What’s Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese alternative medicine therapy that uses the energy of the universe to heal patients through the palms. Reiki has been said to be be beneficial to the mental and physical health of humans, however, science is yet to prove this. It is believed that Reiki has the power to treat many ailments and even emotional and mental state of a person. Reiki may be able to reduce the pain of an individual, thereby, giving one peace from within to shoulder and fight whatever ailment they are battling with. Some hospitals, however, believe in the power of healing that Reiki has that they offer Reiki as part of one’s treatment plan.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki has to do with energy, the universal energy. So, it has to happen in a quiet and peaceful place. Quiet and peaceful places are usually better than a setting that is not peaceful. It is important to remember that the patient’s comfort is important, one may play some music if the patient prefers it to be so. The patient is either sitting in a comfortable chair or laid down on a table, fully dressed, unlike massages where the individual is usually required to be undressed for maximum effect. The Reiki expert begins to place their hands on specific and different parts on the body such as hands, arms, legs, head and the chest pain for about 5 minutes. The Reiki expert may place their hand over a part of the body that is physically injured. It is believed that energy transfer takes place at the point and can be felt by the Reiki expert as they may experience a warm, tingling in the hands. The Reiki expert continues in this fashion until they feel a stop in the flow of energy. There is something called negative energy. A Reiki expert may stop using their bare hands and resort to using wands if they sense negative energy emanating from the patient. Here are some Reiki techniques:


Allowing the reiki consciousness merge with one’s consciousness is usually more effective in this technique. One must give all of one’s self to this technique; opening the mind and soul guides one through a state that allows the Reiki energy flow through properly. With beaming, one can get through to a patient from across the room, thereby, increasing the amount of energy flowing through the Reiki expert to the patient.


This technique helps one relax, causing one to have a well-relaxed mind and body, this is a form of destressing. It improves one’s ability to focus and find an inner balance that can boost one’s self-confidence. It is all about the mind, really. Centering is where energy work starts. This is more like meditating as it adopts the same technique as meditating does.


Clearing technique can be done without touching the patient. This is a very intense form of healing as the patient is aware of the shape, color, size, and even weight of the energy. It usually causes dramatic effects. The energy is then cleared out of the patient’s body by the Reiki expert.

Extracting Harmful Energies

This is a technique that concentrates on removing any left bad energies from the body. This type of energy needs to go as it may be hindering the well being of the patient physically, mentally and emotionally.


This Reiki technique targets areas of the body where energy may have been disrupted causing the body not to work properly. It targets these areas and infuses positive energy into the parts, thereby, causing the block to start to flow. This can work for physical ailments such as body aches, arthritis, body pains, and even digestive problems. It could also restore emotional stability.

There are 5 principles of Reiki that has the ability to promote a healthy and stress-free life are:

  • Just for today, I will not be angry.
  • Just for today, I will not worry.
  • Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
  • Just for today, I will be grateful.
  • Just for today, I will be very kind to every living being.

If one lives by these principles one day at a time, one is bound to experience joy and happiness from within.

Benefits of Reiki

Although there is no scientific way to prove that Reiki helps people feel better, patients have testified to its potency. Here are some benefits of Reiki:

Reduces Stress


Reiki’s greatest capability is to reduce stress and encourage relaxation of not just the body but also the mind. When the body loses all the tension and pent-up negative energy, it starts to heal itself. The immune system works better and induces sleep which sometimes helps one regain strength and have a better health.

Divine Peace

There is something about meditation and the effects of letting all the bad energy go. Just like the five principles of Reiki, these words further reinforces what reiki therapy does to the mind and body by ensuring the proper flow of good energy. One gets inner peace and is able to have a good spiritual health and even growth.

Mental Balance

Reiki therapy helps one with mental balance which improves the mental health, memory, and learning. There are various mental imbalances one could use reiki therapy to correct. Imbalances such as mood disorder, depression, anger, fear, frustration, and aggressive behavior. It makes one feel better by taking away the negative energy that enables hate, anger, fear, low self-esteem, and inability to forgive.

Reduces Physical Pain

Reiki can reduce the pain of physical ailments such as arthritis, migraine, and sciatica; it could also reduce the symptoms of ailments such as asthma, lethargy, insomnia and even symptoms of menopause.

Speeds Up Recovery Process

Persons who have received Reiki in the past have testified to its ability to speed up the process of recovery. Some also say it helps the body cooperate with medication or treatment which reduces the chances of rejection.

Aids Better Sleep

Some persons who have problems sleeping find reiki helpful as it encourages relaxation. When the body is relaxed and relieved of all tension, it is able to heal itself of insomnia, work better and make one sleep better. And therefore enjoy the benefits of a good night’s rest. Persons who sleep well are most likely to be less cranky, more jovial and happy than persons who do not sleep quite well.

Improves Focus

eye strain

Some people carry the guilt and regrets of events that have happened in the past. This can be quite unhealthy for the emotional and mental health of a person. Reiki helps one focus on the present and the positive. When this is done regularly, it changes the perspective of a person by helping them react positively and calmly when in dire situations.

Helpful during Labor and Child Delivery

new mom

Reiki can be helpful during labor and delivery as it helps calm the woman down, thereby, allowing her body to work properly to convey the child safely into the world.

Reiki therapy is not limited to a particular age group. Children, infants, toddlers, adults, elderly people, and even domestic pets can receive Reiki therapy. It is not compulsory for one to always need a Reiki expert to carry out the therapy, one may learn how to perform Reiki.

Final Words…

Reiki has proven, although, not scientifically, to be useful in taking care of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual help. It is important to know that Reiki does not replace medical treatment, it only compliments it.