Sex During a Pandemic

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How to Have Sex During the COVID-19 Pandemic

They`ve been jokes about a spike in birth rates during the pandemic. internet’s been giving predictions about babies that will be made during the pandemic. That is only expected, as couples have been home, and the regular meetup place for intending couples are shut. So those who can`t make do with virtual meetings hook up at home. You know what usually comes after. Let`s see how simple ways to be safe at this time.

Safety Measures for Couples During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus and Bodily Fluids

There are speculations that the virus is present in various bodily fluids. For this reason, sexual acts like kissing and sexual intercourse may not be safe. You want to be sure that you and your partner are without the virus before engaging in sexual activities. This is easier with a partner who has been isolating in the same house as you.

Distancing and Use of a Mask

Everyone is expected to wear masks at this time and maintain a 6-foot distance from others in public places. This is to help slow the spread of the virus from people without symptoms or those who don’t know if they’ve contracted the virus. What this implies is that we should avoid kissing and engaging in other close-interaction affection outside of the home.

Respiratory Droplets and Faecal Matter

preventing the virusRespiratory droplets like saliva, sneeze snot, or residue could spray out of anyone`s nose or your mouth. Because the coronavirus is a respiratory virus, it could spread through respiratory droplets and infect others. A recent study also found that the virus could spread through the feces of infected persons. Again, this is another reason to avoid random kisses, oral sex, and anal sex.

Coronavirus and Sexually Transmission

A Chinese study found that there have been traces of the virus in the semen of patients who recovered from COVID-19. Even if you don`t have any contact with your partner`s semen, the body contact puts you at risk. Even though flu is the most common means of transmission, having sex puts you at risk of getting the flu, due to close contact.

Having sex with a live-in partner or someone you’re self-quarantining with is different from having sex with someone who you don’t know so much or who has to travel to get to you. This could be risky. If you must have sex, here are some relatively safe styles that you may find helpful:

  • Try doing a lap dance instead
  • Try the standing doggy style
  • Explore the wheelbarrow style
  • The reverse rider on top too may work

If you are missing the intimacy of eye contact, try having sex in front of a mirror so you can still stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Let`s explore some more safe ways to have sex during the coronavirus pandemic.

Safe Ways to Have Sex During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Duck Anal Play

Because the coronavirus can spread through fecal matter, anal play may make you come in contact with fecal matter, hence the risk of coming in contact with the virus. It`s advisable to leave this play out till it’s safe again. So you want to take a break from anal toy play, anal fingering, rimming, and penetrative anal sex. But if you want to go on and have anal sex, be cautious and do it in safe manners – wear condoms and use lube.

Leverage Technology

Who said you can’t get off on each other just because you are miles away or quarantining in different locations? You sure can with the use of technology. Just find a suitable online platform, set the mood, and get into it. And yes, you are on your way to getting pleased.

Take advantage of the lockdown and try some stuff out that you might be too shy to explore when physically together. Let`s explore some of the ways to have sexual fun with technology.

Ask your partner to have video sex with you. This can be real fun if you both let your guard down a little and the funky. To make it even sexier, you may ask them to tell you a sexual secret or fantasy. Be open-minded about it, and ensure you tell them yours too.

Touch yourself in various sexy ways and show it to them. Without you asking, they will surely do the same for your pleasure. If you`re not satisfied with their performance, let them know what they could be doing with their hot body, for your satisfaction. You may even send a full or partial nude if your partner welcomes the idea.

Some Facts About Orgasms


  • Some people have reported orgasming from merely thinking about it.
  • People who have undergone sex reassignment surgery may have stimulated orgasms.
  • The reason some people look like they’re in pain while they orgasm is that two of the brain regions activated by pain are also activated during orgasm.
  • Orgasms relieve pain for about ten minutes after climax.
  • Transudation, which many refer to as women getting wet, is the process through which vaginal lubricant moves from the blood capillaries to coat the vaginal canal.
  • If a woman feels insecure about her relationship, she is less likely to orgasm.
  • Aristotle made the first mention of female ejaculation.
  • People with spinal cord injuries can experience orgasms when a partner stimulates the hypersensitive skin around their injury.

Some Coronavirus Facts

  • Mask-wearing protects the wearer and people around them.
  • Studies show that universal mask-wearing has played a vital role in the slow transmission of coronavirus.
  • It is safe to wear facemasks made with fabrics that don’t allow droplets to pass through.
  • Your facemask should allow you to breathe properly.
  • People have used facemasks for hundreds of years. There are pictures of people wearing masks from the early modern age where doctors treated patients from the bubonic plague.
  • Safe mask-wearing entails wearing a mask that fits snugly over your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • You should handwash your facemask in detergent and allow it to fully dry, either by using a heated dryer or laying it flat in the sunshine.
  • Don`t wear damp facemasks, as they can easily build up germs and become contaminated.
  • Getting vaccinated for coronavirus can drastically reduce your chances of getting infected.
  • To protect people around you, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or tissue when you cough or sneeze, and dispose of it immediately.
  • When there is no tissue or handkerchief, cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Simple Ways to Prevent Coronavirus

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Singing the happy birthday while washing will help attain the minimum expected time.
  • Use hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol.
  • Keep at least six feet distance away from people in public places.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose.
  • As much as possible, avoid large crowds.
  • Eat well and get adequate rest.

Now that you Know…

As important as it is to wear masks, it doesn`t guarantee that you will not have the coronavirus; it only reduces your risk of contracting the virus. Mask-wearing is critical in reducing your likelihood of spreading the virus to others. It also provides some protection for you. There are other safety measures such as getting vaccinated.

It is highly important to stay safe with your sexual partner. Sadly, a number of people let down their guard when it comes to sexual interactions. This is entirely unhealthy. By all means, stay safe even as you go down with your partner.