10 Ways to Prevent Body Odor

bad odor

You would probably understand the pungent power of body odor if only your nose has, perhaps, got close enough to someone else’s armpit on a crowded train or bus that you got so disgusted. That’s gross you say? Well, no doubt, body odor is repelling and may even dampen your self-esteem and confidence. You might be wondering where and how that smell came about in the first place. Don’t search too far, bacteria is to blame for your awful experience. Though some say it is because of bacteria living on your body, it isn’t just about that. It is more related to the fact that bacteria interact with the sweat and disintegrate their protein content. Body odor is most likely to occur in areas such as the armpit, feet, genitals, belly button, behind your ears, groin, pubic hair and anus. Individuals have different body odor and this is as a result of the difference in food intake, health, and medication.  It is also a unique way for others to recognize people especially by dogs and other animals. On the bright side, I have got the perfect set of pieces of information that can change your odor fortunes for the rest of your life. And here we go…

Bathe Regularly

batheThis isn’t new to you. The golden rule of having your bath daily isn’t make-believe, it is meant to prevent unsanitary conditions which also includes body odor. Technically, there is no side-stepping body odor; after a long day spent at work or outings, it is only fitting to have a wash. Most people have a habit of not bathing because they believe they are clean for staying indoors and I begin to wonder if they mean to claim that germs, dirt, and bacteria can only be found outside the confinement of their sheds. Regardless of where you have spent your day, a bath is necessary every day because the body cannot do without accumulating unhygienic bodies within your immediate environment. Moreover, it is only sensible to have your bath regularly in order to wash away sweat and other morbid substances thereby preserving healthy living. Furthermore, bathing with warm water is more efficient in killing skin bacteria. Don’t restrict yourself to just a cold bath.

Don’t Preserve Hair in your Armpits

armpitKeeping hair in your underarms is a ‘yes’ to body odor. Hair is absorbent and soaks up the odor caused by sweat, especially when it grows in a concealed region of the body such as the armpit. Furthermore, excessive hair in your armpit encourages bacteria growth by delaying the evaporation of sweat and that means an escalated stench from your body. Shaving them won’t make you sweat less but only control your body odor. Simply grab a razor, shave off your armpit and wash with a bathing soap and water, and you are good to go.

Apply Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Antiperspirants are products containing a high concentration of aluminum chloride which keep the armpits dry and disenables profuse sweating. They thwart the action of apocrine glands also called sweating or scent glands. Apocrine glands are tagged to be responsible for body odor because they produce sweat that is high in protein which bacteria are able to break down easily. In complement, deodorants clamp down on the survival of bacteria not just in the armpits but also the skin. They condition and upsurge the acidity of the skin by hampering bacteria and containing the smell they cause to the body.

Be Friends with Odor-friendly Foods

What you eat also ascertain how you smell. Often times, consuming spicy foods such as curry and garlic has the possibility of making some people’s body odor repugnant and vile. To some specialists, a diet high in the consumption of red meat also maximizes the brisk development of body odor. Others advise that meals enriched in sulfur such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower can also cause body odor. So what should you eat? Salad, carrots, cucumber, spinach and citrus foods help to detoxify the body and flush out the toxins that may bring about body odor. That’s what you should consume.

Wear Light Fabrics

Being able to track down the cause of body odor to sweating necessitates this tip. Most times, you sweat excessively because of the thickness of the cloth you wear, even when you are yet to engage in any serious activity. Though sweating is healthy because it releases needless toxins but this leaves us with embarrassing sweats. Outfits that fence in your sweat make you sweat the more and lead to frustration and uneasiness.  To avoid such sweating experiences, clothe yourself in natural fibers such as wool, silk or cotton. They allow your skin to maintain contact with air which is an enhanced way of evaporating sweat.

Wash and Keep your Feet Clean

washed feetOur feet also need treatment from bad odor. We tend to absolve them from our hygiene management, unlike our armpits. However, washing your feet with warm water kills bacteria and prevents smelling feet. Also, don’t forget to apply deodorants and antiperspirants. In addition, the causes of smelly feet can be attributed to the bad habit of not washing after pulling off your shoes. Other causes can be attributed to the shoes we put on and it is a good alternative to occasionally step out in sandals that can allow our feet to breathe.

Don’t Repeat Shoes and Socks for Consecutive Days

old socks and shoesMost people, especially teenagers, have the habit of wearing the same pair of shoes and socks for consecutive days. It is important to stop this habit if you want to keep odor-free feet and wear a clean pair of socks and shoes daily. You better your chances of beating body odor this way.

Use Antibacterial Soaps

Since bacteria are the forces behind that repulsive and awful stench, your choice of soap should be antibacterial. That’s the best way of getting rid of those nasty pests. Antibacterial soaps can eliminate any sniff of body odor and make you feel fresh and reborn. Don’t rush out of the shower anymore; take your time with the soap, antibacterial soaps require two minutes to function. So, they may not work if you wash them immediately you apply them.

Apply Vinegar

Whether it is apple cider or white, vinegar is a natural agent that terminates bacteria. Therefore it can be used to keep sweat stenches under control. How, you ask? It basically reduces the pH level of the skin and this means increased acidity where bacteria can’t thrive. Applying vinegar is simple, all you need do is to dab it to your armpit and feet after having your bath. Next time you visit the store, scout for and purchase a bottle of Vinegar.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Already washed those smelly areas and the odor still endure? Try tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant and can eradicate bacteria. As a plus, it has a sweet smell that can double as a natural deodorant. Mix and stir two drops of the oil in 2 tablespoons of water and apply to your armpit and other areas that reek of stench.

Final Words…

Tackling body odor requires a good understanding of what causes it in the first place. It isn’t a wizard that appears and disappears at will, it is a product of unhygienic habits and inconsistent skin care. As much as you stay clean and healthy, you are bringing your contact with bacteria to a minimum. So next time you meet someone with body odor refer them to the tips you have been privileged to read here. You may just be saving someone from a grave and traumatic experience.