So You Want a Flat Tummy Eh? Eat These…

toned belly

Feeling fit and young isn’t always easy. It takes a great deal of consistent hard work and dedication, but eating the right types of foods is also really important. Diet plays a huge part in morphing our physical appearances and giving our bodies the desired physique that we want. With summer right around the corner, you might want to gear up for your best summer “bod” yet, and f there is one thing that I absolutely love about this list that I put together it is the fact that there are options here for people who have sweet tooth as well. Gone are the days when we all thought that you only had to eat butter, sour or tangy things to lose weight. More research has discovered that certain types of food that may taste more appealing can actually get the job done too! Without further ado, here are some foods that are specifically designed to give you that well-defined core and toned midsection


Grapefruits can vary in color and have a taste that ranges from sour to sweet, and whatever color you choose, the calories in grapefruit are on the lower side, but the flavor and nutrients contained in a grapefruit are high. Eating half a grapefruit each day can make sure that the average adult is meeting at least half of required vitamin C requirements, one of the reasons grapefruit benefits many areas of health including weight loss.


Red Peppers

If you are looking to shed extra pounds on your belly area, incorporating peppers into your diet could help you to achieve this but some new research has confirmed earlier findings that capsaicin, the compound responsible for the spicy “heat” in hot peppers, and this may help with appetite control and exponentially increase the rate at which the body burns calories. If you don’t like spicy food, fret not because you can try the other foods on this list as well.


Because almonds are so rich in protein, they are great options to help keep your metabolism agile and kicking! It also has an impressive amount of fiber and good fat which helps your bowel movement as well as your digestion process. Almond also include a high amount of protein content that significantly helps in the development of lean muscle mass. The mono-saturated fats that almond has in it help to maintain and reduce our body mass index (BMI). It targets the fat stored in the abdominal region, thus reducing belly fat.


Ah, fish! I love some good fish. Salmon is great because it contains omega 3 fatty acids which are excellent for weight loss. Omega 3 oil helps to improve the flow of blood to the muscles during exercise and also helps to stimulate enzymes which transport fat to where it can be used up for energy.



Many health professionals sing the praises of avocados because they contain good fat. During most of my sinful food cravings, avocado has worked well to reduce my hunger as well as keep me full for a significant amount of time. Avocados are also excellent food options if you are trying to reduce your waist size.


Berries are generally great, and blueberries are even greater. Because they are low in calories and loaded up with antioxidants, they make for amazingly healthy snacks. Recent studies also discovered that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and storage, helping reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol significantly and this is great for weight loss as well.

Green Tea

I can’t seem to sing the praises of green tea enough! It is so amazing for speeding up your metabolism. keeping you energized and generally keeping you more energized throughout the day. If you want to get on a strict weight loss plan then green tea is the beverage to get you to your destination.


Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein, and also helps with weight loss and belly reduction. When it is balanced with other nutrients from other foods, it is even more delicious!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great for belly reduction because they do an amazing job when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels stable while promoting a better, faster metabolic system. It also has high fiber content and low calories in it and that’s why its the health world’s all-time favorite carb.

Sweet Potatoes

Kale chips

There is no need to turn to a bag of potato chips on the grocery aisle! Kale is a super nutritious vegetable, and preparing it a snack in the form of kale chips, will give you a healthy alternative to anything you’d find in the at the convenience store or even vending machine.


Apples are amazing snacks to have on hand for any occasion. Whether you slice them or eat them whole, they are still delicious. A study published in March 2003 found that people who ate three apples as part of a reduced-calorie diet lost more weight than people who followed a similar diet, but ate oat cookies instead of fruit. Apples also have a great amount of fiber in them which is excellent for weight loss as well. The polyphenols contained in Apple a well, which are effective for weight loss around the stomach.

Grapes and walnuts

Did you know that grapes and walnuts as a combo make a healthy snack? Well now you do! One cup of grapes with a handful of walnuts gives you a combination of natural sugars, mixed with fiber, healthy fats and protein. It’s tasty, its savory and one hundred percent good for your body. (I knew there was a reason that I enjoyed grapes so much).

Hard Boiled egg

If you have followed this list very closely, you will notice that the foods on here have something very distinct in common, and that is; they are mostly low in calories but have a high nutritional value. A hard-boiled egg is no different as it is low in calories and high in protein. This means that you will feel fuller faster, and are likely to stay full for a long time. If a plain egg seems too plain and boring, try spicing it up with sauce (sriracha sauce is a great option).



Watermelon is the nice guy of fruits, and it also makes for a great snack because it does not only does it taste delicious, it is significantly low in calories and high in its water content, and water is a very important component of weight loss, so you can actually eat a lot of it, which brings me to the next fruit…



Okay, I admit that the sugar content in pineapples is a little higher than your average fruit, but as long as you regulate your intake and eat it responsibly, you will be just fine. Like it’s counterpart watermelon; pineapple is also low in calories and high in water. To amp up the unique tropical taste in pineapple, consider sprinkling it with something tangy lime juice or sea salt for a fun and exciting flavor.


Peppermints have the brilliant ability to work wonders on our digestive tracts and bowel system. For some of us who suffer from bloating, indigestion or constant constipation, a cup of peppermint tea or a few wraps of peppermint candy might just be the answer! It works well because it helps to soothe gas, bloating and also promotes a healthy, productive digestive system.