Biotin Supplements: The Good News About Beard Growth


Yes, you’re probably that guy who wants his beard full and strong— we want that for you too. But as far as lush beards go, you’re far more likely to become the bearded dude with the use of biotin. The more you know!

Biotin performs several functions, including producing stronger and healthier hair. And this applies to beards as well! If you’re a guy, I’m sure you want to know more about this vitamin. Let’s talk some more about Biotin as we ask the question, “Does biotin really improve beard growth?”

Interestingly, some men have said that a few weeks after taking biotin supplements, they experienced reduced hair shedding. This indicates that it could create a bond between the hair and follicle. There are no clinical trials yet, so we only have the word of those that have tried the supplement — and the claims from biotin manufacturers and marketers.




What is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7, is a natural vitamin that the body utilizes for its daily functions. It helps in keeping the hair, skin and nails strong and healthy. Biotin is one vitamin that the body needs because it’s water-soluble. This implies that excess biotin is not stored in the body and whatever is not used gets lost.

Biotin is said to also improve the keratin infrastructure of the skin, nails and hair, more specifically beards.  It is a naturally-occurring vitamin that helps the body carry out several tasks. In fact, biotin is available in lots of beard growth products.


Why Does Biotin Help Beard Growth?

The nails and hair are made of keratin which protects and repairs body cells. And biotin helps with keratin production. It is also responsible for cell growth and of course, beards growth too.

What biotin does is to help in the production of keratin and improve the hair building blocks. This is why biotin supplements are effective in improving beard health. It has also been proven that a deficiency in biotin can result in hair loss. All these benefits go to show how important biotin is.

Ensuring you have a healthy amount of biotin in your diet will have your beard growing strong. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard getting adequate amounts of the vitamin in your diet. That’s why we recommend biotin supplements.




What Food Sources Contain Biotin?

There are lots of foods that contain biotin. They include dairy products, meat, nuts and eggs. Raw egg whites may however reduce the body’s ability to absorb biotin. This is due to a particular protein known as avidin. The truth is biotin deficiencies are rare, but consuming raw egg whites can result in a deficiency.


Is Biotin Alone Enough For Beard Growth?

The simple answer is no. Of course, biotin can improve beard growth but, there are other vitamins that are also needed to make that happen. And that’s why we recommend supplements focused on beard growth, in addition to taking a biotin pill.


Biotin Supplements for a Thicker Beard

Biotin can be gotten from foods such as meat, eggs, nuts and dairy, but it can be tough to get enough to give the kind of results you desire. That’s why biotin supplements are needed.

However, if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, it will be hard to be deficient in biotin. Whatever the case, we recommend biotin supplements if you wants to see you beard grow faster and thicker. In fact, the supplements can help in filling in the patchy areas also.


Is Biotin Safe and Does it Have Side Effects?

Like we mentioned earlier, biotin is water soluble. This implies that it easily dissolves in water. And because biotin isn’t stored in the body, if it’s not utilized, goes to waste. This is why taking lots of it would hardly make any difference. It’s also why the body requires a steady supply of biotin daily.

In case you didn’t know too–biotin is totally safe. It is a natural vitamin that your body needs to function properly. There are completely no side effects, except when you take way beyond what you should. It’s the perfect supplement for growing your beard naturally.




The Benefits of Taking Biotin for Beard Growth?

There is no doubt that genetics play a huge role in determining how your beard or lack thereof will grow.

However, the first things you’d notice after taking biotin is your beard would be stronger, fuller, and thicker. If you notice your beard shedding, biotin should be able to minimize that. Some people claim to have noticed that their beards were softer and easier to manage after taking biotin supplements for a while. It is worthy to note that beard growth may be possible, but it is better not to expect it to happen immediately.

In addition, do not expect biotin to work in spots where there are no hair follicles. The truth is, it may help spur facial hair growth in spots where you have follicles but do not have enough beard. However, if there are no hair follicles there, nothing will grow.


How long does it take for biotin to start working?

It takes about a month to notice any changes to your beard, but everyone’s different. So if you don’t notice any difference in the first week, don’t worry! It takes a little time to notice changes.


How Long Does Biotin Help Beard Growth?

If you’re wondering whether to keep taking biotin after you start, relax. Your beard won’t start shedding if you stop taking it. Having said that, the new beard growth may not be as strong or full as when you were taking biotin. Your beard growth will simply return to its original state.




How Much Biotin Should One Take for Beard Growth?

An ideal dose biotin for beard growth is between 2500 – 5000 mcg. And yes, you can actually take too much of the supplement, though it’s not really easy to do. Biotin is water-soluble–it dissolves in water. So your body can easily get rid of what it’s not making use of, but you can still take too much.

There are no biotin side effects, unless you start exceeding 10,000 mcg. As a matter of fact, a biotin overdose will lead to symptoms such as high blood sugar levels and rashes.


The Bottom Line

If you’re asking whether biotin improves beard growth–the answer is yes, it encourages beard growth. However, we would recommend that to help beard growth, biotin should be taken in addition to other vitamins. That’s why we suggest a combination of supplements that contain biotin and a host of other vitamins that help in maintaining a healthy beard.

In conclusion, we believe the supplement works well for those with a deficiency in biotin, and would likely not be helpful for a healthy individual. The trick is not to take biotin in the hopes of only growing your beard. Take it to improve your overall health.