A Super Herb: Wild Lettuce

For some months now, I have had a special interest in herbs, and I have done some research on quite a number of them, and I have even used some. I am not quick to use adjectives to qualify just anything, so believe me when I call this herb super. Really, this herb makes me appreciate nature more than ever. I have read how it works, and more importantly, I have seen it work. I will, in this article, tell you about Wild Lettuce, the super herb. Are you ready for this life-changing reading? Let`s go!

Wild Lettuce is a biennial in the sunflower family, botanically known as Lactuca virosa, rich in vitamin A and fiber. It grows in loose clusters at the base of a central flowering stalk, and its leaves are oblong, about 15-45 cm in length, and margins varying from a smooth edge to deep lobes. The blossoms Wild Lettuce resemble that of a dandelion, with multiple flowers appearing in each plant. Also called Prickly Lettuce, Opium Lettuce, Bitter Lettuce, Tall Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, Nose Thistle, Compass Plant, Rakutu-Karyumu-So, the herb is primarily used for therapeutic purposes.

Wild Lettuce has a wide variety of uses, which makes it a super herb. Young wild lettuce leaves in their raw form are useful in making salads.

Its mature leaves, on the other hand, are cooked and used to tenderize and remove harsh astringents.

Its bitter quality adds balance and freshness to rich ingredients such as goat, cheese, garlic eggs, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, and nuts.

Wow! Its young leaves, its mature leaves, its bitter quality, all useful!

Where is this Super Herb from?

Wild Lettuce can be traced to ancient Egypt where Min, a fertility god, is depicted by hieroglyphics. The herb is believed to be an aphrodisiac and a psychoactive substance receive. Currently, Wild Lettuce is grown in the southern parts of the United States and across Central and Southern Europe. Wilde Lettuce can be found growing in well-drained sandy soils around fields, roadsides, and vacant lots.

What does this herb Even Do?

Wild Lettuce has a number of health benefits I`m sure you really do not want to miss. It is beneficial in more ways than you can imagine. Let us take a look at its benefits.

Pain Relief

A stressed woman with back pain

The pain-relieving effects of Wild Lettuce come from lactucarium, the milky white substance it excretes. Lactucarium`s active compounds are comparable to the synthetic, distilled versions found in prescription painkillers. These active compounds include, but are not restricted to lactupicrin, lactucin, and lactucoprin. These compounds possess analgesic and sedative properties. In fact, a recent study claims that 30 mg/kg dose of lactucpicrin is equivalent in effectiveness to 60 mg/kg of ibuprofen. Wild Lettuce is highly effective in treating severe migraines and acute menstrual pains. Now you can bid pains farewell. Special thanks to our super Wild Lettuce!

It is Sedative

The pain relieving quality of Wild Lettuce is essential in relaxing the body. This is a reason Wild Lettuce is useful in treating insomnia and anxiety. It is also beneficial to an overactive in treating an overactive nervous system and hyperactive children. This is getting more interesting!

It is Great for Respiratory Health

Wild Lettuce is a natural treatment for asthma and coughs. it is also effective in reducing the irritation of the bronchial tubes and lungs. What else? It loosens mucus and it is effective in treating breathing difficulty associated with asthma. It is also effective in treating bronchitis and whooping cough.

It is used in Treating Atherosclerosis 

This is a condition which entails severe problems in artery walls due to sickness and accumulation of cholesterol. This accumulated cholesterol makes the heart prone to cardiac arrest and other forms of malfunctioning of the heart. The seed oil of Wild Lettuce helps to regain the flexibility and elasticity of the affected arteries.

It is Effective in Treating Urinary Tract Problems

Wild Lettuce`s direct property can be used to treat urinary tract infections and studies show that natural diuretics are safer than the rhetoric medicines. So Wild Lettuce all the way!

It is good for Treating Sexual Disorders

Because Wild Lettuce holds back the sex drive, it is effective in treating nymphomania.

It is Good for Skin Care


You must have been thinking to yourself that Wild Lettuce cannot do anything for you because you don`t have any of the seemingly complex health challenges listed above. Well, rejoice, here is one thing Wild Lettuce can do for us all, as I believe that everyone wants a glowing skin. Wild lettuce is effective in treating itchy, irritated skin and infections. It can also give you that adorable skin that you desire.

It Helps in Treating Premenstrual Syndrome

A cup of wild lettuce tea will do a lot in relieving the uneasiness, anxiety, and pain caused by premenstrual syndrome. Are you considering this herb already?

How is Wild Lettuce Used?


We have mentioned a number of benefits of this super herb. Of course, you should not be left wondering how to enjoy these benefits. Let us take a quick look at how Wild Lettuce can be used. Ready? Then keep reading.

  • Its leaves can be boiled and eaten, however, don’t say you weren’t told it is bitter. Its benefits are sweet and super though. *Winks*
  • Dried leaves, flowers and stems of Wild Lettuce are used to prepare herbal tea for different ailments. Right here is where premenstrual syndrome and some other health conditions get defeated. Go Wild Lettuce, super herb!
  • Hey folks, have you been waiting to read this? Here you go. Wild lettuce can be smoked as part of a herbal blend or as a single unit.
  • Wild lettuce latex can be directly rubbed to the skin to kill germs and give you that adorable skin you desire and deserve.
  • It can also be used in the form of a tincture.

Side Effects of Wild Lettuce

So is Wild Lettuce entirely safe for us all? Are there likely risks if wrongly used or overused? Let us take a quick look at the side effects of this super herb.

  • People who are allergic to daisies, ragweed, chrysanthemum, and marigolds may need to avoid Wild Lettuce as they may have severe allergic reactions if taken.
  • People who have prostatic hyperplasia and glaucoma may need to avoid Wild Lettuce, as it may worsen their conditions.
  • Because the herb is a sedative, it is dangerous to take it along with anesthesia and other sedated medicines used after surgery. You just had a surgery? Avoid Wild Lettuce. The effects might be too wild for you to handle.
  • Now trust me, you want to read this last point really well: It causes a temporary reduction in sexual desire and performance.

If wrongly taken, its side effects extend to these:

  • dizziness
  • anxiety
  • urinary retention
  • sympathetic overactivity
  • mydriasis

Final Words…

How convinced are you that Wild Lettuce is super? Did I hear you say that`s even an understatement? Right! I am particularly excited about this herb because everyone has something to benefit if they use it, as its benefits cover a wide range of health matters. Now you know about this herb. Do use it, and tell others about it. I cannot wait to read your testimonies. Your wild testimonies, I mean. *Winks*