Here`s How to Do your Home Workouts

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Can one Work out at Home?

Have you ever considered working out and get tired of it even before you start? Well, what you don’t know is how much your body weight will thank you if you execute it correctly.
You don’t have a gym? Or can’t make it to the gym because of time? Then clear out space in your room and get ready to sweat.

In this article, we have listed detailed bodyweight moves for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. You can start at a level you feel comfortable at. Keep reading!

Beginner Routine

We’ve selected some beginner bodyweight exercises that will give you a full-body workout.
This beginner routine circuit should take about 15 minutes. Complete two sets in the list and repeat 15 of each. Rest between each move for a minute.

Chair Squat

You start with a chair underneath you so you can master the accurate form.
Squat to strengthen your legs and core, making everyday movements easier.

  • First, stand in front of a chair, make sure your feet and shoulder-width apart, then get your toes pointed out slightly.
  • Hinging at your hips and bending your knees, lower your back until your bottom touches the chair. Allow your arms to spread out in front of you.
  • Complete push up with your heels and return to the initial position.

Knee Pushup

There are advanced levels to this pushup. The beginner-style pushup will help you build strength before making an effort to try the standard pushup.

  • Get yourself into a high plank spot from your knees.
  • Maintain a straight line from your head to your knees, then bend your elbows to lower yourself down to the ground. Keeping your elbows at an angle of 45-degree.
  • Push back up to start.


The bridge is a great exercise to use as a warmup. You trigger your core and the backside of your body called the posterior chain with a bridge.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, make sure your feet are flat on the floor, and your arms stretched by your sides.
  • With some amount of strength, push through your feet, brace your core, then lift your bottom off the ground until your hips are well stretched ensure you squeeze your glutes at the top.
  • Taking it slow, return to the starting position and repeat.

Stationary Lunge

Here`s how to hit your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with a motionless plunge.

  • Get your right leg in front. Your left foot should be get up on its toes with your right foot should be flat on the ground.
  • Bend your knees and plunge. Stop when your right thigh is equivalent to the ground.
  • Push up through your right foot to return to start. Repeat till satisfied, then switch legs.

Bird Dog

You start with this version of bird dog as a beginner. This exercise is scalable to your ability level. It`s a full-body move that requires balance and stability.

  • Get down on all fours, ensuring your hands are directly below your shoulders and your knees are below your hips.
  • Keep your neck neutral, concurrently, extend your left arm and right leg, keeping your hips square to the ground. Pause here for 2 seconds.
  • Return to the start and repeat with your left leg and right arm.

Intermediate Routine

After you become proficient at the beginner routine, you’re ready for these intermediate moves. Your whole body is!

Complete 2 sets in the list and repeat 15 of each. Rest between each move for 1 minute.

Make your workout fun, as you compete against yourself.

Single-Leg Bridge

When you exercise on a single leg, automatically, you make it harder.

For a single-leg bridge workout, follow the steps for a bridge, but lift one foot off the ground while keeping your leg bent for a transitional challenge.

  • Feet flat on the floor, lie on your back with your knees bent, and stretch your arms to both sides.
  • Push through your feet and brace your core, raise your bottom off the ground until your hips are fully extended, squeezing your glutes at the top.
  • Without rush, return to the opening position and repeat.
  • Complete this same pattern on each side.


squatSit in a chair, hinge at the hips, and push your bottom back. The chair gives you the ability to master the form of a regular bodyweight squat.


This is not a beginner knee pushup but a more challenging one. It is standard.
To achieve this, assume a high plank position and complete the pushup in the same way, allowing your elbows to flare out at a 45-degree angle.

Walking Lunge

Instead of staying stationary in a lunge, travel. This will enable you to add aspects of stability, mobility, and balance.

Jerk your feet together and step forward, lunging with your right leg. Get up, then repeat with your left leg.


Get the whole backside of your body and lower back to work! Just like a superman. Take it slowly, so you can enjoy the profits of this move.

  • Lie on your stomach, extending your arms and legs.
  • Keep your neck nonaligned, recruit your core and the back of your body, and at the same time, raise your arms and legs off the ground as high as they can go.
  • Take a 1-second pause at the top, and slowly lower back to the start position.
  • Plank with alternating leg lift
  • Adding a leg lift to a regular plank makes you unbalanced, needing your core to work in overdrive and your three limbs to support more weight.
  • After getting that, lift one leg, hold for 5 seconds, and return it to the ground. Repeat with the other leg.

Get-up Squat

Get-up squats keep your legs and glutes under nonstop work, adding to the burns. They are great for a time under strain.

  • To perform, drop down into a squat position, making sure your knees are dropped down to the ground one at a time so you’re kneeling.
  • Maintain that squat position and step your feet back to the ground one at a time.
  • Repeat quickly and maintain good form.

Advanced Routine

When you get so skilled at the intermediate routine, switch to these advanced bodyweight moves.

Bridge with Leg Extended

What actually makes a single-leg bridge is when the foot is lifted and the leg is extended. Keep your foot flexed throughout the movement. Finish this same number of reps on both legs.

Overhead Squat

Spreading your arms overhead will improve your flexibility and the range of motion in your upper body. It will also give your lower body the benefits of a squat.

To execute this, complete a squat with your arms extended overhead throughout and repeat till you’re stable.

Side Plank with Hip Abduction

Plank off your foot and not your knee for a full-body task in this hip abduction. To achieve this, assume a side plank, then perform a leg lift. Repeat on both sides.

If you start the beginner bodyweight exercises now in your home, in a few months, you may perhaps be on your way to mastering the advanced routine. Your at-home workout might be challenging, but your fitness level will thank you.

One-Legged Pushup

pushupThis one is challenging, as lifting one leg will again put more weight into your other three limbs. To perform this, take up a pushup position, lift one leg off the ground and complete the pushup.

Get-up Squat with a Jump

Jump your feet back up instead of stepping on them from kneeling. This particular exercise requires a lot of strength to get this exact move.