Have you Ever Heard of Goldenrod? 10 Things to Know About this Herb


It’s time to incorporate the use goldenrod into your daily routine!

The goldenrod plant has beautiful yellow flowers that possess several health benefits. It can either be used when it is dried or fresh.

The dried goldenrod can be consumed as a tea while the fresh goldenrod is commonly brewed with hot water. There is also the goldenrod essential oil.




The Health Benefits of Goldenrod

We found you some health benefits of goldenrod, whether it is consumed goldenrod tea or capsule.

Relieve Muscle Pain

For people who experience muscle pain after a workout, they might need a little massage with the goldenrod essential oil. Simply massage gently to relieve the pain.

Using oral medication from goldenrod tea or supplement can also aid the treatment process internally. Yes, goldenrod is effective in reducing inflammation which is responsible for muscle pain.


Improves Oral Health

Did you know that drinking goldenrod tea also improves oral health? In fact, the anti-bacterial components in the herb help to prevent infection in the oral cavity as well as treat toothache, gum inflammation, and bleeding in the mouth.


Improves Renal Health

Goldenrod is also effective as a potential diuretic that helps improve the production of urine. With this, the herb is able to improve bladder and kidney health by regularly eliminating the toxins through urine. Also, goldenrod is a potential diuretic that can avert kidney stones formation.


Treats Sore Throat

Goldenrod tea does amazingly well in treating throat issues. The herb is effective in soothing sore throat and reducing itching in the throat, especially during flu. So ensure you take a hot cup of goldenrod tea to get the desired effect.


Relieves Fever

Drinking warm goldenrod tea is relieves fever as well as treat nasal congestion, eliminate mucus, treat nasal congestion, and treat sore throat caused by infection.

In addition to relieving fever, the herb’s anti-infection abilities help it fight against infection. As a matter of fact, goldenrod can unclog pores to enable adequate excretion via sweat to relieve fever.


Treats Allergies

There are people who tend to easily get allergies. The allergens range from plants to animals, or any other triggers. However, the kind of allergy might be characterized by rashes, itching, or sneezing. Here, goldenrod can help in the treatment of the symptoms of allergy.

You only need to drink fresh or dried goldenrod tea. Additionally, goldenrod essential oil can be topically applied on the skin to take care of the itching and rashes.




Acts as an Expectorant

Drinking goldenrod tea when suffering flu can possibly present as an expectorant. It can easily remove mucus in the lungs as well as treat nasal congestion and improve the recovery process.


Averts UTIs           

Urinary Tract Infections are usually a result of an abnormal excretion of urine excretion brought on by an infection in the urinary tract. However, with goldenrod supplement or tea, the infection can be prevented. The herb has a diuretic property that is effective in cleaning up the urinary tract from microorganisms which may lead that are capable of causing infection.


Detoxifies the System

The body is easily exposed to free radicals and toxins present in our diet or lifestyle. These toxins are, of course, harmful to the body as they are most likely to result in certain diseases. Thus, it is essential to regularly carry out a detoxification of the system with the aid of supplements or food that can act as detoxifiers.

And regularly drinking goldenrod tea has shown to be helpful in flushing out waste and toxins from the body.



Treats Wounds

The herb is amazing for improving skin health and also treats burns and wounds. Goldenrod essential oil, when used topically can help in the treatment OF wounds.

Simply apply goldenrod to protect a wound from an exposure to dust to avoid further infection and boost the recovery process.

The other health benefits of goldenrod as essential oil and tea include improving digestive health, treating arthritis, supporting heart health, treating fungal infections, treating diabetes, and curing asthma.


Side Effects and Precautions

Generally, no significant complaint has been against goldenrod. However, the herb may have some side effects that should be taken seriously so as not to jeopardize overall health. For instance, if you are allergic to plants in the family as goldenrod, you should be very vigilant.

The second, people who suffer or have had a kidney problem should consume goldenrod. The herb is effective in improving the kidney functioning.

Finally, people who are hypertensive should steer clear of goldenrod. In case you didn’t know, hypertensive people are usually very sensitive to sodium.