11 Impressive Health Benefits of Acerola


Acerola is an amazing green shrub that grows in tropics or subtropics across the world. This beautiful shrub takes around three years to produce a cherry-like fruit that is loaded with essential nutrients required by the body. Interestingly, the fruit can either taste sweet or sour.

Acerola is popular for its ability to aid in digestion, improve cardiovascular health, combat cancer, boost immunity, promote strong bones and teeth delay aging, prevent and manage diabetes, boost mental health, enhance eye health, support healthy skin, and prevent fatigue.

The fruit is loaded with vital nutrients such as vitamins, riboflavin among others. In fact, acerola fruit is commonly used in treating health problems that occur as a result of deficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins in the body.




Now, let’s talk about the many health benefits of acerola fruit.

Boosts the Immune System

Acerola fruit contains appreciable amounts of Vitamin C, which is beneficial to our overall health in a number of ways. By incorporating acerola fruit into your diet, you raise your Vitamin C intake which helps to boost immunity levels. When there is increased immunity, the body is able to fight off infections and other diseases. Vitamin C is also effective in the production of white blood cells which are very important in the body’s fight against bacteria. As you must already know, free radicals can result in serious health issues in the body. But thankfully, acerola can help prevent the damage caused by these free radicals. By adding acerola fruit to your diet, you’d be improving your body’s capability in combating various health conditions.


Great for Bones and Teeth

The calcium present in the acerola fruit makes it effective in preventing a host of health problems connected to teeth and bones. It is common knowledge that as we grow older, our bones and teeth may need more care. Furthermore, the anthocyanins present in acerola also help the body combat inflammation, a common issue for people suffering from gout or arthritis. When you incorporate acerola into your diet, it can improve the teeth, bones, and joints. In addition to this, the potassium present in acerola also protects the muscles against issues like fatigue and cramps. So, acerola is an excellent option for people who engage in exercises on a regular basis.


Combats Cancer

Acerola fruit contains a compound known as anthocyanin which is effective in treating cancer. For so many reasons, cancer is a chronic illness that proves very difficult to treat. However, acerola fruit has shown to be helpful in combating lung cancer, especially. The fruit does this by slowing down and then eventually halting the growth of cells that are cancerous. And yes, acerola fruit contains all the beneficial properties that help in the prevention of cells against damage brought on by free radicals.




Improves Cardiovascular Health

Acerola fruit is rich in antioxidants, making it helpful in ensuring a healthy heart. In fact, the antioxidants in the fruit help to reduce cholesterol and prevent stress on the cardiovascular system. Additionally, acerola fruit has a significant potassium content which is important for regulating healthy blood pressure levels. Potassium supports the heart by dilating the vessels and increasing blood flow.


Aids in Digestion

The high fiber content in acerola fruit makes it effective in treating digestive issues and flushing out toxins from the body. Evidently, a healthy digestive system is essential for the prevention of a lot of chronic illnesses. Hence, fiber helps to guarantee a healthy digestive system that helps you eliminate toxins from the body. As a matter of fact, acerola fruit has shown to be helpful in treating digestive issues such as diarrhea, bloating and constipation.


Boosts Mental Health

The rich content of antioxidants present in acerola fruit helps to significantly improve neurological health. These antioxidants in the fruit help to prevent health problems such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Additionally, the bioflavonoids found in acerola also help to improve cognition and is suitable for everyone, no matter their age. Acerola help to improve focus and prevent memory loss issues.




Prevents and Manages Diabetes

Acerola fruit is also effective in preventing as well as managing diabetes. The antioxidants present in the fruit help the body regulate blood sugar levels. This is very helpful for people who are diabetic and also for those whose chances of developing diabetes are high.


Improves Skin Appearance

The rich content of vitamin C in acerola fruit increases collagen, which is great for the skin. In fact, collagen is important for the elasticity of the skin and using acerola fruit can help prevent premature aging and make the skin more radiant.


Slows Aging

The antioxidants found in acerola fruit encourage the body to regularly eliminate toxins from the body. The fruit extract has also shown to be helpful in reducing the oxidative stress which can lead to serious illnesses in the body. Also, owing to the high content of Vitamin C in acerola fruit, the production of collagen improves in the body when the fruit is incorporated into your diet. This increased collagen is found to be helpful in preventing early aging.




Prevents Fatigue

Acerola fruit is loaded with various nutrients such as zinc, potassium, and manganese. Adding the fruit to your diet promises an evident change in energy levels. The reason for this is the potency of the nutrients in the fruit. In addition to this, the body needs enough amounts of Vitamin C to combat and avoid stress. The Vitamin C present in acerola makes it effective in lowering the overall stress on the body and energizes the body.


Enhances Eye Sight

As we stated earlier, Vitamin C is an essential component which is also beneficial to vision health. In addition, the Vitamin A present in acerola fruit can also help in improving eye health and protect the eyes against problems such as hemorrhages and cataract.


The Bottom Line

Obviously, acerola fruit has a number of nutrients and vitamins that are needed for a healthy life. However, if you are considering incorporating the fruit into your diet, it is advisable to consult with a medical professional before doing so. Since acerola contains high levels of Vitamin C, it may result in diarrhea after consuming a high dosage of the fruit. In addition to this, people who consume high contents of Vitamin C may experience kidney problems such as kidney stones.