How to Safely Stretch your Anus for Anal Play


How to Stretch your Anus Safely

Loosening up your anus requires some work. Like other muscles, your anal sphincter is accustomed to stretching only to an extent. Why loosen it up though? Well, sex, basically. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that make anal play enjoyable. Anal training makes anal penetration of any kind pleasurable. Like any other sexual activity, it’s safe if you take the precautions. The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so the tissue is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your skin. This makes it more prone to tearing and infection. That`s why you should take it slow, use lots of lubes, and practice safe sex. This anal training is not for you if you are pregnant, have hemorrhoids, or have any other condition that affects your anus or rectum.

Remember that your sphincter’s number one priority is to contract, so it can hold your poop in your rectum and get it out when you’re ready. So be careful not to get distracted to think it should primarily accommodate all sorts of objects.

As you begin your anal training, note that mental relaxation is as essential as the elasticity in your tissues. What makes it all easier is the control you have developed, not that your butthole expands.

Items for Stretching your Anus


You can begin with a pinky and gradually work your way up to five fingers, or even an entire hand or fist.


Anal dilators or rectal dilators, as some call it, are medical devices that are used to widen the rectum after anorectal surgery, so stool can pass easier. They are usually smooth and tubular and usually come in sets of five or more.

Butt Plug

sex toyButt plugs come in various shapes. They generally have narrow tips, while some gradually widen toward the middle, then taper down. Their shape makes them easy to insert into the butt and they stay comfortably in the anus, even in the intensity of sex. Butt plugs are particularly safe because they have a flared base that prevents them from getting sucked in. They come in various lengths and widths that are suitable for anal training amateurs and others who are more experienced.

Lifelike Dildo

Lifelike dildos are sex toys that look more like a penis. They come in various lengths and girths, so they can work their way up into your butt as you please.

Fantasy Dildo

Fantasy dildos come in various shapes, sizes, and formed like aliens, magical hammers unicorns, and dragons.

Sizes and Materials for Anus Stretching

Be sure to start small so you don`t tear your anus. If you’re using your fingers, you may start with a pinky. If you`re using sex toys, try using the ones between 0.25 and 0.5 inches in diameter.

As important as size is, so is material. You should choose a material that is body-safe. Toys that are phthalate and BPA-free are particularly effective for this purpose. Stainless steel, silicone, and borosilicate glass are also great because they’re nonporous and easy to care for.

How frequent you train really depends on your comfort level, however, try to train once or twice each day, for 5 to 10 minutes per training. Stick to this routine for about two weeks before moving to the next size. You know you`re ready for the next size when you feel no resistance or discomfort while inserting.

Best Positions for Anus Stretching

If you’re doing the training yourself, you might want to lie on your side and use your dominant hand, which is the one you write with. It`s easy:

  • Lie on one side with your knees bent so you’re comfortable.
  • Stretch your hand around to your anus to insert your finger or toy.

If you have your partner around to help, even better, as you have various positions to choose from. You could:

  • Lie facedown.
  • Get your partner to sit or kneel next to you.
  • Get on all fours.
  • Your partner should kneel behind you.

What to Do Before an Anal Play

Get Some Bowel Movement

It’s common knowledge that poop comes out of the anus, and anal play can further stimulate the urge to poop. Pooping before anal play will help you go deeper and focus on the play. Having too much poop in your rectum may cause shallow penetration. Consider using a rectal douche to clean out the poop in the lower rectum.

If you plan to go deeper than 3 or 4 inches, then you should consider an enema to flush any remaining poop from your rectum. An enema injects liquid deeper into the rectum to clear it out completely. Enema kits are available online and in drugstores. They are safe, as long as you only use them occasionally and as directed on the packaging. Also, it is important to use lube on the tip before insertion.

Be Relaxed

A lady who just woke upYour mind and muscles need to be as relaxed as much as possible to keep your hole from clenching. You may try getting a massage, a hot bath, or some foreplay to get you in the mood.

Use Enough Lube

Apply some good amount of lube to your finger or toy, and around your anal opening. Insufficient lubrication can cause pain and tears. Silicone lube is particularly ideal for anal play because it`s got a thicker consistency and lasting power.

If you prefer a silicone toy, then you should use a water-based lube instead because silicone breaks down silicone.

Oil-based lubes are discouraged because they break down latex. That`s not right if you’re using condoms or latex gloves on your fingers or toys.

What to Know About your Butt

  • Sexual arousal caused by the butt is called “pygophilia”.
  • You can get melanoma on the skin of your butt, even if you are not being exposed to the sun.
  • Men constitute 10% of people who get butt implants.
  • Women love their butt being complimented.
  • Estrogen causes the body to store fat in the butt, thighs, and hips.
  • A person with an attractive butt is callipygian, while the one with attractive breasts and butt is callimammapygian.
  • Women have bigger butts than men due to hormonal differences.
  • Human butts contain the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus, which are generally classified as gluteal muscles.
  • Sitting too long can cause the glutes to lose muscle mass, usually leading to back pain and difficulty in climbing stairs.
  • The average person farts between 13 and 21 times a day, and 99 percent of these farts don’t smell.
  • Higher amounts of melanocytes in the skin of the armpits, elbows, and the backs of the knees, just like the butts, make them appear darker.
  • It is normal to have small bumps on the butt cheeks. They occur as a result of folliculitis, a condition that develops from friction, bacteria, or sweating.
  • Butt hair prevents chafing between the butt cheeks.
  • Poop is usually brown because it contains bile and discarded red blood cells.
  • There are studies that claim that humans and other primates evolved into having butts because we sit and require something comfortable for sitting.
  • Due to the higher concentration of melanocytes in the skin folds, the butt appears darker than other parts of the body.
  • The English language has many slang words for the butt: ass, tush, seat, fatty, pooper, junk, booty, moneymaker, caboose, can.