Breakthrough Thinking for Your Kids and Their Health

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What You Must Do for a Child

Being a kid is a beautiful experience with a lot of memories embedded in it. Kids are gifts from God, and you were once a kid to your parents, to people around you, and the community at large. Every adult who seems to be enjoying the gift of being alive has once being a kid. Kids can also be simplified to be a child. Every human being here on earth will definitely pass through that stage (childhood). From childhood to adolescence, then to adulthood. It would be so much better if you set the pace for your child to be full of potentials, to attain a lot when he or she finally reaches adulthood.

Kids are not in the right frame of mind to make some decisions themselves. So definitely, they will need a guardian, be it their parent or siblings, and there you are. Children’s development and growth is a process that had long started during conception, and it also depends a lot on the parent’s health status.

Right from conception, the mother would be instructed to mind her intake because the fetus depends on the mother’s health. After birth, a lot of things are put into consideration for the child’s safety–breastfeeding the baby, the baby’s sleep, vaccination, and a lot more. During this period, the child is more fragile. Like I stated earlier that the baby will definitely need a guardian: a guardian like a helper, and there you are. It’s not only a mother’s job. People around the child are also guardians, but it’s dependent on you whether you will be a good or bad guardian.

Child’s injuries. Every kid likes playing around, trying to feel the comfort of his or her environment. You can’t tell a kid to sit in a place, and the child’s going to heed to your word. A lot of cases has come up about child’s safety. Cases such as; the children cutting themselves with sharp objects, getting hit by cars, burning themselves with heaters or fire, getting electrocuted, consuming harmful products, drowning in pools, and so on. We must all make sure children’s environment is safe for them. Ear infections and tonsillitis are unavoidable infections in children, but medical attention must be given to them. Tooth decay, change in temperature, and a lot of medical cases are likely to happen, but you are there for them.

Children’s behavior at times is left to questioning. It could be caused by autism, learning disorder, anxiety, or depression order. You must be surprised by this depression order, right. Yes, children suffer from depression. It can be prone to nightmares, irrational fears, or sleeping effects. At times bullies from people. A lot of kids do not have the appropriate action to show their anger, which can make the child violent and dangerous. Most of their negative reactions are as a result of violent games and videos they are exposed to.

childRight from time, it was in the thought that kids are not aware of what the future meant, but that was only fiction. Most of the children nowadays are aware of the future. Their loneliness, together with a feeling of being helpless, have really captured a lot of them. And this has resulted in a dent in their mental health. The majority of them end up in suicides or harsh behaviors.

In most children, the child’s growth and development must be traced back to the family—one of the most important social groups. A child must be under well-groomed adults that posses have a positive impact on their emotional health, they feel loved. The case of child abuse in most homes is also a degrading factor to a child’s growth and development. Fostering parenting, adoption, divorce, and single parenting are not wanting in our contemporary world today.

The community is a large household for the child. Some environments are not healthy for children’s development. You cannot tell me an environment with a high crime rate will entertain a child’s positivity. I will like to put this to you that “it actually takes a village to bring up a child.” Apart from the crime aspect, the amenities present in the community also play a role, such as learning resources, clean water to drink, and clean water to drink. Your child needs a safe and healthy environment to be healthy.

Every child deserves good medical care and attention. From a lot of observations, children are susceptible to these common health problems:


Cough in children is mostly caused by a virus. Children within the age of 4 years and younger should not be treated with antibiotics due to some possible complications. It doesn’t work on children between the age of 4 to 6 years old. From most of the drugs used in treating coughs, narcotics and codeine are included. So that makes it not advisable for use.

Ear Pain

Infections like the swimmer’s ear (otitis media), pressure from a cold or sinus infection, teeth pain from the jaw to the ear, and so on. Your pediatrician will need to run a good diagnosis on your child in order to find a good relief for the pain. Pain from both ears is sometimes related to other infections. If there are no allergies, reoccurrence, or chronic infections, amoxicillin is the best antibiotic for ear infections. It is sometimes caused by a virus, literally meaning not all ear infections require antibiotics but preventive measures.

Sore Throat

Sore throat to children can be painful. It is also caused by a virus that does not need an antibiotic for treatment. It is a normal infection that only uses 7 to 10 days to wade off. If the pain becomes a lot worse, then it is caused by an infection called streptococcal- strep throat. Babies and toddlers get this infection more often. Antibiotics would be prescribed by your pediatrician, and this only means the infection spread could be through sneezes, coughs, or touching of infected toys.

Skin Infections

This is caused by a bacterium. It spread by contact with resistant bacteria from surfaces or family members and friends. Skin infections like boils, abscesses, and cellulitis, and so on. It is sometimes caused by bacteria. Antibiotics are not really the best treatment, but it depends on the type of symptoms shown.

Common Cold

Symptoms of the common cold include running nose, congestion, and cough. It is mostly caused by virus build-ups in the upper part of your kid’s upper respiratory tract. Antibiotics don’t work for common colds but based on the symptoms, antibiotics might be recommended by your doctor.

Bacteria Sinusitis

From the name, it is caused by the presence of bacteria in your kids’ sinuses. It is accompanied by cold-like symptoms, discharging a yellow thick nasal discharge followed by 3 to 5 days’ fever. If it persists beyond 10 days, your doctor’s attention and antibiotics will be needed.

Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis

Bronchitis is referred to as chest virus. It is a problem of the central airways in your kid’s lung, but it occurs more often in adults. It doesn’t require antibiotics. Bronchiolitis is so rampant among infants and young children during flu and cold season. It is caused by a virus. The best treatment associated with it is close monitoring from you to ensure their comfort during eating and breathing. You might be hearing the ”wheezing” sound in your kid’s breathing.

Urinary Tract Infection

This infection is a result of bacteria building up in your child’s urinary tract. It causes a burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, and bedwetting, and so on. It can be easily diagnosed by your doctor.

Here are some important that will greatly boost your kid’s immunity:


Greek yogurtYou must have heard about how your guts contain germs and bacteria that facilitate how your body uses foods. They are so helpful in preventing you from sickness. Kids that take yogurts are at 20% lower risk of colds, ear infections, and sore throat. The best and safe brand for your kids is those that contain live cultures (you can recognize those with live culture when you see it’s separated, there would be a little liquid on top).


It is tart milk that contains a lot of probiotics, and it definitely tastes good. It really does boost the immune system.


Walnut contains omega-3 fatty acids, which mainly helps to fight illness. In kids, it fights against the respiratory system. Add a sprinkle to your snack or cereal.

Lean Meat

Lean meat helps a lot in building immunity. It has a lot of protein, which is so essential for keeping your kid’s strength. The white blood majorly functions as a soldier; lean meat contains zinc, which helps the white blood cells combat infections.

Fruit and Vegetables

Aim at foods with high vitamin C. It helps to prevent colds and flu—fruits and vegetables like bell pepper, broccoli, sweet potatoes, strawberries, citrus fruit, and more.