12 Awesome Healthcare Apps Every Woman Must Have

These days, you don’t have to leave your house to make money transfers or get a bottle of wine, or—maybe best of all—get to a doctor right from the palm of your hands—quite literally. Is your lady parts itching, are you experiencing anxiety over a break-up, or is your period late again? There is a myriad of cutting-edge healthcare apps that can tell you what to do!

 It is important to note that these apps are not a replacement for professional medical intervention; they only start you off in a positive direction while also accommodating your schedule.

Are you confused on what app to use? Well, we’ve researched the best health apps for women on the market that won’t break the bank.




Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a zero subscription fees app. You only have to pay $49 for an actual video appointment with a doctor. Are you suffering common cold, fever, flu, sinusitis, allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, UTIs, STDs, this app has you covered—and you can do it all from your Smartphone.



Glow is a free ovulation calculator that keeps a record of your period, symptoms, mood, medication, and sex. The app is loaded with cycle charts, birth control reminders, weight monitoring, and if you upgrade to Glow Permium, you get to chat with like-minded women on the community support feature. Additionally, the app syncs with other health devices and apps like MyFitnessPal, Jawbone, and Fitbit.


7 Cups

The 7 Cups app provides free and anonymous counseling and emotional support from trained active listeners 24 hours a day who connect with you through text chats. The app also features 300 free mindfulness exercises, videos, and mood-improving activities.





Headspace is a well-known daily meditation app that provides free, soothing, guided 10-minute meditations. What more, you can subscribe to get the full pack of guided meditations channeled toward set goals such as enhancing sleep, relieving anxiety, or improving focus.



Women who are sexually active will find this app very helpful as they can finally stop racing to the pharmacy in a state of panic. Just by tapping on your phone, this time-saving app known as Nurx, makes getting birth control advice and prescription really easy. As a matter of fact, Nurx delivers your birth control prescription directly to your doorstep after signing up in three simple steps.



Although this hair-and-beauty booking app isn’t just for women, the design and marketing suggest that. However, the app is efficient in helping you make appointments discreetly and fast too. It also allows for user reviews –particularly as most women tend to rely on the recommendations of other women to try out anything. On the app, you can find amazing LED facials, waxers who do not double-dip, and skilled threading artists, often within walking distance of your home.





SleepBot is a very popular sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm that records sounds and movements throughout the night. It features soothing soundtracks that induce sleep and have the ability to customize how you wake up. The app also helps users track their sleep quality and patterns over a period of time. This way, it becomes easy to pinpoint where and how you could be getting quality sleep.


Yoga Stretch

Women who love yoga will find this app absolutely helpful! The app helps you create and customize all kinds of yoga sessions and even play your own preloaded song. This app is actually a must-get for every woman should who loves yoga.



The SkinBetter app captures a photo of your skin and analyzes it with the use of a dermatologist scanning technology. This technology diagnoses skin problems and recommends the best treatment products. Of course, the app does not take the place of a visit to an actual dermatologist, but it can help educate you about the state of your skin. It takes only a few minutes and at no cost to you.





If you’ve always wanted to keep track of your fitness, this app would do the trick! MyFitnessPal is actually a calorie counter as well as a diet tracker that you check exactly what you are eating and how many calories it is.



If you’ve ever wondered just how healthy your body is doing or why you can’t lose weight, this app is for you! The IBODY app helps a user know exactly how their body is doing, whether as a fitness newbie or a fitness buff.



Understandably, even with the associated hormonal surges, so many women panic when they forget to pop their contraceptive pills. Luckily, the myPill app provides silent reminders and even continues to show notifications after you’ve dismissed them. The virtual packet on the app allows you to mark off the pills you’ve taken, meaning you can check whether you really did take “Tuesday” or simply thought you did. Interestingly, you can also visualize the month ahead.