Is it Okay to Have Orgasms During Pregnancy?

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Are Orgasms During Pregnancy Normal?

A number of women are wondering if it`s okay to have orgasms during pregnancy. Yes, it’s absolutely fine to have an orgasm while you`re pregnant. It is also great for your mental and emotional well-being. In this article, we`ll discuss orgasm safety during pregnancy, as well as the various sensations in the first, second, and third trimesters.

There are a lot of questions about sex during pregnancy. For some, it`s about not being in the mood, while for others, they fear being hurt, or hurting their baby. Some pregnant women also have concerns about orgasms and uterine contractions.

There are really no hard and fast rules to sex during pregnancy. You will need to check with your doctor if it`s okay for you to have sex at various stages during pregnancy.

A study found that there were no significant differences between women who had sex during pregnancy and those who didn’t, as far as inducing labor contractions is concerned. Also, in low-risk pregnancies, sex is usually not a cause of low birth weight, preterm birth, or premature rupture of membranes. There are cases in which your doctor would advise that you abstain from sex. If you have any of these conditions or symptoms, then sex during pregnancy may not be for you:

  • vasa previa
  • placenta previa
  • spotting or bleeding
  • incompetent cervix

Also, if your doctor puts you on pelvic rest, it means that your pregnancy is at high risk, and it is not safe for you to have vaginal sex. If you really want to have an orgasm, then you should explore other options outside penetrative sex.

How Pregnancy Orgasm Feels in Each Trimester

First Trimester

Sex in the first trimester may be great, and at other times, you may experience false starts: so you’re in the mood in one minute, and you feel a wave of nausea the next minute. At this stage, your body becomes more sensitive. For instance, your breasts may get more tender to touch, and as a result, it gets more easily stimulated by your partner, or even yourself. You may also have increased libido with a higher level of natural lubrication, thereby causing quicker and more satisfying orgasms.

In rare cases, some women experience low libido in their first trimester, and it is fine.

Second Trimester

Sex and orgasm during the second trimester may be the most enjoyable thing ever, as your orgasms may get more pleasurable. This may be a result of increased blood flow during pregnancy, as your uterus and vaginal area are more engorged, leading to higher sensitivity.

In this trimester, you may feel post-orgasm uterine contractions or cramps. These, too, are normal, and can even happen when you’re not pregnant. Of course, those contractions aren’t labor coming, and the cramps will eventually subside.

What`s more? Your stomach may feel hard when you orgasm, and this is entirely normal, even when you`re not pregnant. You`ll only notice it more now because your belly is bigger, and your skin is stretched.

Third Trimester

pregnancySex may be more difficult in the third trimester. You may encounter more difficulty reaching orgasm at this time. Because the baby is taking up so much room in your uterus, your muscles may not be able to fully contract, thereby causing difficulty in reaching a climax.

More Reasons you Should Have Sex When you`re Pregnant

It Strengthens your Bond

Because pregnant women are usually overly focused on their pregnancy, their partners may feel neglected. You need sex at this time to feel connected to your partner.

You’ll Discover New Sex Positions

The missionary position will definitely not work at this time, as it will put some pressure on the belly. So it`s time to explore some new sex positions. You may try sitting at the edge of your bed while your partner kneels or stands and penetrates you from the front, or you could explore the spoon position in which you and your partner will lie on your sides as he penetrates you from behind.

Orgasms Relieve Stress Fast

Orgasms flood your body with oxytocin, a hormone that produces endorphins, leaving you feeling happy and calm. When you`re stressed, you should consider having sex.

3 Types of Orgasms you Should Know

Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is that small organ with many nerve endings. It peeks out from the tiptop of your vulva, extends down from within the labia, and is usually covered by a hood. Stimulating the clitoris is quite easy; all you or your partner needs to do is to rub it gently with the fingers, palm, or tongue in a back and forth or circular motion. After some time, you should apply faster and harder pressure in a repetitive motion to get a clitoral orgasm. Once it is aroused, it gets wet, then you orgasm. You may also add some lubricant to it.

Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasms are more common with men than with women, because of the position of the prostate. Men can have an anal orgasm if they or their partner rubs the exterior part of the anal opening or stimulates the inside of the anus with a finger. You`re advised to use lubricants when having anal sex in order to avoid tears and infections, as the anus doesn’t get wet during arousal.

Vaginal Orgasm

romanceThis is one of the most common types of orgasm. You would usually have a vaginal orgasm with a penis during sex, however, there are other ways. You may try inserting sex toys or fingers to help you orgasm faster. You may try making some repetitive circular movements with your fingers or sex toy till the feelings build up and you orgasm.

Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Couples who aren`t sure if intercourse is safe usually opt for oral sex. Well, that may b fine, and it could come with some risks.
First, you should note that if your partner blows air into your vagina, you`re at risk of serious complications such as an air embolism. This means that the air could block a blood vessel, and eventually affect your cardiovascular system. The air bubble may get into your placenta and affect fetal development. Although this condition is rare, you sure don`t want to risk it.

Another risk that oral sex during pregnancy poses is that you may contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like chlamydia, HIV, or gonorrhea. Contracting the herpes simplex virus is even worse, as it can affect your fetus, putting them at risk of brain inflammation, neurological damage, or even death.

Masturbation During Pregnancy

You don`t need a partner to orgasm during pregnancy. You can opt for masturbation, and it is entirely safe, except your doctor advises against it. You can also use sex toys to orgasm if you want. Be sure to practice good hygiene by keeping all the toys that you use clean. You definitely don`t want to struggle with sexually transmitted infections at such a time as this. A number of people believe that orgasm brings about labor, but this is absolutely false.

Now that you Know…

Pregnancy sex is probably not as strange as you used to think anymore. You have a number of options available to get that big O that you crave. Be sure to speak with your doctor to be on the safe side.