15 Fantastic Benefits of Guava!

This yummy fruit, guava, cultivated in tropical climates, scientifically known as Psidium guajava is pear-shaped and light green, yellow or maroon in color when it ripens. It’s got white or maroon flesh, depending on its type, and has small hard seeds enclosed in its soft, sweet pulp. Guava is believed to have originated in Mexico or Central America, however, it is highly available in Asian and American countries currently. Guava is loaded with lots of nutrients, ranging from dietary fiber, vitamins A, B3, B6, C, dilate, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and lots more. It’s uneasy to hide it from you that minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and potassium are not left out in this amazing fruit. There are various types of guava, and here are examples of common ones.

  • Apple guava
  • Yellow-fruited cherry guava
  • Red apple guava
  • Strawberry guava

Believe me, the health benefits of this amazing fruit are more than you can imagine. Let’s take a look!

It Controls Diabetes

High level of dietary fiber in guava ensures that blood glucose levels are reduced, preventing type-2 diabetes.

It Prevents Cancer

Guava has been proven to prevent prostate, breast, and oral cancers. Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant present in guava ensures the reduction of prostate cancer risk, and it stops the growth of breast cancer cells. Isn’t it good to know another cancer-preventing fruit?

It Boosts Immunity

immune system

Because guava is rich in vitamin C, you can be sure that your immune system is in safe hands. Perhaps you didn’t know that guavas have four times more vitamin C than oranges do. Yes, this is true! So rest assured that cancer and heart diseases will be and remain far away from you, as long as you eat guavas. What an assurance!

It Regulates Blood Pressure

Cholesterol is sure to be reduced in the blood of anyone who eats guavas. Because guava is rich in fiber, guava lovers can rejoice, as blood pressure issues remain nothing to worry about.

Better Eyesight


Vitamin A, we all know, boosts vision health. Guava is bursting with vitamin A, helping to slow down the risks of having cataracts and macular degeneration. What else? The cells in your eyes are protected, and you have a better eyesight.

It Treats Scurvy

So which fruit has got more vitamin C than guava? Not many. Guava is so rich in vitamin C that you can be sure that scurvy is nothing to worry about. And for those who already have it, it treats it.

It Improves Thyroid Health

The thyroid is a large ductless gland in the neck that secretes hormones through the rate of metabolism. Copper is great for regulating metabolism by helping to control hormone production and absorption. And guess what, our beloved guava is bursting with copper. Guava is great for thyroid health.

It Improves Brain Health


Now here’s the benefit of vitamins B3 and B6 in guava. Vitamins B3, also called niacin increases blood flow and stimulates cognitive function, while vitamin B6 is a great nutrient for brain and nerve function. So eating gave helps you concentrate better and helps you relax your nerves too.
It Aids Bowel Movements
Guava is rich in dietary fiber, and it’s got seeds that serve as laxatives. Guava relieves constipation, aids in retaining water in the body, and ensures a thorough cleansing of your intestines. For healthy bowel movements, trust guava.

It Eliminates Diarrhea and Dysentery

Guava does treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea and dysentery. Its astringent properties are highly beneficial to the digestive system, as they’ve got disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties, curing dysentery and inhibiting microbial growth, removing extra mucus from the intestines. Vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium in guava also strengthen the digestive system.

Treats Cough and Cold 


To reduce mucus, disinfect the respiratory tract, lungs, and throat, you may just need to drink a glass of juice made of raw and immature guavas or a decoction of its leaves. Vitamin C and iron in guava help prevent colds and viral infections. Please note that immature guava is what should be used for this purpose, not the ripe one.

It’s Great for Weight Loss


Guava’s got no cholesterol, and it has a low number of digestible carbohydrates. This makes it filling. What else? It’s got less sugar as compared to grapes, oranges, and apples. So eating guava is a sure way to reduce your consumption of junk, also ensuring that you consume less sugar.

It Improves the Texture of your Skin

Immature guavas contain astringents that ensure you have a better skin texture. They keep your skin glowing and free from signs of aging, wrinkles, and some other skin disorders.

It Reduces Oxidative Stress

Guava juice is rich in vitamin C and some other important phytonutrients that can help eliminate free radicals and slow down oxidative stress in the body. It is a popular beverage in tropical and subtropical regions. What’s more? Guava juice can help balance blood sugar, lowering your risk of developing diabetes.

Dental Care

Here’s another benefit of guava leaves. The juice of guava leaves has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums

, and oral ulcers. It also speeds up the healing process of wounds when applied topically. That’s not all, it reduces the frequency of convulsions, epilepsy, and bacterial infections.

It Treats Acne

People suffering from acne and dark spots can take some guava leaves and mash them to make a smooth paste. Cleaning the face and applying it on the acne and dark spots will heal acne.

Interesting Guava Facts

Here’s a list of amazing facts you probably didn’t know about guava. Some are even not just about its benefit to the health. You don’t want to miss this.

  • Guava grows in the form of an evergreen shrub or small tree. Cultivated varieties usually reach 20 feet in height.
  • Guava has glossy, dark green leaves that are elliptical or oval in shape. It leaves are arranged oppositely on the branches.
  • Guava produces white flowers that appear individually or arranged in clusters. It flowers have many stamens and tiny pistils.
  • Guava fruit is oval, round or pear-shaped. Its ripe fruit is covered with yellowish, greenish or maroon skin. Its flesh can be white, pink, yellow, or red colored.
  • Guava starts to produce fruit 2 to 8 years after planting.
  • The guava fruit contains 100 to 500 miniature seeds which are located in the middle of the fruit. The seeds are edible. Some varieties of guava are seedless.
  • Guava can be sliced and consumed raw, or in the form of smoothies, jellies, ice-creams, syrups, marmalades, and jams. Guava is also used as an ingredient of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Guava leaves are used as a source of black pigment used in the textile industry.

Final Words…

What a super fruit guava is. It’s got loads of amazing health benefits and even other great benefits for other uses. What then are you waiting for? You really need to partake in these great benefits every time it’s a guava season. Of course, you wouldn’t want to enjoy these benefits alone, you really should tell others about it, so together, we build a society of healthy people. We hope to read about your amazing guava experience after the next guava season. Cheers!