Did You just Fart?

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Flatulence, also known as a fart is natural and done by every human being.  I remember back in the day as kids,  we argued that certain people couldn’t have ever farted because they appeared too good to us to do such an “unclean thing”, or because their social status and wealth didn’t just appear to accommodate such.  How wrong we were!  Everyone farts.  I did,  in the course of writing this article.  *smiles* This topic is seldom discussed for reasons of civility and sensitivity, but it remains an unavoidable part of our existence, whether we want it or not.  So since its existence isn’t dependent on our interest in it, and our lack of interest won’t take it away, why not we just discuss it,  especially because we are missing out on some of its benefits.  “Benefits?” you just asked,  yeah?  Yes,  you read right.  Benefits.

Why do we fart?

When we fart,  we release intestinal gas which forms as a result of digested food.  We also fart because we swallow some air as we chew food, especially when we chew hurriedly.  Much air is swallowed when we chew gum too.  The consumption of carbonated beverages also makes us fart.

What else?

When carbohydrates aren’t well digested by the enzymes in the small intestine,  some bacteria convert them into hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases in the colon.  It also causes farting.

Farting could be really embarrassing when done in public,  especially when it’s loud or it stinks. It’s worse when both happen.


But as embarrassing as it may be,  it can’t be wished away.  Wishing it away is asking for some health problems.  It’s asking that gas gathers so much in your colon that it puts much pressure on your colon wall, which leads to pain in your abdomen and chest. Because farting won’t stop outright,  some hold it in at certain times.  That too isn’t cool.

Yeah,  I know that feeling: you’re in an elevator with some really cute people (who fart too)  or you’re with a new partner,  you just don’t want to “mess up”. You’re at-risk of “messing up higher”, as the pressure may build up so much as you hold it in,  and it just comes out forcefully,  and of course,  noisily.  OMG!  I’m sure you don’t want that.

But come to think of it,  as smelly and unwanted as farting may be,  it has some health benefits.  Let’s discuss four of them.

Farting reduces bloating

Feeling bloated after a meal may be as a result of unreleased gas. Farting makes you feel comfortable in your belly, so as you fart, you let out unwanted gas and stop feeling bloated.  Fart out that discomfort!

Farts are good indicators to help you balance your diet


Staying healthy requires balanced diets,  and your farts have been giving signs of how balanced your meals are;  you haven’t just noticed.  People who rarely fart probably need more fiber. They need such foods as beans,  peas,  broccoli, etc.  Another indicator given is extremely smelly farts. This may mean you need to cut down on foods like red meat,  milk,  cheese, and eggs.

Smelling farts is good for you

Yes,  you read right.  It’s good to smell farts.  Hydrogen sulfide which is emitted when we fart prevents mitochondria damage which leads to the reduction of the risk of having dementia,  cancer,  strokes,  heart attacks, and arthritis. As you smell your fart and others`, you enjoy this health benefit.

Farting gives a great relief


Try to remember that moment you’re all alone,  and the urge comes to fart.  Then you adjust your butt and let it out.  Your facial expression,  body movement and overall countenance bear witness that you feel great.  The relief of passing gas out of the butt is incomparable.

What more?

As beneficial as farts may be,  it could work against your relationships if you won’t stop farting while you sleep.  This could be disturbing to one’s spouses,  relatives and others around.  Farting in your sleep is as a result of the relaxation of muscles while you’re asleep.  It is avoidable if you take these steps.

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Avoid eating immediately before going to bed

This is one of the best ways to avoid farting while you sleep.  The digestive system gets stimulated when you eat and reacts while you sleep,  as you’ve not given it time to do so while you’re conscious.  Try to end all food consumption four hours before bedtime.  This way,  the food digestion and release of gas takes places while you’re awake, and you can be courteous about how you gas out.

Don’t lie on your belly

This position presses gas out of your belly and keeps you farting while you sleep. Try not to lie on your belly.

Stop smoking

Every time you smoke, air is taken in, which has to be released later.  It does some of the releases while you sleep.

Now that you know…

Everyone farts,  but you, after reading this,  can choose to make better use of your farts for the benefit of your health.  You can, to some extent, control what time you do it,  and how bad it smells. You can also use its indicator function to adjust your diet.

 So did you just fart? Well,  it’s not a problem.  You may do so again.