7 Health Benefits of Rope Jumping

Is Rope Jumping Healthy?

Exercise is an integral part of a complete strategy for attaining and maintaining optimal health. Running, jogging, skipping and the likes all help in burning calories and keeping your body in shape. Here, we will be focusing on a type of cardio exercise — rope jumping. Rope jumping is actually a complete workout that involves your whole body.

Unlike other forms of exercising such as push-ups, squat jumps, weight lifting, or burpees, rope jumping isn’t so difficult to execute. You will find many other types of exercises more tasking and exerting. You have a lot to benefit from frequent jumping activities; it is highly effective in toning your body completely. Rope jumping is one of the most practical exercises you can engage yourself with.

7 Health Benefits of Rope Jumping

Healthier Heart

Rope jumping is a cardio exercise; this means that it is an exercise beneficial to your heart. Jumping or skipping can give you a proper heart massage in just a few minutes. After a five-minute session of skipping, you will find yourself breathing a little bit faster with a noticeably increased heart rate. This process encourages the muscles of your heart to work better. When your heart muscles pump blood more effectively, the health status of your heart improves. This can be crucial in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Body Toning

You get a fully toned body when you jump ropes; it is a workout that affects many parts of your body. Skipping helps you burn fat in your lower and upper body structure. It works on your shoulders, thighs, and calves. If you practice rope jumping the right way, it can also strengthen your biceps and triceps.

Calorie Loss

Amazing Benefits of Guava LeavesYou will also burn as much as 1300 calories within an hour after a rope jumping session of 10 minutes. Rope jumping exercise gives you just about the same result as running a mile for eight minutes. If you are a beginner, it would be best if you start your rope jumping in bits. You can skip once or twice daily for two minutes each, then you can increase the time frame for the exercise after a few days, progressively.

Improved Stamina

Rope jumping improves your stamina and motor functions greatly. Skipping does quite a lot for you — your strength is increased and your endurance level improves. Rope jumping also disciplines you with regards to body balance and coordination. You can always complement your rope jumping with weighted rope jumping and skipping.

Better Circulation

Jumping ropes is a great way to improve the pulmonary function and circulation of your body system. Rope jumping and skipping, as aerobic exercises, are of great assistance in enhancing your respiratory and circulatory functions. After a rope jumping session, you breathe with greater intensity and this increases the capacity of your lungs’ oxygen intake.

Improvement of Bone Density

One of the many ways you can enhance your bone density is through jumping. Rope jumping can help prevent low bone density by strengthening your bones and canceling the onset of osteoporosis.

Mental Health Care

This might be a surprising point to make, but rope jumping and some other forms of active exercises have a great influence on your mental health. Jumping can make you feel better, as it is another way to feel alright and jolly, expelling negative sensitivities such as depression and anxiety. It is also a great way to deal with stress and anxiety.

Tips for Starting Rope Jumping or Skipping

Jumping is a really simple exercise once you get your rope. Make sure the length of your rope is adjusted to your height, and the handles are rightly fitted at the opposite ends. You will then hold each handle separately in both hands.

  • Step right in the middle of the skipping rope and maintain the length of the rope taut with the ends of the rope stretched upwards. Shorten this rope until both of its ends reach your armpits.
  • Now, you will step right in front of the rope (while holding the ends of the rope in your hands) and swing it from behind you to your front before jumping. You must jump each time the skipping rope reaches the front of your feet. The swinging is continuous and so is the jumping. You will do well to land on the floor as softly as you can and not jump too high. Your legs must also be kept straight and together as you jump.
  • You may begin with a continuous jump for about two minutes if you can, then increase the timing and intensity if you feel comfortable with it. You can increase the time you spend skipping by two minutes every week and stay consistent as you keep at it. After a few weeks, you will be okay jumping the rope for about 15 minutes. You can take a break between your jumping and try to stay hydrated too.

Fun Facts about Rope Jumping

man holding brown ropeYou must always have this question every single time you are faced with a new activity or challenge. You might have even started to give reasons you may not enjoy rope jumping but, irrespective of your physical qualities and capabilities, this exercise is for you. Here are some of the reasons you will love to practice rope jumping:

  • Rope jumping is so much fun! It is a fun way to get a lot of help for your body. You will find jumping and skipping to be playful forms of exercise.
  • You will love rope jumping because it exponentially increases your strength. Rope jumping maintains the firmness of your muscles and gives you an overall body toning.
  • Another fun fact about rope jumping is that it is a very portable and mobile type of exercise. This means that you get to do your rope jumping anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, at the gym, at home, or even in the park, there is no limit to the places you can jump.
  • Jumping burns calories in a less painful and less demanding manner. Rope jumping can help you burn about 1000 calories in just one hour. This is way more calories lost than when you walk.
  • You will love rope jumping as an exercise because it works on your posture. After some weeks of undertaking rope jumping, you will find out that there is a marked difference in your body posture. You will develop a more athletic build.
  • Rope jumping requires no equipment. This is another enjoyable fact about jumping. All you need is your body and a skipping rope or a jumping rope. This is why you don’t need to visit the gym or buy any heavy equipment for this exercise.
  • Jumping strengthens both your bones and muscles. As you have already learnt, rope jumping can improve the density of your bones and tone your muscles. You will get a feeling of accomplishment and purpose with noticeable results of the strength of your body.
  • Overcoming emotional plateaus and demoralization. Jumping literally makes you feel happy by overcoming boredom and the dull feeling you get when you are beginning to think your workout sessions are mundane.
  • Jumping helps you to burn unwanted fat. We all want to get rid of that extra weight and body fat, so you will be happy to find jumping very instrumental in this regard.
  • Jumping improves your body coordination and helps you to have better psychomotor control. You will have increased authority over your body in terms of movements and reactions.
  • It is great for your heart and lungs. This means that your blood and oxygen circulation are enhanced. If you jump regularly, you improve the work rate of your heart and get healthier chest muscles.
  • The improvement in your cardiovascular health, a better pulmonary function, and a release of endorphins relieve you of stress and helps you relax. This makes rope jumping very effective in energizing your body and alleviating pain.

Now that you Know…

Jumping is such an easy and beneficial exercise that you have to engage yourself in. You just have to add it to your exercise routine if you don’t have it there already. It is always advisable to start slow, maybe in two or three minutes, before increasing the intensity over weeks. As for precautions, wear light and fitted sportswear; a fitted sports bra is also advised, and you should wear shoes that will absorb shock easily. The results are astonishing.

There are many other benefits attached to rope jumping; all you have to do is to get involved in it. There is hardly any kind of risk related to rope jumping. However, you might be risking a tear if you have recently undergone a surgical operation or treatment for a serious injury. Some serious heart conditions may also hinder you from a full jumping session. Always ask a physical therapist for advice before you take on any exercise if you have concerns about your physical well-being.