Correct Your Underwear Abuse Today


The Secret of Using Underwear

Carefully read this article to be educated on how best you should handle your underwear; not all are good for some purpose. You don’t have to stay unhealthy all because of underwear mistakes.

Abuse 8: “Going Commando.”

If air-able underwear is good, would it be nice we just do away with underwear? In just a word: NO. Not putting underwear on causes many problems, particularly because most clothing items don’t tend to have any liner. For one, if you are wearing pants, the seam sits right around the vulval area and will continually be rubbing the region,” which will irritate any adjoining sensitive tissue. Secondly, the moisture produced by the vagina has nothing to soak them up when you’re wearing no underwear. Then you might become hot and feel sweaty down there; this alone can irritate your skin. It is no crime not wearing undies; you only have to compare the cons and pros.

Abuse 7: Synthetic Fabrics and Silk

“Most of the underwear available around us are fairly breathable,” according to a medical doctor. As long as the wears are lined with cotton material around the vaginal area, you will be magnificent. But if you seek an optimal underwear condition, stay away from synthetic materials, and wear silk only on special occasions. Synthetic fabrics and silk are not breathable, which may increase the risk of having some trapped and retained moisture, which may create a bacterial or yeast infection.

Abuse 6: Shapewear

If those tight underclothes you wear is shapewear, like the popular tummy- and hip-slimming kinds or waist-fastening corsets, you run the race of several health issues beyond your appearance. If it is very tight, you could have decreased circulation and nerve impingement, according to Dr. Donnica Moore, a sound health expert, who speculates that skinny shapers and girdles can even produce tingling or numbness in your extremities. Also, shapewear is very difficult to take off. Shapewear makes going to the restroom very difficult, so when ladies put them on, they tend to hold on to their bladder more than they ought to.

Abuse 5: Sweaty Undies

Men and women who tend to sweat often should change their underwear regularly (twice in a day), instead of the normal “once-a-day” for people who don’t sweat much. People who work out should always wear a clean pair of underwear as soon as they can do so. A warm but moist environment is the perfect growing condition for yeast. That is why sweat-prone individuals should always put on underwear made of moisture-wicking fabrics and avoid cotton undies, which often tend to stay wet once wet. Each of these challenges is solidified if you have incontinence to some extent, even one or two drops. You should try wearing a panty liner before you work out. In this way, even when you’re not in a position to change the underwear, at least you can still take off or change the panty liner.

Abuse 4: Thongs

Even if thong undies are more your grandchild’s speed than yours, keep this vital tip in mind: If you have a chance to get yeast or bacterial infections, thongs will only worsen the case. Thongs can be a unique passage for bacteria from your back to the front, referring to the proliferation of E. coli from your anus to the vaginal area. There is a whole lot of movement with the thongs, sliding to and fro, meaning it doesn’t just stay in place.

pantsAccording to a doctor, wearing thong underwear can be extremely irritating due to its frequent contact with the vulval and vaginal area, but this doesn’t mean ladies should stop wearing them entirely. You would only need to discover the right type for you. Meaning, if you love wearing thongs and they don’t discomfort you, just go for it. Also, Just because some women become grandmothers doesn’t necessarily mean they need to wear bogus ‘granny’ underwear.

Abuse 3: Underwear at Night

Most professionals are advocates of sleeping completely nude as long as you are okay in your birthday suit. It is evidently a matter of personal preference, from perspectives of airing and breathing things out, you should go to bed without underwear. For women who are experiencing menopause, going without any underwear may make even more sense. The more you wear them, the more you’d have to pull them off when you get night sweats. No one loves to linger in wet, cold panties once some hot flashes pass.

Abuse 2: Non-hypoallergenic Detergent

Do you often experience some unexplained itching in an uncomfortable place (say your vulva)? Even when you may be thinking of yourself to have sensitive skin, your vaginal and vulva may disagree. Another often-experienced irritation is a form of contact/direct dermatitis (skin inflammation). The number one thing that causes this is your laundry detergent. The tissues that the panties often contact are more sensitive than many other parts (e.g., your elbows). Dryer sheets are another irritation culprits. Many detergent brands have a very high and harmful concentration of fragrance in them. But should you allow your vagina to smell like a garden, using hypoallergenic sanitary products as much as possible is the only way out of these consequences? The milder your detergent, the better.

Here Comes the Good News;

While you keep making mistakes with the underwear you put on, infection typically is not anything to worry about for women over 50. The excellent and outstanding news about menopause is that your pH is changed, making you less vulnerable to get yeast and bacterial infections.

Smart underwear habits are often based on personal preference, your vulnerability for infection, and how fast your skin gets irritated. With these questions in view, it is not as if we have a lot of double-blind placebo trials to rest on. It’s mostly a conventional wealth of wisdom with some medical thoughtfulness. Your vaginal health depends on many factors.

Abuse 1: Too-tight Underwear

Not only that, very tight undergarments generally embarrass (hello, evident bulges and puckering), but it might promote chafing of your skin and cause vaginal irritation, especially if you are a post-menopausal lady. For women who are just on points of their menopause, their vaginal walls seem to be thin. In that sense, any undergarment that is tight enough to cause some friction on your skin can result in skin irritation. If our skin does not get irritated, then tight underwear won’t hurt us. But if we often get irritated because of friction, then we should abstain from them.

For Men

pantWearing tight underwear is not recommendable for men who wish to father some children. Wearing tight underwear is an excellent inhibition of sperm motility and can cause even more harm than other lifestyle choices such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and tobacco.

For Women

Women’s underwear that fastens too tightly to their lower or upper abdomen could contribute to a lot of discomforts. Wearing high-rise panties that are very tight can compress one’s stomach and may cause acid reflux back into the esophagus, which may, in turn, lead to heartburn.

Wearing very tight low-rise panties can reduce blood circulation in the upper thigh area, thus resulting in tingling, numbness, and even irritation.

Air Circulation

Always wear non-constrictive undies for the general wellbeing of your reproductive organs. Our body’s reproductive regions need adequate airflow for optimum hygiene and defense against irritation and infection. Research has suggested that wearing tight undies during exercises can increase body temperature and trap some disgusting moisture and bacteria.

Before you consider putting on your tight underwear, you should consider these side effects and compare their weight with your dear health;

  • Hampers Blood Circulation

If you wear tight-fitting undies for a more extended period, its effect is always harsh on your blood circulation. When your tissues don’t get adequate oxygen through the blood supply, tissue necrosis can happen.

  • Affects Sperm Count

One of the dangerous health risks of wearing tight underwear is its harsh effect on sperm count. Wearing such undergarments creates constriction at your groin that may result in reduced sperm count. Wearing tight underwear raises testicular temperature that hampers sperm production.

  • Causes Heartburn

When you wear tight high waist panties, your stomach becomes compressed. These can lead to acid reflux back into the esophagus. Heartburn originates from that.

  • Urinary Tract Infection

This is yet another side effect of wearing tight undies, especially in the case of women. If you love wearing very tight panties, your vagina doesn’t breathe well and may “suffocate” (holding too much moisture). Moist cleavage is always of the most-loved proliferation site for yeast infections.

  • Vaginal Infection

Wearing too-tight thongs can obstruct blood circulation to your cleavage that may cause inflammation and irritation. You may also feel some tingling sensations there. Regular wearing tight underwear can cause several debilitating health issues.