9 Amazing Facts About  Ice Cream

ice cream

If there’s anything to ice cream, it’s the fact that it reinvigorates. Ice cream lights up a sullen face, brings back fond memories, and, sometimes, even resolves relationship issues indirectly! From the one-of-a-kind vanilla flavor to the more novel ones, the mention of the word ‘ice cream’ only seems to scream one thing: fun! We all love ice cream, don’t we? The old love it, the young love it, every category of humans loves it. Unlike some other regional desserts, ice cream is eaten in every nook and cranny of the planet. Therefore, it’s safe to say that every one of us eats ice cream — except, of course, you’re allergic to milk! Ice cream is more than just a dessert, it is that snack that has got cult following all over the world. In fact, over 87% of Americans have it in their freezers at any point in time.

Whether you’re winning over your crush’s heart over a shared scoop or you’re planning to kill your next trivia game, you sure need some knowledge to blow off someone’s mind. Wish to know more about this wonderful dessert? Let’s voyage into the world of ice creams! Here are some amazing facts about ice creams — of course, some you’re quite familiar with and others some weirdo stuff.

Fun Facts About Ice Cream


Ever Thought About the Ingredients of the First Ever Handwritten Ice Cream Recipe?

Truth is: it’s just gonna disgust you. In the fifteenth century, precisely around 1668, Lady Anne Fanshawe, an English noblewoman, wrote the first ever ice cream recipe. Though it was christened ‘icy cream’ by Lady Anne, it really did pass for its strangeness.

If you were to prepare Lady Anne’s ‘icy cream’, you would have to boil cream with mace. Well, if you think that’s not strange enough, probably you should see what comes next.

For icy cream’s flavor, Lady Anne decided to keep faith with orange flower or ambergris with some sugar. You’re probably thinking: what’s ambergris? Well, ambergris is simply whale vomit.

Sperm whales often struggle with a buildup in their intestines, which culminates in something that looks pretty much like vomit. That’s ambergris and it was hitherto used to make stuff like candles and perfumes.

The Waffle Cone Came into Existence by Accident!

ice creamIn the early years of the twentieth century, back around 1904, an ice cream vendor was out of cones. This was at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, and he was being bombarded by demands from his customers.

Desperate to solve the conundrum he faced, he turned to a waffle vendor nearly for help. Pooling resources together, they decided to mold the waffles into cone-like structures and used them to sell the ice cream to the customers at Missouri.

Of course, the customers loved the idea, and the waffle cone officially came into existence!

Ice Cream Sundaes Were Made for Sundays

Yeah. You read that right. Although there are two conflicting stories about ice cream sundaes’ invention. But we’re going to tell you about the more popular one.

Ice cream sodas were a popular, cheap drink you could easily buy from the nearest soda shop. However, some religious laws did not allow shop owners to sell sodas on Sundays because it was illegal for people to engage in the sugary treats on the Holy day.

Edward Berners, the owner of Ed Berners’ Ice Cream Parlor, decided to circumvent this law. One day, Ed decided to serve ice cream soda to a customer without actual soda, so it was basically soda and ice cream.

Soon enough, the formula was sold to customers on Sundays as an alternative to the sodas. But that was not all to be seen about the new concoction, because it soon became an item for sale on a daily basis. Ed eventually changed the name to ‘sundae’ so as to avoid his concoction being associated with the Sabbath.

The Genesis of Ice Cream is Still Unknown

Till date, the invention of ice cream is really not known to anyone. However, we do have bits here and there that could make for a story, but we don’t have all the right answers.

Some historians give the credit of bringing some form of ice cream to Europe to Marco Polo. He got the idea from the Chinese, who used to flavor snow with rice and milk to make a rich, creamy dessert.

Of course, it could only get better. And better did it get. Eventually, ice cream recipes arrived the United States a few centuries after Christopher Columbus landed on American soil.

Ice Cream Fruit Exists in Hawaii

ice cream fruit
Source: [1]

You read that right. There’s a fruit in Hawaii that tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream. Scientifically, it’s called the inga feuillei. But if you’re a Hawaiian, you’d rather call it the Ice Cream Bean.

The Ice Cream Bean grows on perennial trees under pretty high temperatures, and the Hawaiian locals do enjoy it in various ways.

Ice Cream Causes Brain Freeze, but There’s a Simple Trick to it!

Brain freeze is scientifically called sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. But you could keep calling it ‘brain freeze’ or even a ‘frozen headache’.

I`m sure you are wondering what brain freeze is. Well, brain freeze results when the temperature sensors in your mouth get hit by cold objects and your brain receives signals for heat loss.

This is what brings about the banging in your head halfway through a pint of ice cream. To tackle brain freeze, simply fix your tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold it down. This helps to warm your brain and ‘melt’ it from the freeze mode.

How Many Licks Make a Scoop?

a scoop of ice creamWell, the number is 50. You lick at your waffle cone fifty times, you’re done with a scoop. However, we’re a bit sad that it wasn’t us who had to do the tasting to get this out for you!

Astronaut Ice Cream has Actually Never Left Earth

You’ve probably come across astronaut ice cream in some candy shop or gift store. It’s basically ice cream that’s been freeze-dried.

However, despite its name, astronaut ice cream has never left planet earth! Reports once suggested that it once followed Apollo 7 on a mission in 1968, but these reports have been rubbished by Walter Cunningham, the only astronaut on that mission who’s still alive. According to him, such thing never happened in the Apollo 7 mission. In fact, they never had any ice cream!

NASA scientists are working out a way to enable astronauts while on space missions. That’s interesting, innit? Well, it’ll definitely not be the freeze-dried Astronaut you’re used to!

Ice Cream Was a Luxury in the Past

Oh well, that’s some interesting stuff there. Back in the day, ice cream was for the crème de la crème of society. Only the elite could afford it. What we all enjoy now for chicken feed was a rare, exotic dessert, and it remained so until the early twentieth century.

The wealthy were the only members of society who could afford the expensive imported ingredients and the storage method. So it was quite simple: you didn’t have the money, so no ice cream for you!

We`ve said so much about this wonderful dessert, but we should leave you now to savor your pint of ice cream!