Here`s Why we Love Mullein Leaf!

Ever heard of this all-purpose herb? Let’s meet the mullein leaf! Mullein leaf is an herb that fights infections. This leaf has been used medicinally for ages; treating earaches, asthma, cough, diarrhea, and loads of other health challenges. It is used to treat inflammatory diseases and lung-related ailments too.
Mullein is also able to fight influenza, herpes viruses and some bacteria that are the cause of respiratory infections. Mullein can also be used to cure bruises and burns. Mulleins have flavonoids, carbohydrates, proteins, oils, and fats. The presence of mucilage in mullein is responsible for the soothing actions that it has on the mucous membrane.

Its History

Just like some other plants of European origin, Mullein was credited with the power over witches and evil spirits. Interesting right?
Mullein, in Ireland, has for long been widely cultivated as a remedy for tuberculosis. It is also called Miner’s Candle. During the 1849 California gold rush, the mine shafts were aglow with mullein torches carried by the prospectors. The leaves were used as tinder to start fires, or as a smudge, burned with the embers of Native American campfires. The smoke was inhaled to relieve pulmonary congestion. Some tribes called mullein “big tobacco” was mixed with nicotine leaf and smoked to relieve asthma. In addition, the leaves were boiled to make a hot poultice to treat gout and painful joints.
Did you know that Mullein has been reported to inhibit the effectiveness of anti-diabetic drugs? Bet you didn’t. Researchers say that mullein leaves intensify the act of muscle relaxants and lithium. Persons taking prescription diuretics should consult a physician before taking mullein as it may interact with the prescription drugs to cause a loss of potassium from the body.
Mullein leaf was also used as a hair wash in old Roman times. The leaf ash was used to mark hair dark and the yellow flowers for lightening hair. The leaves were dried, rolled and used as wicks for candles and the whole dried flowering stalk were dipped in tallow and used for touches, hence the name “candlewick plant” or “torches”. The root of mullein was made into a necklace teething infects by the Abnaki tribe, the Cherokee applied the leaves as a poultice for cuts and swollen glands, and other tribes rubbed the leaves on the body during ritual sweat battles.

Growing of Mullein

Mullein is such a beautiful flowering landscape plant with the history of the use as an herbal remedy. It’s easy to germinate and can be invasive.
The common mullein plant is a species of mullein native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia. It may also be found in the Americas and Australia. It’s a folic biennial plant that can grow to 2 meters tall or more than 2 meters tall.

Cultivation and Harvesting of Mullein
Mullein, being a weedy leaf, is widely available. Planting mullein in areas that are without pollutants is ideal, nevertheless, mullein has the ability to grow in a vast range of habitats; it thrives in well-lit environments. Let’s talk about the benefits of mullein leaf.

What Are the Benefits of Mullein Leaf?

There are a number of health benefits that can be got from consuming mullein leaves. I’d tell you a few of them. Here we go!

Dealing with the Pain

head pain

Mullein leaves are extremely useful for pain relief. Mullein is quite effective for combating various kinds of pain.


Mullein is well known for its positive actions on the respiratory system, and it is often used as a solution for asthma.

Ear Diseases

Mullein is a common herbal remedy for ear diseases. As a result of its astringent properties and soothing action, mullein is usually used in ear drops. It is effective in treating ear diseases.

Natural Treatment for Allergies

A drink of mullein tea brings great relief to a number of allergies.

Your Natural Antiseptic

This property of mullein makes it relevant in treating wounds or and bruises.

It Combats Viral Infections

Mullein is excellent at ensuring that viral infections are no more.

It Combats Bacteria and Parasites

Mullein has got antibacterial properties that help kick against staphylococcus and other related conditions.

Solves Digestive Issues

Consuming mullein can help you solve a number of digestive conditions; leaving you feeling relieved. Mullein can be taken as a tea that promotes healthy digestion and combats stomach discomfort.

It Reliefs Headaches


Mullein leaves are highly effective in treating persistent headaches, leaving patients entirely free of its traces.

Hair Health


Mullein does promote hair health. Extracts from the flowers can be used to keep the scalp healthy, eradicating dandruff and other related hair problems.

Something with Smoking

Now, this is an interesting benefit. Mullein leaf is used by herbalists to help those who want to quit smoking; it is taken as a tea and it supports the health of the lungs.

It is bursting with Nutrients

Mullein leaf is nutrient dense. When it is prepared as a nourishing herbal drink, you can drink it frequently because it’s got high levels of calcium and magnesium. Super!

It’s Great for the Soil

Not only health directly benefits from the greatness of mullein leaf. Mullein leaves can uptake heavy metals from the earth and save it.

Combating Joint Pains

It is so effective for pain relief. It works perfectly in treating back pain, waist pain, and the knees. It is prepared either as an infusion or taken in small doses as a tincture.

It is used in Treating Sore Throat

One of the reasons mullein is so popular is that it soothes the pain associated with irritation from coughs and infections. So you can trust mullein to deal with sore throats, and give you that peaceful feeling of swallowing again.

Dealing with the Colds!


Say goodbye to colds with a healthy dose of mullein leaves! Mullein leaves are a friend of your respiratory system and help in relieving colds and coughs.

Any Side Effects?

Apparently! Generally, mullein leaf is a safe herbal supplement for individuals to take on a regular basis. But, the use of mullein can cause skin irritation. This is because using the herb in the form of liquid extract or lotion as a topical application can cause skin rash, skin irritation or other kinds of skin conditions.
In addition, mullein leaves may be associated with breathing problems. Researchers say that Mullein leaf based products might cause difficulty in breathing in some individuals. Some of the side effects of mullein leaf related to respiratory system include hard inhaling, tightness in the chest, throat tightness and chest wall inflammation.
Mullein leaves may affect the growth of the fetus in pregnant mothers. As a result, ensure that you speak with your healthcare provider before you indulge in this all-purpose herb. Breastfeeding women too must avoid the consumption of mullein for the sake of their babies.

Mullein is great for you. However, just before you consume it; be sure that it would work for you!

Final Words…

Mullein leaves are great for your health and it’s hard to imagine a healthy earth without them. If it were human, we would buy it gifts to show appreciation. It is needless to say that you shouldn’t hesitate to make mullein your health’s friend so you can enjoy its super benefits. A quick recap of them; enjoy relief from a cough, ease your sore throat, get your ear pain cured, deal with and feel relaxed and mildly sedated; not forgetting the great hair look and stress-free digestion. Headaches and asthma aren’t left out, with loads of other great benefits.
So the next time you visit the groceries, be sure to pick up a couple of mullein leaves. You’d be glad you did!