Home Remedies for Bruises

Who doesn’t hate bruises — those terrible, painful alterations that can ruin the beauty of our skins? I for one really hate bruises; it`s a nightmare whenever I have to deal with any kind of bruise. In fact, I literarily count the hours until they disappear. I’m just kidding though, but, now that I think about it; wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we didn’t have to suffer bruises at all? I’m sure it would. Unfortunately, we can’t do much to prevent injury and consequently bruises from occurring. The good news, however, is we can speed up the rate at which they heal and disappear from our skin surfaces.

Today, I will be sharing a number of natural remedies for bruises. These methods are sure to erase bruises from the surface of your skin in the quickest time possible.

Don’t Know What a Bruise is?

Okay, I will tell you exactly what bruises are. The truth is there is hardly any living being who hasn’t suffered a bruise or two in their lifetime — bruises are one of those things that really just happen and we cannot do much about them.

In simple terms, a bruise is a skin injury that causes the discoloration of the skin. They usually occur when you bump into something hard, then there is a serious impact created. This impact results in the discoloration of the skin; this is why there is usually a change in the color of the skin area where the bruise occurs.

How does it happen?


The entire calculations behind a bruise showing up on your skin are pretty easy. Typically, when you bump into something really hard, some sort of impact occurs. This impact affects the soft tissues of your skin; causing them to burst. This is where the pain comes in. After the soft tissues burst, some sizeable quantity of blood seeps out of them. The blood then gathers near the surface of the skin, causing the discoloration of the skin. This is the entire idea behind bruises.

When a bruise happens, it may be reddish initially. After some hours, it may turn blue or dark purple. Finally, when it is on its way out, it may become yellowish or greenish in color. This yellowish discoloration may remain even after the bruise is gone.  This is the part many persons like me do not like at all.

Home Remedies for Bruises

Okay, let’s get to it! Here are 6 home remedies that can help you deal with bruises any time they choose to pay an unwanted visit to your skin. Number 5 is my best method. Let’s get talking.

Remedy 1: Use an Ice Pack

This method is absolutely tested and trusted. I remember having a terrible bruise on my arm the day before an important event. I was extremely worried about how I would appear at such an important event with an ugly bruise on my arm. Luckily, a friend who knows a lot of home remedies for bruises was visiting. She saw the ugly thing on my arm and told me to get an ice pack. After some hours of icing, the ugly bruise was nearly gone. The next day, I was free to slay to my event.

So, here is how the ice therapy works for bruises. You have to apply the ice pack to the bruised area almost immediately. This will help to reduce the flow of blood around the area. Doing this will cool the blood vessels and reduce the amount of blood that seeps to the bruised area.

Ice the bruised area for about ten minutes, then reapply the ice pack 20 minutes after. You can use a bag of frozen vegetables or a reusable ice pack for your ice therapy.

Remedy 2: Go the Herb Way

Herbs are useful in treating bruises. One of such herbs is arnica. This is a homeopathic herb that helps in reducing inflammation of the skin and other forms of swelling. All you have to do is apply the herb around the bruised area thrice, daily. You can make use of the arnica ointment for this. If you are brave-hearted, you can choose to ingest the herb too.

Asides arnica, another herb that can help with bruises is aloe vera. I like to call this the all-purpose herb because it can be used for a variety of treatments. Applying aloe vera around the bruised area, topically, can reduce the pain and swelling that comes with bruises. There is a clause, however; be sure you make use of pure aloe vera or you may just worsen the entire situation.

Remedy 3: Love your Vitamin C

Vitamin C rarely does any wrong. Because of its rich anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C and its numerous sources can prevent the swelling of bruises. If you are using gels and creams that contain vitamin C, you may apply them around the bruised area, topically. You may ingest vitamin C through supplements too.

I prefer to opt for natural sources of vitamin C like fruits and vegetables. A pineapple is a splendiferous option because it is also rich in bromelain; an enzyme that helps to reduce the impact of bruises on the skin.

Remedy 4: Compression

This method is initially painful, however effective in the long run. Simply apply controlled pressure around the bruised area by wrapping the bruise with an elastic bandage. Doing this will shrink the affected soft tissues and prevent them from leaking. It will also reduce the swelling.

Remedy 5: Apply Some Heat

Somehow, this is my best method, even though it neither sounds nor feels nice. However, I love this method because it is effective, and the bruise will be gone in no time. Applying controlled heat to the bruised area will help to boost the rate of blood circulation around the area by improving blood flow. It will break down the blood that is trapped in the bruise. In addition, it will help to free up the tensed muscles; thereby providing relief from pain.

You can do this by soaking yourself in a hot bath or applying a heating pad on the bruise.

Remedy 6: Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils like frankincense oil and lavender oil can also speed up the rate at which bruises heal. These essential oils can be added to your cold compress and applied directly on the bruised area. Ensure that you dilute these oils with a lotion or some sort of carrier oil before applying them on the bruise as applying the oils without diluting can cause skin irritation.

Remedy 7: Use Toothpaste

This is strange but true. Apparently, our toothpaste can multitask. Rubbing toothpaste on the bruise can help to improve the flow of blood around the bruise. It also helps to reduce the swelling of the area. All you have to do is dab a little toothpaste on the bruised area and cover it with your bandage. Leave it overnight and repeat this process every night for 3 days.

Final Words…

Now you know about different remedies that can help you beat the bruises — you don’t have to allow bruises ruin your happy moments; simply use any of these methods to deal with them. Also, remember that bruises are expected to disappear few days after they occur. If they do not, then you should visit your physician.

Which of these methods is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.