10 Incredible Benefits of Papaya Leaf


Papaya is one of the most popular fruits across the world. This beautiful fruit provides the body with a wide range of health benefits. The leaves of this sweet fruit are rich in essential nutrients that are effective in treating diseases. In fact, papaya leaves is beneficial for the treatment of several diseases.

This extract of papaya leaf can be diluted with water to make a juice for consumption. The papaya leaf extract is usually prepared by crushing the young leaves of the plant. This extract can be applied topically to treat skin problems, scars, wounds, spots, dandruff, and bacterial or fungal infections.


The Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaf is well-known for its amazing health benefits. The juice is used to treat a number of health problems. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.




Boosts Immunity

Papaya leaves contain a lot of powerful and essential nutrients that help boost the immune system and protect the body against diseases, infections, and germs. The leaves help to prevent chronic diseases and improve the overall health of the body.


Aids in Digestion

The leaves of papaya are made up of the enzymes known as Papain and chymopapain which help the body in the digestion of foods. They also help to prevent constipation, stomach ulcers, indigestion, and in cleansing the colon.

In addition, these leaves contain amylase and protease–enzymes that help the body in breaking down carbohydrate, minerals, and proteins. These enzymes contain anti-inflammatory abilities which keep the inflammation in the stomach and colon at bay. As a matter of fact, papaya juice can destroy the bacterium called H. pylori which causes peptic ulcer.


Combats Cancer

Papaya leaves contain cancer-fighting properties and phytochemicals that can inhibit various types of cancer and tumors.

In fact, papaya leave juice has shown to be effective in treating cancers of the breasts, pancreas, lungs, liver, and cervix. Interestingly, it does not have any side effect or contain toxins that might affect the body.

In some parts of the world, papaya leave juice is used as a form of chemotherapy. This is because it regulates T-cells, improves immunity and increases the immune system’s response to cancer.




Treats Dengue Fever

Papaya leaves are very effective in treating dengue fever; a deadly disease caused by a virus. Dengue fever has claimed many lives as it is fatal. With symptoms such as high temperature, pains, skin rash, headaches, muscle pain, and reduced blood platelets, there is no specific medication or treatment for this health condition.

However, for years, traditional healers have used papaya juice for treating dengue fever. Unlike ibuprofen and many other painkillers used in managing dengue fever, the juice is effective and does not have any side effects.

This juice is made up of powerful enzymes such as papain and chymopapain; which help to increase the levels of platelets in the blood. These enzymes provide relief for the symptoms of dengue fever, particularly high temperature.


Destroys Microbes and Parasites

Papaya leaves contain active compounds that can prevent the growth of harmful microbes and parasites. In fact, papaya tea is effective in treating infections caused by microbes. The leaf is also potent in the treatment of malaria and typhoid.

It can eliminate intestinal worms from the body. The leaf is rich in tannins and so inhibits re-infection. It also makes it hard for worms to attach themselves to the walls of the intestines.


Fights Diabetes

Papaya leaves are effective in boosting the sensitivity of glucose. They do this by reducing the concentration of sugar and lowering biomarkers that are linked with type II diabetes.

The leaves are rich in antioxidants that prevent too much glucose in the bloodstream. They also lower the damages that diabetes can cause to the organs and nerves of the body.

In addition, papaya leaves also speed up the healing process of wounds in people with diabetes as well as prevent oxidative stress.




Supports Hair Growth

Papaya leaves are also used in making hair shampoos and conditioners and other natural hair products because of the support it gives to the hair. The leaves contain many phytochemicals that are effective in boosting hair growth and prevent hair problems such as baldness, itchy scalp, and hair fall.

Papaya leaves also combat dandruff and other scalp issues because it is rich in karpain. In fact, it contains alkaloids that eliminate dirt and oil from the scalp.


Prevents Food Allergies

Papaya leaves can avert food allergies. They do this by breaking down gluten present in wheat and wheat products. This makes digestion easier and prevents constipation.


Treats Menstrual Problems

Papaya tea or juice is can protect against menstruation problems such as PMS (Post-Menstrual Syndrome), menstrual cramps, and heavy menstruation. It can encourage the flow of blood during menstruation, regulate hormones and balance the menstrual and ovulation cycles.




Promotes a Healthy Skin

These leaves are very rich in vitamin A and C which help boost skin health and enhance its appearance. They reduce the activities of free radicals which can result in premature aging and other skin issues.

The leaves contain karpain which is effective in preventing skin infections by inhibiting microbes from growing and infecting the skin.

This compound also removes the toxins and waste products present in the skin. It also protects the skin from freckles, pimples, acne, and harmful rays.


Side Effects and Precautions

According to some studies, the enzyme called papain found in papaya leaf has been known to result in allergic reactions in some people. These studies indicate that a breakout of allergic symptoms in some people can lead to a runny nose and itchy eyes. However, an improved hygienic behavior and proper ventilation can take of the problem.

Always check with a qualified health-care professional before considering the use of the herb. This is particularly necessary for people who have cancer or other chronic health issues. Papaya leaf may be generally safe as a natural option for the prevention of free-radical damage and treatment for diseases like cancer in which the immune system requires support.