17 Health Benefits of Ashitaba

17 Health Benefits of Ashitaba

What is Ashitaba?

Ashitaba is a herb that grows in the central region of Japan. Its root, leaves, and stem are medicinal. Ashitaba is popularly referred to as “tomorrow`s leaf” in Japan. This is because a new leaf grows quickly to replace the old one if you cut the old one off in the morning. Some people consider this herb to have magical properties. Ashitaba is an active ingredient in various home remedies and herbal medicines. Ashitaba has a place in history to as far back as 2000 years ago. That`s quite a while now. Ashitaba originated from Hachijo Island, Japan.

Ashitaba plant can be quite versatile: from tea, capsules and other medicinal functions, trust ashitaba. Some people even chew them raw. You can simply wash them with salt water, rinse with ordinary water, and chew to enjoy its super health benefits. You may also add them to your fruit juices and soups. Ashitaba is fantastically versatile! Let`s get talking.

17 Health Benefits of Ashitaba

It has Anti-Aging Properties

Ashitaba benefits

The ashitaba plant slows down aging. It also fights free radicals that cause damage to cells in the body. Its antioxidant content makes it perfect for beautifying the skin. Ashitaba also contains melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep, in addition to its characteristic of warding off free radicals.

It Prevents Nerve Degeneration

Ashitaba contains loads of minerals and proteins that make it trusted for the prevention of nerve degeneration. This is especially advantageous to older people, helping them ward of all sorts of nerve diseases.

It Enhances Weight Loss

Ashitaba reduces stomach fat and helps maintain a healthy waist size too. Also, nutritionists have recommended ashitaba for decades, to be reliable for reducing weight, BMI, and body fat in general. People who suffer from metabolic syndrome find ashitaba quite helpful.

It Regulates Diabetes

Diabetes occurs as a result of the body`s inability to control its insulin levels. Ashitaba controls insulin and blood sugar levels.

It Boosts Immunity

The immune system is germane to healthy living. Ashitaba combats infections and speeds up healing. It is your go-to plant for a better immune system.

It Improves Cognitive Health

The brain requires much energy to perform its functions. Ashitaba has enough nutrients to ensure that the brain performs excellently. The herb is great at improving concentration and helping with control of emotions.

Ashitaba also kills brain cancer cells and combats conditions such as dementia, Parkinson`s disease, and Alzheimer`s disease.

It Prevents Gastrointestinal Disorder

Ashitaba leaves are alkalizing enough to lessen digestion problems, particularly gastrointestinal disorder. It also prevents the condition.

It Prevents Anemia

Ever heard of anemia? It is a condition in which the body suffers inadequate red blood cells. People who have anemia usually suffer dizziness and some other symptoms. Ashitaba leaves prevent anemia by forming red blood cells and hemoglobin.

It Prevents Flu

Ashitaba benefits

Ashitaba prevents the replication of the flu virus. So you know what to turn to for prevention and cure of a cold.

It Fights Cancer

Ashitaba increases anticancer enzymes, limits the growth of new tumors, and even kills cancer cells. In severe cancer cases, ashitaba may increase the life span of sufferers by preventing the spread of cancer to other areas of the body.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Ashitaba regulates blood pressure as a result of its chalcone content. It is also an antithrombotic agent, which makes it capable of preventing harmful blood clots.

It`s Great for the Heart

A healthy heart is necessary for proper body functioning. Ashitaba contains potassium, which is necessary for healthier hearts and better muscle function.

It Prevents Premenstrual Syndrome

An emotional breakdown is quite common with premenstrual pain. This is as a result of changes in hormonal activity. But you can have reduced pains and emotional issues during premenstrual syndrome, you know? Just have some ashitaba in tea form. Its chalcones content is just perfect for this purpose.

It Increases Metabolism

Ashitaba increases metabolic rate, enhancing weight loss. If you take ashitaba together with a healthy diet, and you exercise regularly, be sure to shed some fat. What`s more? The plant helps with control of appetite.

It`s a Detoxifier

Ensuring that the blood is void of harmful elements is quite important. This helps protect all organs of the body. Ashitaba cleanses the blood of harmful toxins. It also fights anemia because it contains iron, potassium, and calcium. That`s not all, as its vitamin B12 and chlorophyll contents make blood flow freely.

It Protects the Liver

Studies show that ashitaba reduces liver damage as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Even in cases where there`s no excessive alcohol consumption, trust ashitaba to do your liver some good.

It`s an Antidepressant

Studies show that ashitaba has similar attributes with drugs that hinder the activity of the enzyme, monoamine oxidase (MAO). Such drugs are antidepressants.

How to Use Ashitaba Leaves

You know how great ashitaba is now, and why you should consume it. Let’s discuss.

  • You can consume ashitaba just like spinach, kale, and some vegetables. Just ensure you do so in moderation — about 5-6 leaves per day.
  • You could also brew the dried leaves into tea to drink daily.
  • You may also grind the dried leaves into powder to place in capsules as medicine.

Where to Get Ashitaba

You can buy ashitaba online. Some online shops sell products containing ashitaba leaves. Korean and Japanese food stores also have ashitaba leaves and tea.

Tips for Growing Ashitaba

  • Only plant seeds that are less than three months old for best germination results.
  • Ashitaba plants flourish in volcanic soil.
  • They grow better in foggy island mornings and volcanic afternoons.
  • Only distilled and reverse osmosis water make ashitaba sprout, not the regular water.

Is Ashitaba Healthy for Children?

The greatness of ashitaba makes people curious if children can partake of its wonders. Yes, ashitaba is healthy for children. They need the minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and all other benefits of ashitaba. I just hope children can bear its bitter taste; if they can’t, there are ways around it. You may give them ashitaba tea, ashitaba powder, or ashitaba supplement.

Ashitaba Tea

As amazing as ashitaba leaves can be when consumed, the tea can be great too. Asitaba tea has a lovely flavor, it is non-caffeinated, and super healthy. You can steep ashitaba for a long time and still retains its flavor. Drink ashitaba tea regularly to enjoy the goodness of ashitaba and all its benefits.

What’s more? Ashitaba contains lactic acid which balances the intestines. A glass of ashitaba tea daily may be just as helpful as consuming the vegetable. Adults too can drink ashitaba tea.

Ashitaba Powder

Ashitaba powder mixes well with yogurt, milk, and beverages. This way, it won’t taste bitter. This powder is so nourishing that 100 grams of it is packed with beta-carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, and K, biotin, folic acid, and essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, silicon, sulphur, and selenium.

Ashitaba Supplement

Asides the tea and powder, you can simply have ashitaba as a supplement for children to swallow. It’s easy to use and take around, and it is quite beneficial to the health, especially with its chalcone content which works for cleansing.

Now That You Know…

You can enjoy all the greatness of ashitaba, depending on the form in which you prefer it. Just ensure that you consume it in moderation. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers might want to seek medical advice before consuming ashitaba.