The Impressive Health Benefits of Goji Berries

goji berries

Goji berries are popular for combating cancer, diabetes, premature aging and contain a number of other health benefits.  As a matter of fact, these bright orange-red berries that are native to China have awesome positive reviews. And so, we’ve decided to discuss the numerous health benefits of goji berries.


Fights Cancer

Some studies conducted on cancer patients indicate that with goji berries supplementation, they responded better to their routine treatment. The berries have physalin, a component that kills cancer cells, especially in stomach, prostate and colon cancers. Also, the vitamins A and C present in goji berries contain antioxidants that prevent skin and breast cancers.


goji berries


Improves Lung Health

Goji berry supplements are helpful in reducing inflammation in the lungs and improving white blood cell activity. This is helpful in combating respiratory diseases such as asthma and influenza. The berries can also boost the immune system and have a significant impact on lung health.


Aids Weight Loss

The berries are rich in nutrients and low in calories, making them perfect for weight loss. In fact, consuming goji berries can lower appetite for sugary foods and thus, can enhance weight loss.

Additionally, like most vegetables and fruits, the berries have high fiber content. We all know that fiber increases satiety and lower cravings and binging, making weight loss a lot easier. Actually, goji berries can help you expend more energy and reduces your waist circumference if you are struggling with obesity.


Boosts Hair Growth

Like we started earlier, goji berries are rich in vitamin A and because this nutrient enhances blood circulation, it boosts hair growth too. It does this by improving circulation to the scalp which, in turn, boosts hair growth and prevents hair fall.

The berries are also rich in vitamin C which helps in facilitating the absorption of iron, a nutrient that is also vital for hair growth. You can wash your hair with goji berries juice or eat the whole fruits.


goji berries


Enhances Fertility

According to some studies, goji berries can improve testosterone levels in men, and so improve their sexual health. The berries can also function as a good alternative solution for erectile dysfunction.


Regulates Blood Pressure

The polysaccharides present in goji berries can be effective for treating hypertensive people. As a matter of fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, these berries are used to control blood pressure levels. The berries help to significantly lower blood pressure levels and avert other related diseases.


Treats Acne

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the berries are able to treat skin inflammation and help prevent acne breakouts. In fact, the juice can take care of inflammation internally, which could also be the reason for the acne breakouts.

Thankfully, goji berry juice or extract can be applied to the face and rinsed off with cold water after about 15 minutes. The berries help to firm up the skin (due to their vitamin C content) and prevent wrinkles. Basically, this means that can be used to avert premature aging.


goji berries


Aids Diabetes Treatment

Some studies on animals have indicated that goji berries can significantly reduce blood sugar levels. The polysaccharides in the berries play a huge role in lowering blood sugar. They have also been shown to help treat type 2 diabetes. That is not even all–goji berries also help to improve glucose responsiveness too.


Boosts Eye Health

Goji berries are very rich in zeaxanthin, which is an antioxidant popular for its exceptional benefits for the eyes. In fact, this antioxidant is a natural treatment for macular degeneration caused by old age. Zeaxanthin protects the eyes from free radicals, UV exposure, and other types of oxidative stress.

Consuming goji berry juice regularly can increase the concentration of plasma zeaxanthin and protect the eyes against hypopigmentation and other oxidative stress that can harm the macula. The berries are also an effective natural treatment for glaucoma.


Detoxifies the Liver

Goji berries are commonly used in combination with other herbs like Ganoderma and licorice in cleansing the liver. Goji berries are perfect for both the kidneys and liver, making them a natural treatment for kidney stones. However, you should talk to your doctor before taking the berries for this purpose.




Fights Depression

Goji berries are high in vitamins B and also contain manganese and fiber – all of these nutrients elevate your energy levels and are known to enhance positivity. The berries have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight depression and other anxiety and mood disorders.

Studies have also shown that regular intake of goji berry juice can increase energy levels and enhance mood.


Alleviates Pain

Goji berries have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve pain – with arthritic pain being one of them. However, there is little information on whether the berries can alleviate muscle pain as well.


Enhances Muscle Growth

Goji berries contain several amino acids that support muscle growth. Extracts of the berries can also improve the production of v for the muscle and liver. This helps one stay active for a long time.The berries also have significant amounts of protein which can improve muscle growth




Repairs the Skin

The berries are effective in treating hyperpigmentation because they are rich in vitamin C, amino acids, and beta-carotene. These nutrients help in improving complexion and making the skin radiant. You can consume the berries or apply a paste of the berries on your face. Rinse off with cold water after 15 minutes.


The Bottom Line

Since a regular consumption of goji berries improves many essential gastrointestinal activities, it is helpful in reducing stress triggered by indigestion. This makes goji berries perfect for ensuring overall good health.