Let’s Talk About the Health Benefits of Strawberry Leaves

strawberry leaves

Strawberry plants are amazing; their sweet, beautiful red fruits are one of the best fruits ever for making desserts, fruit salads, and even eaten fresh. But that’s not all there is to the plant—many people are unaware of the many incredible benefits of strawberry leaves.

Ever wondered what with strawberry leaves were used for in olden days? Evidently, quite a lot. From excessive menstrual bleeding, respiratory issues, skin problems, catarrh, fluid retention, leucorrhea, and arthritis to diseases that had no medical explanation the leaves acted as a potent treatment. We can, therefore, say with certainty that strawberry leaves do have some incredible benefits. They contain soothing effects and diuretic properties that lower high blood pressure, ease stiffness in joints, and reduce bodily fluid issues.


strawberry leaves


So, let’s talk about the many health benefits of strawberry leaves.

Provides Various Vitamins and Minerals

Like the fruits, strawberry leaves are also very nutritious. In fact, they contain calcium, iron, and the highest source of vitamin C available to nature. The nutrients protect the body from colds and other harmful toxins by boosting immune system, strengthening the bones (preventing osteoporosis), increasing the production of hemoglobin production and the red blood cells in our body.


 Aids Digestive Health

Compared to other leaves, strawberry leaves contain a chemical compound known as tannins. Tannins are actually bio-molecules that stick to alkaloids, amino acids, and proteins, and some other things that are acidic or have a low pH level that potentially stresses the stomach out.

Thankfully, strawberry leaves tea can help prevent stomach aches necessitated by bloating, acids or stress. The tea also has diuretic properties and treats diarrhea, urinary and intestinal issues.


Purifies the Blood

Drinking strawberry leaves tea can soothe the body and purify the blood. The leaves contain iron which helps in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Strawberry leaves are very essential for pregnant women and those in their periods who obviously require more iron. Strawberry tea also has antioxidants properties like flavonoid, tannins, and Vitamin C that help to combat bad cholesterol and free radicals in the body.


strawberry leaves


Treats High Blood Pressure

Strawberry leaves are also said to have vasodilatory effects. Are you wondering what vasodilatory effects are? Vasodilatory effects refer to the ability of some chemical substances like nitric oxides to dilate blood vessels. Nitric oxides help to dilate the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles in the arteries walls and allow better blood flow. The heart is then able to pump blood and ease tension.


Protects the Body against Cancer

Strawberry leaves contain certain antioxidants like tannins, flavonoids, and ascorbic acids which are also found in fruits with sour tastes like apples, citrus, and grapefruits. However, the special kinds of tannins found in strawberry leaves called ellagitannins have been linked with reduced rates of cancer. According to some studies, strawberry leaves help in lowering the risk of cancer deaths.


Eases Arthritic Pain

Strawberry leaves protect the body from harmful acidic substances as it contains diuretic caffeic acid. This chemical compound helps to eliminate fluid from the joints. Interestingly, it is actually the harmful effect of the fluid in joints that causes painful inflammation in the bones and joints, making them stiff.

One of the major symptoms of arthritis is joint inflammation and arthritis itself is a chronic joint disorder which similar to rheumatism. Evidently, strawberry leaves when taken in tea form can help curb joints pain.



How to Use Strawberry Leaves

If you are wondering how to use strawberry leaves to get the amazing health benefits they have to offer, here are some suggestions.

Add to Bath Water

Strawberry leaves can be added to bath water too, as they are very potent as throat gargle, for the treatment aching muscles, and for external use, particularly for alleviating skin problems such as rashes.


Consume Strawberry Leaves 

You may find the idea of consuming strawberry leaves strange but the fact remains that people do consume the leaves, but maybe not in the way you would expect. As a matter of fact, for so many years, strawberry plants have been used to brew tea. It involves mainly drying and brewing, similar to what people do with tea leaves.

The leaves, flower particles and some stem can also be used together. The strawberry leaves are sometimes extracted and used together with other ingredients in tablets, which are commonly sold as herbal health supplements. Strawberries leaves have fruity, mild taste and are able to soothe the stomach.

Wondering how to make tea from strawberry leaves? Of course, it is very simple. Get some strawberry leaves (fresh or dried) and boiling water. Drop the leaves in the boiling water and allow for about five minutes, then take out the leaves to drink the tea. It can be taken plain, with honey, cold or hot. However, note that it is better to make use of fresh strawberry leaves and avoid leaves from plants that have undergone some treatment with pesticides.


The Bottom Line

Of course, the many health benefits of strawberry leaves are essential for the body. However, a lot more researches are required to truly ascertain the health claims of the leaves. That notwithstanding, strawberry leaves can be incorporated into our daily diets as well as in our home remedies.

Have ever tried out the strawberry leaves in any form? Did you enjoy any of the health benefits mentioned above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!