Here`s why we Love Acai Berries

acai berries

Every day, I become increasingly obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I know that many of you are too. Let’s call ourselves a small family of health nuggets. My search for healthy food has made me a regular visitor at our local garden store where I get to meet so many amazing fruits that are great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Last week, I came across the super Acai Berry and I fell in love with it totally! I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first of all, it’s time to meet this super fruit.

What is Acai Berry?

Botanically referred to as Euterpe oleracea, this super fruit has been around for quite some time and has become increasingly relevant in the 21st century. Although it is synonymous with treatments for a range of health-related issues; just a few persons can actually match the fruit with its name. The Acai berries are grape-like fruits produced by the Acai palm tree which can be found in Central and South America plus a number of other similar regions. The Acai Palm tree bears these wonderful berries all year round. However, you cannot harvest the fruits during the rainy season.  They are also called Amazonian palm berry.

What does it Look Like?

Good question! As mentioned earlier, a number of persons do not actually know what these berries look like even though they’ve had it in their diet one way or the other.  Well, Acai berries usually have a deep purple color even though this could vary to a reddish-purple color with some of the fruits. They are relatively small in size; having a diameter of about 1-2 centimeters.

Something else to know?  Well, these fruits are almost entirely made up of seeds! Yes, the typical Acai Berry is made up of nearly eighty percent of Acai seed!

Something with the Taste?

Well, I didn’t believe this until I had the opportunity to eat a few of them but apparently, Acai Berries have a unique and inviting taste. The taste of Acai Berry is a deep, rich blend of awesome chocolate and your everyday berries. What’s more? It leaves a slight metallic aftertaste when you’re done. Little wonder I prefer to call it My Chocolate Berry.  Cool right?

So, what’s so Special about these Berries?

Just like every other fruit, Acai Berries are extremely beneficial to your health. I’ll tell you seven reasons you should not miss these babies in your next diet. Here we go!

Keeping your Heart Happy!

So, we all know how important the heart is to the overall functioning of our bodies. This is why it is important to keep the heart healthy and happy. Luckily for us, Acai berry is the right fruit you need to keep your heart in shape and allow it to perform at maximum capacity.

Acai berries contain essential elements that are great for your heart. One of such elements is anthocyanins; an antioxidant that can also be found in red wine and gives the berry its purple color and has that ability to balance body cholesterol levels. In addition, this element helps to eliminate bad cholesterol which is responsible for a number of cardiovascular conditions.

In addition, these berries are rich in plant sterols. As such, they protect your heart and help to support blood circulation, relax blood vessels and your heart muscles plus improving the overall circulation of blood in your body. So, do you want a happy heart? Keep your heart healthy with a healthy number of Acai Berries today!

Fortifying your Immune System

immune system

Your body’s soldiers need to stay active and one way to ensure this is to incorporate Acai berries into your diet. This super food has been proven to boost the performance of the immune system. Researchers say that regular consumption of these wonder berries increases the production of human gamma delta T cells. These cells are an essential part of the human immune system. In addition, Acai berries also speed up the production of the body’s white blood cells. These cells are essential for the optimum functioning of your body’s immune system.

Dealing with Fatigue

Fight fatigue with Acai Berries! Our regular days can leave us feeling tired and worn out. However, the right amount of our super berries can help you beat the fatigue and leave you feeling energized and always ready to hit the road.

Experts say that regular consumption of Acai berries help to improve overall stamina and energy; helping you beat fatigue and exhaustion.  For persons who love to exercise, taking Acai berries is highly recommended because they help to reduce the overall metabolic stress plus the physical exhaustion that comes with working out. The next time you hit the gym, be sure to do that with a bag filled with Acai berries to beat the fatigue!

Something with your Sex Drive!


Here’s one for the adults! As a result of its ability to improve blood circulation, Acai berries may just be the aphrodisiac; especially for our male folks. These purple berries have proven to boost the overall sex drive in men and improving vascular functions.

A Youthful Look

sage leaves

Here’s one more reason to be faithful to your Acai berries. Instead of committing your search for an ever youthful skin into the hands of synthetic creams and the like, make Acai berries your best friends. This is because these wonder berries contain a number of phytochemicals that help to slow down your body’s overall aging process.

Helping your Digestive System

Acai berries help the overall functioning of your digestive system. In addition, they aid in the detoxification of the body system and prevent digestive disorders like constipation and indigestion. It may also prevent a number of gastrointestinal infections.  Its seeds are also a good source of dietary fiber.

Something with Mental Functioning

Want to be super smart? Make Acai berries a regular part of your diet. Believe it or not, these magical berries have a lot to do with boosting your brain’s functioning capacity. In addition, they help to prevent cell damage in the brain which may result from aging.

Acai berries detoxify the brain by doing away with toxic and dead brain cells. They also speed up the regeneration of brain cells plus improve the communication among the different cells in your brain.

Heads Up!

Like everything other good things, there are a few side effects that come with consuming Acai berries. I’d discuss a few of them with you.

Excessive consumption of Acai berries may lead to a build-up of skin plaque which may result in acne plus other skin conditions. In addition, Acne berries typically reduce your overall blood pressure levels as you consume them and this may be fatal for persons already suffering from low blood pressure or cardiac related conditions.

Never use Acai berries with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs without your health care provider’s knowledge. This is because these berries may react with the drug substances which are not entirely healthy for you; especially for cancer patients.  Acai berries have also be linked to a number of allergies and respiratory problems.

In all, ensure that you consult your physician before indulging in one or more of delicious Acai berries. They can be consumed raw or in other forms like powders, purees, and juices. You can enjoy your Acai berries in any form.

Final Words…

Acai berries are entirely healthy for you as long as you consume them in the right quantities and in line with the advice of your healthcare provider. So, now that you know all the great health benefits inherent in consuming Acai berries why not go ahead and incorporate them into your diet? You’d be glad you did.