Am I Ready for Sex? 15 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself


Let’s talk about sex. Of course, we know that not everyone is necessarily doing it. But for those who are, you should know that you are entirely responsible for your own sexual health. Yes, before hitting the sack with anyone, you should ask yourself these vital questions.


Why do I really want to have sex?

Decide if having sex now is really worth it.


Who do I want to have sex with?

Be specific about who you want to have sex with; a partner in a committed relationship or a random stranger you have a crush on.




Am I aware of the risks involved?

There are still people who have no knowledge of the risks associated with casual sex or even how to protect themselves. What exactly do you know about pregnancy and STIs?


What can I do to reduce the chances of these risks?

It is important to have condoms readily accessible, especially for the prevention of STIs. A good knowledge of birth control methods is important as well. You should have decided on a specific method long before you find yourself in a sexual situation with anyone.


What if I get pregnant or contract an STI?

You have to make sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to deal with unintentional consequences of sex, including STIs, pregnancy, discomfort, and disappointment. You can’t completely eliminate these possibilities but you can reduce their chances of occurrence.




Am I ready to talk about sex with someone else?

As a matter of fact, if you are not ready to talk about sex with your significant other, then you’re not really ready to have sex. You have to find a way to discuss and communicate your preference or choices to one another.


How does sex fit into my core personal values?

Be clear on whether having sex now agrees with your life goals and personal values. Would having sex conflict with religious or moral values? How does having sex now fit into the big picture of my life?


Am I comfortable enough to strip naked before the opposite sex?

If you find the idea of exposing yourself to another person worrying or repulsive, that might be an indication that you’re not ready for sex.




Can I readily access reproductive healthcare?

If you decide to become sexually active, then it’s important to regularly conduct routine tests and have a good knowledge of birth control methods. Always consult a health professional in this field on how to explore your options before a sexual encounter.


Is my partner as ready as I am?

It’s important to be sure that your partner is as committed to safe sex as you are.


What does he or she think about unintentional STIs and pregnancy, especially if precautions fail?

It is important that your partner is on board with you on the likely consequences of sex. You should both agree on what to do if, for instance, condoms fail. You should also both understand that while STDs are common infections that can be easily treated, they can sometimes be dangerous.




Can I talk about sex with my partner?

Be sure your partner is willing to talk to you about sexual matters. Otherwise, you shouldn’t even be considering having sex with them in the first place.


Do I really trust my partner?

To be able to practice safe sex, you must trust one another. How else can you know your partner’s sexual history, preferences, or any risk of contracting STIs him or her?


Has my partner ever been treated for STIs?

Okay, this might be a really awkward question to ask your potential partner but you need to know if they have been tested for STIs in the past. Monitor how they answer this question –if your partner refuses to answer, then he or she is not ready.




How well do I respect my partner’s sexual expectations, boundaries, and concerns? 

If you don’t respect your partner’s sexual preferences, then you shouldn’t be having sex with them.


The Bottom Line

This is not even all–there are a host of vital questions to ask and answer to determine if you are ready for sex. You should be capable of making healthy and well-thought-out sex decisions. Having known what the answers are, it is necessary to then practice safe sex.

Of course, not everyone can stick to their personal values in the heat of the moment. However, if you give a hard and serious thought to the answers, it will be easier to make life-changing decisions about sex.

So, it’s time to be in charge of your sexual health and communicate with your partner about how you feel about sex. Sometimes, people make mistakes or get raped, but if you can help it, it’s essential to practice safe sex.