is also known to regulate the activity of insulin receptors in the body, thus effective in managing and even preventing diabetes.


Improves Liver Health

Camu camu is known to help in improving liver health. According to studies, the fruit contains a compound called 1-methyl maleate that aids in the treatment of liver injuries.


Prevents Cancer

For people seeking a potent cure for cancer, the good news is that camu camu contains antioxidant compounds in abundance. In fact, these antioxidants are often considered the best natural remedy to curb the development or spread of some types of cancers. Camu camu has numerous antioxidants, so consume as much of these cancer-fighting fruit as you can.



Boosts Cognitive Ability

The various antioxidant abilities of camu camu are gotten from the large amount of vitamin C.  The antioxidants help to eliminate plaque accumulation in the cognitive pathways, usually brought on by free radicals and oxidative stress. Camu camu has been associated with preventing some cognitive disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also improve cognitive ability in young people, boosting memory, focus, and concentration skills.


Anti-inflammatory Property

While vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, the other nutrients and amino acids present in camu camu, such as anthocyanins, flavonols, and catechins are also effective anti-inflammatory agents. For people suffering from gout, arthritis, headaches, and hemorrhoids, camu camu can provide relief for pain and reduce inflammation.


Contains Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

The natural antiseptic abilities of camu camu make it potent for fighting off bacterial and viral infections, including E. coli and other sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes. Camu camu is also a potent dietary supplement as our immune systems are often attacked by these foreign agents.



Prevents Infertility

Camu camu believed to be effective for preventing infertility by particularly protecting the health of sexual organs and making sure they function at their optimum.


Increases Muscle Tone

The wide range of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and organic compounds present in camu camu make it one of the complete health foods we have.  The combination of nutrients also supports the growth and protection of muscles. For people looking to boost their metabolism and increase muscle tone, consuming camu camu can be an effective workout complement.


Improves Vision

Carotenoids are effective in protecting eye health as an antioxidant. By alleviating oxidative stress in the ocular system, the carotenoids in camu camu can help curb the onset of macular degeneration and the development of cataracts. The fruit allows them to see clearly well into their old age.



Side Effects and Precautions

Camu camu is not an allergenic food and can be consumed along with other pharmaceuticals supplements. However, if you suffer from gout or other uric acid-related health issues, camu camu may worsen the symptoms. So it is important to consult a medical professional before incorporating it into your diet.


The Bottom Line

Similar to other superfruits, camu camu is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is also believed that camu camu powder can help boost immunity, ease inflammation, and improve hair and skin care. In addition, camu camu is said to protect against cancer, arthritis, acne, rosacea, arthritis, depression, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and even gum disease.

When an oil incorporated with camu camu is applied on the hair as a hair oil or conditioner, it may promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The herb is also used in skin products such as face lotions, serums, moisturizers, and creams.

While camu camu may help to boost health, be sure to check with your doctor first to discuss whether it is safe for you.