Turkey is Great for your Health

Asides being a festive meal of holiday season, what more do you know about turkey? Did you know it can benefit your health in many ways? It is a storehouse of loads of nutrients. Turkey contains minimum fat and cholesterol content than other meats such as beef, chicken, and pork, which makes it suitable for your health.

You can include turkey in your diet in a number of ways to enjoy its yummy taste and its amazing health benefits. Did you know that nutritionists recommend consuming turkey meat without skin to avoid excess calories? Now you know. Read on to learn more. To be and remain healthy, it is also advised that you only opt for fresh turkey meat, and avoid buying frozen ones because they contain preservatives. Preserved turkey can increase your sodium intake, and this is not considered healthy for your body.

Nutritional Value of Turkey

Let’s discuss the nutritional value of this super food. A single serving of turkey breast contains the following nutrients:

Fat: 2g

Carbohydrates: 1 g

Selenium: 24 mg

Cholesterol: 1 g

Protein: 24g

Phosphorus: 196 mg

Vitamin B6: 7g

Vitamin C: 4g

Riboflavin: 7g

Niacin: 7g

Fat: 3g

Tryptophan: 3 mg

Potassium: 3 g

Thiamin: 6 g

Zinc:        5 g

Turkey Has Got Lots of Amazing Benefits; Let’s Discuss them!

Strengthening the Immune System

immune system

Eating turkey thigh and breast will provide you with a lot of nutrients and wonderfully boost your energy. It is bursting with protein, potassium, and selenium. When turkey it is consumed regularly, the nutrients begin functioning resulting in a strengthened immune system. The selenium found in the turkey meat allows your immunity to eliminate health-damaging viruses and bacterial infections.

It Boosts Metabolism

Consuming foods that boost your metabolism is great for your health, as enhanced metabolism makes you less prone to weight gain. It is also essential to keep your body active and energized. Incorporating turkey into your daily diet makes all these happen, ensuring you are healthy.

What exactly makes turkey possess this quality? Turkey contains compounds such as niacin, potassium, zinc, and thiamin which increase your metabolic rate. All this makes turkey considered as a whole meal. It’s got a high nutritional value that’s just perfect for your health.

It Maintains Psychological Health

Turkey has got adequate levels of tryptophan, and tryptophan is essential in managing your psychological health. Various factors can affect your mental state, leaving you with depression, stress, and anxiety. Turkey will give you the psychological relief you need. Did you know that tryptophan is responsible for producing and boosting serotonin? It is a neurotransmitter found in your brain, blood platelets, and digestive tract. Serotonin helps to balance your mood regularly. Inadequate serotonin leads to stress, depression, and psychological imbalances, generally.

It`s Ideal for Weight Loss


Including turkey it in your diet helps you solve the problem of being obese and overweight. It also helps you maintain your body weight. Why is this possible? Its meat is a loaded with nutrients such as thiamin,  riboflavin, vitamin B and C, phosphorus, potassium, protein, and more. What else? Turkey is fat-free. Isn’t this just fascinating? Did you know that a single serving of grilled turkey breast contains only 23 calories? This suits people who need to lose weight but crave meat. Turkey is custom made, just for them.

Great for Cardiovascular Health

Because this food has few calories, it is just perfect for your heart. Having 2-3 servings of turkey per week makes you just fine. Eating turkey moderately with regular physical exercises puts your heart in good condition.

A Rich Source of Protein

Turkey is enriched with the high protein content, which makes it become your sure natural source to treat some skin, hair, and nail problems. These body parts are composed of proteins and require frequent doses of it to help you free of possible health challenges in connection to your skin, nails, and skin. Protein is also necessary to transfer oxygen to all vital organs; it ensures the prevention of blood clotting and helps awaken damaged cells. Why wouldn’t you eat turkey?

For Healthy Teeth and Bones


Your body needs phosphorus because it is an essential mineral which is necessary to strengthen your bones and teeth. What’s more? Phosphorus facilitates your body to produce protein, allowing it to use obtained carbohydrates and fats. Grilled and boiled turkey contain the right level of phosphorus, as long as you eat them in moderation. A serving contains 196 milligrams of phosphorus, which can keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Turkey Maintains Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels are responsible for various cardiovascular problems. This is a major reason it is emphasized that foods with high cholesterol levels should be avoided. Our turkey, fortunately, has levels of cholesterol, fat, and calories that are healthy for you. You should be eating turkey.

It’s Great for Diabetics

Sadly, diabetics have got relatively few food options due to the need to avoid calories and sugar. Consuming moderate servings of turkey can be effective in reducing the symptoms of diabetes because it contains lesser fat, calories, and cholesterol. People who have diabetes can rest assured as they can consume turkey about thrice a week, maintaining a healthy diet and also satisfying their meat cravings.

It Treats Anemia

People diagnosed with anemia are advised to eat foods enriched with iron. Iron ensure that you have sufficient red blood cells that help prevent anemia. Eating turkey can provide iron and other essential minerals and vitamins.

For a Healthy Skin


A well-balanced diet will always be evident, as it ensures you have a smooth, supple, and cool skin. Having a flawless skin isn’t a laborious task to achieve. It only requires consuming nutritious foods like turkey. You can reap plenty of nutrients by incorporating turkey breast into your salads. When you eat healthy meals, your skin will absorb minerals, and vitamins and their effects will be obvious on your skin.

Side Effects of Turkey

  • Eating it may lead to abdominal cramps and pain.
  • Because turkey contains tryptophan, consuming it may lead to drowsiness. Tryptophan is an amino acid which passes into the blood from the digestive system and reaches the nervous system. It is then turned into serotonin, a neurotransmitter which can lead to a feeling of sleepiness and tiredness. So turkey can make you sleepy.
  • Eating deli meats should be avoided during pregnancy. Turkey is in this category. It can lead to a form of food poisoning which can be damaging for the pregnancy. Food poisoning from turkey can lead to flu-like symptoms and meningitis. It is important to consult a doctor if such symptoms occur.
  • Eating turkey with its skin may cause weight gain. It`s got lots of calories and a high amount of fat. Just a small piece of turkey skin can supply your body with up to 70 calories. Surprised, right?
  • Turkey, If eaten in large quantities, can lead to vomiting and a feeling of sickness. Vomiting may also occur if you eat turkey that is not cooked properly, as this may lead to a stomach infection.

Final Words…

There you go: Turkey is your body`s best friend. It gives you that yummy taste and ensures your health is fit. You really should incorporate turkey into your meals, and tell others about it.