12 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

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Why Drink Hot Water?

You`re probably so particular about losing weight but haven`t been able to achieve it for low zeal or time constraint. Wondering if there are weight loss hacks? There definitely are, and drinking hot water is one of them. Sounds impossible, right? Well, keep reading, let`s show you how effective hot water is for weight loss and many other health issues.

12 Reasons to Drink Hot Water

Natural Way to Lose Weight

Hot water breaks down fat deposits, and as a result, aids weight loss. Getting your body well-hydrated frequently will enable your muscles and organs to work rapidly, and as a result, enhances metabolic activity, and burn calories faster. Consuming hot water 15 minutes before any meal helps you curb appetite, and of course, prevents overeating. What`s more? You also get to reduce your calorie intake also reduces by about 15%. Drinking some warm water just before breakfast increases your chances of eating fewer calories the entire day. It also reduces cravings, hydrates the body, and leaves the stomach feeling full as compared to drinking cold water.

It`s not uncommon to find people mistake thirst for hunger, and as a result, eat unnecessarily. You`re advised to drink a glass of warm water when you`re not sure if the feeling you have is hunger or thirst. Each time you do this and the thirst subsides, you just won the battle against unnecessary calorie intake. Here`s exactly why you should carry a bottle of warm water around with you often. It is therefore advisable to keep a bottle of warm water always with you to avoid such confusion. Did you know that drinking warm water every morning on an empty stomach improves digestion and enhances skin health?  Add some lime and honey to the warm water to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Natural Hydrating Agent

Water consumption is unarguably effective at hydrating your body, and sufficient water at any temperature will definitely do this. Every cell in the human body requires water to absorb nutrients and discharge waste products, so drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is definitely a healthy way to go. What`s more? Hydration will help your kidneys eject toxins and waste products, as well as avail an appropriate channel to carry out bodily biochemical and metabolic processes.

Improves Hair Health and Growth

A picture of a woman with long, beautiful hairTrying to get soft and shiny hair? Then it`s time to drink some hot water. Consuming hot water benefits your hair by energizing the nerve endings in the hair roots. This helps your hair get back to its natural vitality, as well as stimulate hair growth.

Natural Cleanser and Purifier

Hot water cleanses the body and combats poor digestion. Drinking a glass of hot water twice a day helps to flush out toxins and cleanse the system. Drinking a glass of hot water on an empty stomach every morning will help you have better bowel movements and cure constipation. Water, whether hot or warm, eases the breakdown of food particles and makes their movement through the intestines much easier.

Clears Nasal and Throat Congestion

Drinking hot water is a reliable natural remedy for colds, coughs, and a sore throat, as it dissolves phlegm and gets it out of your respiratory tract.

Combats Menstrual Cramps

Hot water can aid in diminishing menstrual cramps. The heat of the water has a calming and soothing effect on the abdominal muscles, which eventually can help to cure cramps and spasms.

Detoxifies the Body

Hot water is fantastic detoxing the body. Your body temperature rises after drinking hot water, which makes you sweat, and releases toxins from your body and cleanses it properly. You may add a squeeze of lemon to the water before drinking to get optimum benefits.

Enhances Blood Circulation and Healthy Nervous System

Another important benefit of drinking hot water is that it enhances your blood circulation, which is important for proper muscle and nerve activity. It also keeps your nervous system healthy by breaking down the fat deposits around it.

Prevents Premature Aging

Getting a regular drink of hot water repairs the skin cells that increase the elasticity of your skin, and prevents them from the harmful effects of free radicals. After some time of consistent consumption, your damaged skin becomes smoother, leaving your skin beautiful and adorable.

Reduces Pain

Because hot water improves circulation and improves blood flow, it is particularly effective for people with injured muscles. It is for the same reason that people use heat packs and hot water bottles to reduce pain. Consuming hot water offers some internal pain relief, however, you might want to be careful about this, as it may worsen swelling.

Reduces Stress

Having a cup of water can be so soothing and effective in managing stress and anxiety. It also improves mood and enhances concentration.

Improves Consumption of Coffee and Tea

Having tea and coffee with hot water sure has some amazing health benefits. It dehydrates the body, reduces the risk of some cancers, type-2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, and heart health problems when consumption is moderate.

7 Side Effects of Drinking Hot Water

Sleep Disturbance

awakeDrinking hot water still improves sleep, however, excessive consumption will do just the opposite of that. Drinking too much hot water before going to bed will cause frequent urination throughout the night and disrupt your sleep pattern.

Risk of Being Hurt

Drinking hot water exposes you to the risk of being burnt. You`re advised to drink hot water from a covered and insulated cup to reduce this risk. Another challenge is the risk of being burnt on our tongue or throat. To avoid this, you may only take a small sip to see how hot the water is. Generally, avoid drinking water that is near boiling point.

Imbalance of Water Concentration

Drinking hot water too frequently may cause an imbalance in the body`s water concentration, and as a result, cause dehydration.

Puts Pressure on the kidney

Excessive intake of hot water puts pressure on the kidneys by increasing the pace at which they function, hence causing them to overwork.

Internal Scalds

Drinking too much hot water or extremely hot water can cause internal scalding at the linings of the body`s organs in the body system. Do well to check that the temperature of the water is ideal for consumption.

Risk of Diluting Electrolytes in the Blood

Excessive consumption of water will dilute the electrolytes in the blood, and in turn, cause water to flow from the blood into the cells to maintain a balance. This may eventually lead to swelling of the brain cells, thereby exerting cranial pressure and severe headaches.

Risk of Ingesting Contaminants

If you get your hot water directly from a tap, you may be at risk of ingesting contaminants because the pipes may be rusty, thereby increasing the chances of lead particles mixing with the water. The chances of this are particularly high because contaminants mix more in hot water. What you can do instead is to take some cold water and heat it up in a kettle before drinking.

Now that you Know…

Hot water has got some health benefits, as you have read, and of course, some side effects also. Many of these side effects, as you must have noticed, are as a result of excessive consumption.