21 Amazing Benefits of Camphor


What Are the Benefits of Camphor?

Virtually everyone knows this flammable translucent solid with a strong fragrance. For centuries, camphor has been a popular pain balm. It is extracted from the wood of the Cinnamomum camphora tree and has got loads of incredible healing benefits. Let`s see why camphor is used in skin and hair products, together with its numerous health benefits.

Skin Benefits of Camphor

Soothes Burns

Camphor is popular for treating minor burns and even burn scars. To use camphor for burns and burn scars, dissolve a small quantity of camphor in water and apply on the burn. Do this daily until the scars disappear.

Treats Acne

Camphor is one of the reliable items for treating acne. It reduces the pain and swelling caused by the inflammation of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The bioactive compounds in camphor, such as α-pinene and camphene are responsible for its potency in treating acne.

Relieves Skin Itching and Irritation

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of camphor are essential in combating many skin-related issues like itching and irritation. Camphor is also capable of increasing collagen and elastin production, and as a result, aids wound healing. What`s more? Camphor is a super-effective anti-wrinkle ingredient in many cosmetic products.

Treats Eczema

Eczema can be such a challenge. Camphor is a rapid and effective remedy for combating eczema. It relieves eczema and controls itching.

Cures Nail Fungus

If you`ve ever had fungus on your toenails, you`d admit that it can be unpleasant. Camphor paste is a sure remedy to inhibit its growth, due to its antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Treats Fungal and Bacterial Infections

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of camphor make it an essential ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Camphor is used in many skin ointments to treat various fungal and bacterial infections.

Relieves Pain

soursopCamphor and camphor oil are effective at relieving pain and swelling, due to their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Great for Cracked Heels

Camphor is super beneficial in dealing with cracked heels. To get some relief from cracked heels, soak your feet in a solution of camphor and water, then scrub your feet. You may then apply some petroleum jelly or moisturizer on them. It serves as a preventive measure, as well as a curative one, keeping your skin moist all the time.

Soothes Skin Rashes

Camphor contains some anti-inflammatory compounds that give relief from rashes. It is particularly effective for treating skin rashes that occur due to excessive heat and perspiration. You may dissolve some camphor in water and apply it on skin rashes to clear them up after a couple of days of consistent use.

Please be sure you are not allergic to camphor before using it to treat skin problems. Using it with allergies may aggravate the skin condition. Also, steer clear from applying camphor to broken skin because it can penetrate the body through the broken skin and cause poisoning.

Hair Benefits of Camphor

Improves Hair Texture and Combats Hair Loss

Camphor oil improves hair texture and makes the hair smooth and soft. It also reduces hair loss and boosts hair growth.

Kills Lice

Camphor is a reliable cleaning and disinfecting agent. You can use it to kill lice in the hair. All you need to do is add some camphor oil to your bathing water. You may also mix camphor oil with some coconut oil and apply it to your scalp to suffocate the lice.

Strengthens Hair Roots

You can use camphor to strengthen your hair roots by mixing egg or yogurt with it and applying it to your hair. Rest assured that this combination will supply your hair with some super nutrients.

Boosts Hair Growth

Camphor oil, combined with some essential oils, boosts hair growth drastically. You can also mix camphor oil with coconut or olive oil and apply it to your scalp to stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth.

Health Benefits of Camphor

Relieves Muscle Pain

Camphor oil mixed with menthol is effective for pain relief, particularly for back pain. The mixture eases muscle tension because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
To use this mixture, massage painful muscles with it to enhance the blood flow in that area and reduce the stiffness and pain.

Treats Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory effect of camphor makes it a reliable treatment option for arthritis. Massage camphor oil in areas where there is arthritis pain, and you will gradually feel some relief in those areas.

Treats Spasmodic Problems

Camphor has got antispasmodic properties that calm the nerves. Also, aromatic camphor oil vapors give a calm sensation that reduces stress. Massaging with this oil gives you some relief from spasms.

Treats Cold and Cough

Camphor is an active ingredient in many decongestants. It treats cough and congestion by inhaling, rubbing, and using it as steam vaporization. Try dissolving camphor in hot water for 10 minutes and inhale it the steam to enjoy this benefit. Some studies also show that camphor soothes throat irritation and treats bronchitis.

Helps Induce Sleep

Peach Juice: Benefits and Side EffectsThe P-cymene content of camphor oil relaxes the mind and body and induces sleep. People who struggle with insomnia can use camphor oil to combat the condition.

Promotes Blood Circulation

Abnormal blood flow puts people at risk of many health problems, however inhaling camphor can correct this challenge. It enhances blood circulation, and as a result, wards off other health issues such as gout, rheumatic diseases, and arthritis.

Treats Cardiovascular Problems

Cardiovascular disorders have been such a threat in recent times. Combining camphor with crataegus provides relief from symptoms of cardiovascular disorders.

Aids Weight Loss

Some studies suggest that camphor tree seed kernel oil (CKO) reduces body fat, however, there`s more research required to verify this benefit.

Side Effects of Camphor

Liver Damage

Using camphor topically puts some persons at risk of liver damage. Don’t use camphor if you have any medical conditions affecting your liver, a history of asthma, or epilepsy.


Adhering to the recommended amounts of camphor is strongly advised. Even a slight overdose, whether by application on the skin or inhalation, may cause some side effects such as vomiting and poisoning.

Dangers for Children

It is highly important to store camphor products away from children. An overdose of camphor can cause seizures in children, and even result in death if they don`t get the required attention. The symptoms of camphor overdose and poisoning usually show up within minutes. Some of the common symptoms are eye irritation, skin irritation, irritation in the mucous membranes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fainting, and convulsions. Seek a doctor`s attention immediately there`s a case of camphor overdose.

Precautions for Using Camphor

Never Ingest it

Please note that camphor should never be ingested, as this has severe side effects, and can even lead to death. People who ingest camphor experience nausea, burning of the mouth and throat, and vomiting within 5 to 90 minutes of ingesting it. Such persons must get immediate medical attention.

Breastfeeding and Pregnant Mums

Don`t use camphor products if you are breastfeeding or pregnant because it has the potential to cause birth defects. Children who are below two years old should not use camphor products at all.

Now that you Know…

Camphor is super beneficial for various purposes, as you have read. So virtually everyone has something to benefit from camphor. Remember to follow recommendations before using camphor or camphor oil. Be sure to contact your doctor before using camphor or the oil, if you`re not sure of its suitability for you.