The Impressive Health Benefits of Patchouli Leaf

Patchouli leaf has a musky and earthy smell and when used in combination with other scents like frankincense and bergamot, can be very addictive. But beyond its really nice scent, patchouli also contains some incredible health benefits that you should know about.



The Health Benefits of Patchouli Leaf

 Wondering what this amazing herb can do for you? Let’s take a look at the impressive range of health benefits of patchouli leaf.


Maintains Kidney Health

We all know how important an organ like the kidney is to the human body and its many benefits for our health. The kidney helps to regulate the levels of chemical compounds in the body, making the heart and muscles function at their optimum. However, sometimes, this all-important organ experiences some damage, and the common symptoms are swelling in certain areas of the body, shortness of breath, or insomnia. You only need to boil a few patchouli leaves and eat them regularly daily.


Heals Wounds

For people who have to go on adventures, work in fields or outside their homes, wounds are not uncommon. Thankfully, patchouli leaf is effective for treating wounds because they are easy to come by in the highlands. In fact, the high content of anti-septic properties in patchouli leaves makes it effective in treating injuries on the bodies.


Cures Headaches

Patchouli leaf is very effective in combating a headache and even migraines. Therefore, it is okay to take advantage of patchouli leaf stew as it is very potent in fighting off a headache naturally.


hormonal acne


Treats Acne

Patchouli leaves help to maintain the skin’s appearance – especially when it has to do with the face. As a matter of fact, patchouli leaves are effective in treating acne and preventing breakouts. You simply need to apply patchouli oil or which is also known as essential oils to the acne on the face. Allow the oil to dry naturally before rinsing the face with warm water until it is clean.


Stops Dysentery

Dysentery is often caused by poor sanitation and poor hygiene, especially of the water we consume daily. Some of the symptoms that may arise with dysentery are diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. Fortunately, patchouli leaf can be very helpful. Simply boil dry patchouli leaves, drain the water and drink as tea.


Supports Mental Health

Patchouli leaves contain a diverse range of health benefits including supporting mental health. In fact, the oil derived from patchouli leaves can help relieve stress and is commonly used in perfume and aromatherapy. The scent of patchouli leaves is very helpful in relaxing the body and improving the positive aura around us.



Eliminates Sweat Odor

People with offensive body odor often suffer a low self-esteem because it bothers them. To handle sweat odor, some use perfumes, deodorants, or many other types of fragrances. But not many know that patchouli leaf is an amazing solution to this problem. It is very easy to process patchouli leaves for this problem–simply boil about 100 grams of patchouli leaves with 10 liters of water. You can then use the boiled water of this patchouli leaves to bathe.


Acts as Insect Repellent

Patchouli leaves can actually be processed for other purposes that are also useful in keeping us hygienic. The leaves can be used to prevent the presence of insects as they often carry diseases that might affect our health. The trick is to put some patchouli leaves at a particular spot in the house as the scent of patchouli leaves is offensive to insects.


Cures Ulcers

Ulcers are actually big bumps of fluids and may even contain pus too. These ulcers can manifest anywhere in the body, including on the face, in armpits, on shoulders, on buttocks, or around the neck. Of course, ulcers interfere with our looks and can result in a fever as well. Well, luckily, patchouli leaves is the solution you have been looking for. The trick is to boil some patchouli leaves first, apply the water on the boils, allow it dry, and then rinse the spot with water.



Effective for Diarrhea

Patchouli leaves can also be used to treat unexpected diarrhea. Simply, boil some patchouli leaves until ready for consumption. Drink after sieving and see how better you will feel.


Improves Hair Health

You can use the boiled water of patchouli leaves on the hair after shampooing as it can effectively hair health, making the hair appear more radiant and healthy. This solution is perfect for people who suffer dandruff as well.


Alleviates Rheumatism

With rheumatism, instead of the leaves, patchouli root can help treat the joint condition. Simply squeeze the patchouli roots first and rub it on the sore spot. You will need to wait until it is dry before rinsing with water.



Prevents Infections

Patchouli leaf can help prevent infections as it not only functions as an antiseptic, but its essential oil also helps to destroy the fungus in cases of infections. Apply its essential oil on the infected area and leave for a while before rinsing with water.


Fights off Fever

Fever is one of the diseases that usually occur as an early symptom of other diseases or commonly as an initial symptom resulting from fatigue. When fevers strike, patchouli leaves can also be an impressive solution to this one problem. All you need to do is, boil some patchouli leaves and consume the water. It is not just a natural way to combat fevers; it is also effective as well.

Prevents Premature Aging

Everyone wants to stay young, no matter how old they get.  However, for some reasons, that is sometimes not the case. But luckily, there are various ways to keep the skin healthy and young. The options include skin treatments, patronizing facial clinics, the use of cosmetic products, and the use of herbal products. Actually, one of the natural products that can help keep the face young is the essential oil. As a matter of fact, essential oils are one of the major ingredients used in various beauty products. They also help to effectively disguise scars, wrinkles and moisturize the skin.