How to Practice Tantric Sex


What Is Tantra?

Even though people often associate it with sex, tantra is actually about connection. It could be about the connection with yourself or between you and a partner. “Tantra” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word which means “web” or “to weave energy.” It entails engaging in deeply intimate, meditative, and spontaneous sex. It helps you to know your body better, as well as create better spiritual awareness. People who learn and practice tantra become more in-tune with their body and understand what gives it pleasure. They also know how to channel energies that flow throughout their body and help to intensify their orgasm. That’s not all, as they also understand their partner’s body better. When you practice tantra, you and your partner learn to be physically aware and spiritually present. That way you can bond better and get more intimately sexually. That’s not all, as you also explore all aspects of each other’s personality. You’re probably interested in practicing tantra already. You first need to learn how to prepare your mind for it.

How to Prepare your Mind for Tantra

Because tantra is a spiritual practice, your mind is needed, as much as your body. You’re to connect your body, mind, and soul, as well as have a clear mindset and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You could try spending 10 to 15 minutes meditating to prepare your mind for tantra practice. You will need to focus on breathwork. Take 15 to 30 minutes to breathe gently all the way down into your belly and lower back, and connect with your mind. Go on to stretch for a few minutes. As you stretch each limb, clear your mind of negative thoughts. You will notice how lighter you’ll become. Go ahead to spend about 30 minutes a day journaling. Take some time to discover the thoughts that may be blocking your spiritual growth and write them.

How to Prepare your Space for Tantra

Your environment has a lot to do with the success of tantra. Let’s see how to prepare your space for tantra. You want to ensure your space is at a comfortable temperature before practicing tantra. If it’s cold, you may turn on your heater about an hour before you begin your practice. This way your room is cozy and warm. If it’s hot, turn on the air conditioner, however, just get your space cool, but not chilly. You can set the mood with candles or tinted light bulbs. Candlelight will particularly add romance to your space, while soft red bulbs will give your environment a sensual touch. You may also fill your space with your favorite scent, one that makes you feel sexy. Just be sure it’s not overwhelming. Try lighting a scented candle, burn incense sticks, diffuse an essential oil, or hang flowers. Also, try to make your space as soft as possible; you could use a satin throw blanket or a few plush cushions. There’s more! Play some music to create a sexual vibe. That makes the mood perfect!

How to Practice Tantric When you’re Alone


ladyMeditation is effective at freeing yourself of all that’s holding you back. Instead of letting the energy out, let it flow down into the earth. Let it build and spread throughout your body, and strengthen you in the process.


Do a full-body massage with your favorite lotion or oil. Pour it all over your skin and rub it in. Spend more time massaging your arms, neck, chest, groin, inner thighs, and belly.


Solo play isn’t always about achieving orgasm. You may or may not orgasm. What is important is that you take the time to explore your genitals, and discover what gives you pleasure. Touch yourself in various new ways and just get to understand your sexuality better.

How to Build the Moment with a Partner


You’ve got a lot you can do here, from a massage, to oral, to taking a shower together, whatever you want. Just ensure that you and your partner are fully present, and focus on the physical sensations that you feel at every moment.


Now, this is entirely optional. If you decide to have sex, go slowly, and be creative. Try new positions, touch each other in new ways, and just explore.


Get into a spooning position to cuddle. The one in the back will send energy, while the partner in front absorbs the energy. Snuggle close together, getting your heart and stomachs aligned. The one behind should have their arms wrapped around the receiver, going over the receiver’s heart. The receiver should rest their hand on top. Stay still for a while, then start harmonizing your breath and let the energy flow freely between you.

What Else Should you Know About Tantra?

Pay Attention to your Breath

Remember that deep breathing is an essential part of tantra. When you focus on your breath, you get present in the moment and immerse yourself in the experience.

Go Slow

A vital part of tantra is feeling and experiencing everything more deeply. And you can only achieve that by going slow. Relax your mind and enjoy every bit of the practice.

Being Naked

worried manYou may choose whether or not you want to be naked. You can start clothed and go nude gradually. You can also remain clothed all through. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable.


By all means, explore all of your body or your partner’s body. Stroke your hands slowly over your body or theirs, get them to use their tongue to explore your mouth while you kiss. They can also gently glide their lips through your chest.

Some More Sex Facts to Know

  • Sex toys aren`t new, as people have used sex toys for some centuries.
  • Clitoral hood piercings don’t have any impact on orgasm.
  • Circumcision doesn’t affect a man’s ability to orgasm.
  • While an orgasm will burn 2–3 calories, you can burn up to 50 calories during foreplay and intercourse.
  • The parts of the brain that process vigilance and fear shut down during orgasmic climax.
  • There`s a report that about 15–20% of American women have never orgasmed.
  • The limbic system and cerebral cortex are essential in boosting a man`s libido.
  • There are over 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, which is double the amount in the penis.
  • Women who take hormonal contraceptives are believed to be more attracted to men who have less physical masculine characteristics, particularly lower testosterone levels.
  • Studies have shown that sex cures headaches.
  • People who have sex thrice a week are likely to look five years younger than those who don`t.
  • The limbic system is responsible for motivation, emotions, and sex drive.
  • Testosterone brongs about the growth of body hair, deepening of the voice, development of bone mass, muscles, the male sex organ, and sperm production.
  • A teaspoon of semen contains five calories.
  • The average speed of sperm during ejaculation is 28 mph.
  • In 24 American states, women can file for divorce on the grounds of impotence.
  • The cerebral cortex and the limbic system are vital in boosting a man`s libido.
  • Ithyphallophobia is the fear of seeing, having, or even thinking about an erection.
  • Upper Paleolithic art as far back as 30,000 years ago shows people using dildos for sexual pleasure.
  • Research claims that people who masturbate often are less likely to suffer from diabetes and insomnia.
  • Some people orgasm while working out because there have tedious core movements.
  • Testosterone heightens in the morning and lowers at night.
  • The word “clitoris”, in Greek, means “divine and goddess-like.”
  • The average woman can reach orgasm in about four minutes through masturbation, while through intercourse, it may take her 20 minutes.